Spring Brights.

This post is a little inspired by Alyssa of agirlinboston who tried on some bright blue YSL heels out shopping with me on Saturday and I got a quick lesson in how bright colour can really transform an outfit.  (Sadly for Alyssa she is now full of regret over not buying them and is currently chasing the suppliers around Boston. You can see a photo of the amazing heels here.)

But… for me….?  Hmm indeed.  I’m a little pose-y in this post.  Probably a reflection of my level of discomfort with brightly coloured clothing for Spring: How on earth does one feel comfortable being SEEN so brightly? How can I possibly merge into the background wearing these colours?  Help! I look like a lollipop! You get the picture.

There is so much colour in the shops at the moment and I feel slightly nervous about jettisoning my usual black for all these bright jewel tones.  The closet I come to liking these colours is with a coral shade (pinks/reds/oranges) and with purple.  Purple is a mix of red and blue, I can do red, I do blue, I must be safe here.  Although maybe not since I just read that purple is the colour of death in some countries of East Asia.  Is this true?

I’ve chosen some of my favourite “Spring Brights” looks for you here, below:

Click for: MatchesFashion; NetaPorter; ASOS.

Click here for: HUIT on Faire Frou Frou; Reiss and TopShop.

I’m so tempted by the Topshop parka and I’m learning to embrace the colour of red for lingerie.  I wonder if perhaps the way for me to do “Spring Brights” at least at first is to go with shoes and accessories, rather than clothing, like Alyssa’s YSL heels.  What do you think of bright colours for clothes and accessories, Blog Reader? How can I introduce these colours into my wardrobe for the coming months, without needing a heavy does of colour therapy??

Wearing: Skirt and top both from Reiss. Shoes, Dorothy Perkins as before (yes, I pretty much sleep in these shoes).

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16 Responses to Spring Brights.

  1. Anna says:

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This summer is all about colour!

    southmoltonststyle.blogspot.com xxxx

  2. lissy says:

    You look super fabulous in those colors! And you should see me today (in fact you will later tonight or tomorrow on the blog) but I think we were channeling each other. I’ve got almost the same colors on but my skirt is the color of your top and vice versa.


    P.S. I’m still chasing those heels….can only find navy but I need the bright blue. Or maybe I should get the bright orange that I originally thought I wanted…

  3. Molliee says:

    That red parka/anorack is fab! Great finds…

  4. Apryle says:

    Bloom bright and beautiful flower, Bloom!! This is wonderful!

  5. Patricia says:

    As you know I love bright colours and even if i’m wearing black i like to have something bright – red shoes say or a bright pink scarf. So i say add the bright colours especially when it’s bright and sunny outside! i love shades of blue (esp turquoise), red, purple. . I’m thinking maybe I should try some coral this season.

  6. Great look for you! And I’m loving the Reiss maxi skirt, it’s perfect ❤

  7. stylemefab says:

    love it!! spotted that Versace before i even read what it was, that collection is perfect for spring/summer.

  8. Ritournelle says:

    I can relate to how you feel about color as I felt self-conscious wearing purple, the color I’m obsessed with, Asian death-symbol or not. Bright-colored clothes are to me like red lipstick: objects of desire that we do not wear for fear of standing out in the wrong way. Yet when we do adopt them, we feel a sense of daring and it is the best pick-me-up! Am I wrong?
    By the way, I’d like to add that your outfit looks fab and encourage you to go ahead with it!

  9. Gregory says:

    Love that skirt, what a great color!!


  10. cupcake says:

    Beautiful! You look like a flower in the spring…aren’t we so ready for that too!! Really pretty.

  11. LOVE all of your choices!! I too have been in the position of trying something on and thinking about it and going back and it’s gone … so frustrating! I never like to return things, so where my friends might buy and return it later, I hate to do that so I wait a couple days sometimes. And, darling, you look FAB in color!! One way to feel more comfortable is to think of it this way … with so many people wearing color you won’t be alone!! Thanks for stopping by the blog, sweetie … left you a response there for next time you’re by, as always! xoxo http://oohlafroufrou.blogspot.com

  12. LOVE that colour combo on you – don’t shrink into the background – embrace your brightness! I have those exact same heels from Dorothy Perkins – they’re so fabulous. Got them at the end of the season last year so will be making the most of them this summer with all the nude tones around. And I have that Topshop parka in silvery grey – I find it invaluable for rainy summer school runs! Gorgeous pics as ever! xxx

  13. noelani says:

    I think the brights look smashing on you! Lissy is always like a burst of sunshine with her color choices, totally inspiring for me. In fact, I broke out my orange lipstick today (a Lissy color inspiration!). Post to follow.

  14. Dempeaux says:

    I like bright colours, but I’m not such a huge fan of mixing brightly coloured clothing (on me) because it reminds me of the 80s, and frankly, that’s a fashion era that I’m not a huge fan of. I do like colour in accessories, shoes, and even dresses, and I think it’s a great way to welcome the summer 🙂

  15. CinZilicious says:

    WOW! i love this outfit! You do the color block look really well!!! You look smokin hot anytime anyway! lol


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