His & Hers: His: “A Man Bag For Every Occasion”.

I am very proud to present the very first “His” post of my new “His and Hers” feature on the blog.  Last week I wrote about my own search for a bag for Spring.  I received some fabulous comments and suggestions for what to buy and I hope that my guest blogger Callum’s post inspires just as much discussion on bags for men.

Callum is from Maketh-The-Man, my favourite blog on male accessories and a constant reminder to me not to ignore men’s fashion on StyleOnTheCouch.  I asked Callum to let me and you, Blog Reader, know more about the psychology behind the man bag, and let us have some suggestions of what we might purchase either for ourselves or as gifts to others, in this category.  We’d both be very interested to hear what you think about his suggestions and any comments you have in general….

Maketh-The-Man presents: “A man bag for every occasion”

As every modern man knows, a man bag is now a way of life. The fashion commentary arguing for and against is a thing of the past. The noughties heralded a new era and now at the dawn of this decade man bags are the norm, man liner is commonly worn and male skin care sales have hit new highs!

Nowadays, It’s not a question of “should I wear a man bag”, but “which one should I wear today?”

Man bags have always been needed . . . since time began.  From the original hunter gatherer carrying his weapons, to the 19th century when valuables and coins were carried in ancient leather pouches (Foster, Vanda. 1982. Bags and Purses. London, UK: B.T. Batsford, LTD.). Men have always required a little something extra to carry all their belongs around. . . We just forgot for a while.

We at “Maketh-The-Man” blame the invention of the pocket for driving man bags to the point of extinction.

Gentlemen of 2011 know over stuffed trousers are not a good look, and the requirement to carry more and more nowadays has thankfully lead to the resurrection of the man bag once again.

These days the typical man has to carry around a wallet, phone, glasses, keys, iPod, headphones, notebook, pen, sunglasses, newspaper, blackberry and a laptop. With so much extra weight being lugged around on a daily basis, the media is now promoting headlines such as ‘Man bags are bad for your health’.

So it is to no surprise that in 2011 there is now a plethora of styles and sizes available to the well-heeled man.

Wearing the right bag can really make a man’s outfit.  No longer has the man bag been relegated to just a functional piece to carry gadgets around, it is now a statement symbol that can really Maketh-The-Man.

Below we give you our top man bag occasions, and our favourite brands to inspire you:

For the office – Laptop / Messenger bag

Vivienne Westwood Tartan Computer Bag available from Farfetch.

Twitter – @FollowWestwood @farfetchdotcom

For the Members Only Club – Satchel

Filson Leather Satchel to buy from ASOS.

Twitter –  @asos

For the bike – Rucksack

Cote et Ciel 17” Backpack.

Twitter – @COTEetCIEL @Okini

For the gym – Holdall

Zagliani Python Holdall to buy from Farfetch.

Twitter – @farfetchdotcom

For when she wants to borrow your bag – Tote bag

American Apparel Cinch Rope Tote.

Twitter  – @americanapparel

For the shopping – shopper / Tote bag

Calabrese Canvas Bag available from Harvey Nicols.

Twitter – @Harvey_Nichols

For when you don’t want to stuff your pockets – Bum bag

Tailfeather Little Swift bum bag:

For that dirty weekend – weekend bag

Gucci Woven Leather Holdall available from Mr Porter.

Twitter – @gucci @MRPORTERLIVE

Chaps, there is a bag for every occasion, so go forth and wear your array of man bags with style (but always remember to alternate shoulders).

StyleOnTheCouch writes:  Maybe I should be thinking about bags for ‘occasions’ rather than one bag for Spring/Summer.  Blog Reader – what do you think of Callum’s choice of bags?  Are there any brands you or your boyfriend/partner/friend/husband opts for again and again? And what about male bum bags?

About Maketh-The-Man
Maketh-The-Man is a blog on men’s accessories and how these little flashes of brilliance can really make an outfit.  Callum tells me: “I’ve always been interested in men’s fashion but in particular men’s accessories. For me, anyone can – with a bit of thought and style – look good, but it’s how you accessorize that can create a bit of magic on an outfit
BlogMaketh-the-man.  Twitter – ManaccessoriesFacebook – Maketh-the-man

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19 Responses to His & Hers: His: “A Man Bag For Every Occasion”.

  1. I want that Gucci bag soooooo much!

  2. Mariah says:

    @Style — J’adore this post! Lovelovelove!

    @Callum — you’ve pretty much blown my mind with these selections. The Filson one is my absolute favorite. You see their canvas bags around NYC all the time, but this leather option is original, rugged and gorgeous. How did you know I was in need of a briefcase? You’ve found me the perfect one.

  3. That Asos one is absolutely gorgeous 🙂 I’d love my man to have that xx

  4. Hannah Chan says:

    My husband wears a very sharp suit in the week and looks good with his vintage man bag but come the weekend I have to walk around with a teenager; hoodie, beenie, vans, you get the idea. However, I do respect that it is his choice to dress that way and likewise he respects my style even though he does not really get it. A very interesting couple of posts and good reading.

  5. Thanks for the comments, glad you are all loving the posts (and bags). The Filson satchel is an absolute gem of a find. Im getting my order in to ASOS sharp.

  6. Amanda says:

    Fun post! I think a man looks sexy with a well placed bag. I LOVE that Vivienne Westwood tartan bag.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  7. oh wow.. I am the Biker bag, the Gym bag and the Dirty Weekend, these are my most needed bags as of now!=) thanks for these Ideas..though most of them are so high end=) Thanks for commenting back=)

  8. everydayglamour says:

    Great post, it’s refreshing to see some Men’s fashion! Ok, so my man is into really minimalist. He has a Tumi breifcase, and I love it–I think it looks so sharp on him with a suit. Have you seen Jack Spade bags? Those are great too.

  9. Lauren says:

    I need that American Apparell bag! Love the rope detailing!

    Did you get my email hun?


    • It’s a great bag – although I fear I might have to boycott American Apparel until they change their advertising! I sent you a reply today, bit of a mammoth one sorry! Thanks for visiting! x

  10. Stylista says:

    Nice little post about man bags! Bags for men has really become huge lately, and I’m sure it’s also convenient too! When a man has a nice, good bag, he can look quite nice! Very sleek! And any man with a good leather messenger bag is a man of taste. In fact, just saw an amazing one on the train today!

    And I would love to take up your bridal request! I’ll let you know when I post it.


  11. Ritournelle says:

    My ex-roommate would long after a Louis Vuitton bag to go to work… and after browsing their website just now to get a reminder of their offer for men, I definitely approve his choice!

  12. Matt Tielman says:

    Great to see that bags for men are getting more and more attention. Us men should have picked up on this much sooner. A bag is such an important image-maker. Great article!

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