Think Closet.

I found Think Closet on East 9th Street, Manhattan (number 318) shortly after I moved to NYC.  I was immediately attracted to the pretty range of dresses – all hung according to colour and shade which makes for a delightful and ordered display across the racks.  Yes, I’m a little control freaky about this kind of thing (that’s why I’ve never been a great in-store sales shopper).  Apparently owner Wendy Chun hand picks all the items she sells in the boutique, clothes chosen from designers not just in New York but across Asia – and she clearly has a theme in mind – everything I saw was very feminine and girlie in a ruffles and lace kinda way.  Many of the fabric patterns were striking, too.  I found myself wanting to try on a pile of dresses just to ‘swoosh’ and play around in them in the changing room.  (Ladies, you get me, right?!) The dress I have posted here was my absolute favourite.  The detail on the fabric is very cute and playful and I thought it would be an excellent addition to my summer wardrobe:

What do you think, Blog Reader? Are you a fan of this kind of fabric design?  It is quite different from many of my more classic outfit posts.  If you are in Manhattan please pay a visit to Think Closet, it’s a veritable feast of designs for the senses!

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23 Responses to Think Closet.

  1. Love this print! I’ve always been a print girl and have only gone to plain colour (and colour blocking) lately. Anything ‘French’ related and I’m also hooked. NHG x

  2. chloe Paidoussis says:

    It’s really lovely!!!!

  3. Tamsin says:

    So pleased you bought this in the end, it looks great on you! xx

  4. Carly says:

    love the quirky print and honestly from further away…it just looks like a floral design. Love it.
    Seriously….your waist is ridiculous thin in these photos…NOT FAIR!

  5. Dempeaux says:

    I love this. Really fun for spring and summer, and so feminine!

  6. Marissa says:

    This is adorable! I normally don’t love these kind of prints, but the small size of this one works. And the belt looks great with it, too.

    • I’m not usually a fan either, but I quite liked it because I thought it was a bit playful. Hopefully get a lot of wear out of it over the summer. Thanks for stopping by Marissa…

  7. stylemefab says:

    that is such a pretty dress and you look great. It is very Asian/Japanese, i was out shopping for spring clothes and literary all the dresses i saw were variations of the one you are wearing.

  8. Hannah Chan says:

    What a pretty and beautiful dress…suits you.

  9. noelani says:

    Thanks for the print close up, it is delightful in detail! This dress is a departure from your usual but in a very good way. I love to see things changing up a bit with your new finds in NYC. Goodness, what is next sequins;) ??

  10. I think it’s really cute!!

  11. Apryle says:

    So very girly and fun this print. The belt toughens it up just a smidge – you’ve styled it beautifully!

  12. Style Souk says:

    My goodness, lady… look at your waist. I have ankles more chubby! ;0)

    Sarah x

  13. Ava says:

    Those shoes are divine! And they go quite well with the dress. This – along with the beautiful warm weather in LA this weekend – makes me yearn for Spring!

    – Ava

    • Thanks for visiting Ava I adore those shoes and I agree they suit the dress well. I’m sure they’re going to get lots of wear this Spring Summer – I just tried them with some flares and they work well so great news 😉 Hope you stop by again soon….

  14. Milla says:

    I would have never chosen such a print. Never. It looks divine on you and you’ve completely opened my mind.

  15. Ritournelle says:

    So cute! A nice find indeed and another store I must visit 🙂
    Spring dresses are starting to pop up in blogs, eds ands stores and make me long so much for warmer weather here in NY.

  16. I scanned thorugh your blog, it looks so fresh and delighting, I am tryng to picture out Manhattan bec I am presently reading a book One Fifth Ave…=)Lucky you to be in that place! I love this outfi as well, so mild and lovely.

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