The Williamsburg Boutiques.

Last week I wandered around Williamsburg to explore some of the stores and boutiques there.  I like the look and feel of Williamsburg.  I’ve had two fantastic brunches there (Juliette’s and Walter Foods) and the buildings always strike me as being a little Hopper-esque in the right light, which is delightful (and which reminds me, you have just a few more days to catch this excellent Hopper exhibition at the Whitney museum in NYC!)

I’d heard good things about Pop and Sodafine in Williamsburg and my informants were not wrong: Pop had a delightful collection of Summer dresses and bags and the vintage jewellery at Sodafine was colourfully cute – I’ve posted my favourite items from both boutiques, below.  My sought after item in Pop was the Seagull dress, but top marks to a store that names their floral jumpsuit the “Romper Stomper” as I might just have to add that to my wish list too:

At some stage in my travels I took the wrong turn which prevented me from finding the Love Brigade co-op I was keen to explore.  However there is often no “right” path through life and I found myself on the doorstep of the fabulous lingerie boutique Brooklyn Fox instead.  We must have been like two magnets attracting each other – I happily wiled away time here….  I loved the layout of the boutique and the fact that so much of the lingerie was on display.   They stock a range of lingerie and shapewear including Huit, Mimi Holliday, Only Hearts, Andres Sarda (a new find) and Betsey Johnson.  I was very tempted by the Huit cupcake bra in red, but red lingerie? Blog Reader I need your advice on this.  Yay or nay to red?

Overall I found some gorgeous boutiques in Williamsburg – I’d recommend Brooklyn Fox, Pop and Sodafine to anyone out shopping in the area and as for Love Brigade? Next time… is there anything else in this area I missed?

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14 Responses to The Williamsburg Boutiques.

  1. lissy says:

    OK, from your color loving friend, I say a big fat YES to red lingerie! I have several really pretty lace bras in all sorts of colors. Red could be your new black!!

  2. cupcake says:

    There she goes with the undies again (haha)…seriously tho, you are addicted you know that right?
    This is a very cool post. We are exploring the city right along with you…I luv it!

  3. stylemefab says:

    I am not complaining by the way, i love lingerie too and am told I might have to walk a lot in London checking out places before i find what i really like. I actually thought they had Victoria secret here, that would certainly make my life so much easier…

    • Oh so pleased you share the lingerie love! I bought some Victoria’s Secret online in the UK because you’re right, no such stores there. LOTS in NYC I have seen though, you’ll have to put in your orders with me!

  4. Coco says:

    I adore vintage, almost 1950s style underwear. I’d give anything for the light pink and black sets!

  5. icklebabe says:

    You know I love the red, so thats a definate yes from me. And I share your passion for nice underthings. There is an old saying that your never fully dressed without a smile, but I think it should be a smile and pretty underwear. Thats what my grandma always told me anyway. Even when she was got old she always wore silk, and I loved her silk pajamas. That lady, like you, knew the power of whats underneath and its effect on whats on top ;D
    I love that you mentioned Hooper’s work too, and I am becoming addicted to your fashionable adventures in New York, long may they continue. XXX

  6. Stylista says:

    Romper Stomper? What a cute name! I love that seagull dress. As for the red lingerie…red is the classic colour of passion after all, and isn’t lingerie all about passion? ; ) I say go for it!

  7. everydayglamour says:

    How fun! Glad you enjoyed Williamsburg. I’d love to visit those stores you reviewed.

    Oh, and “yay” to the red bra!!!

  8. Carly says:

    OF COURSE you found a lingerie store in your travels around town. You are too funny.
    I wouldn’t wear red lingerie..but we have established that I am a BORING as hell undergarment girl and you are a total risktaking fantasy undergarment girl.
    I say GO for it.
    If its pretty enough (which is surely is) then it could be super sexy peeking out of a black or white t-shirt with jeans.

  9. Ritournelle says:

    Perfect timing for my reading this post as I’m thinking of heading to Williamsburg this weekend. Sodafine looks very interesting for their jewelry, it’s quite my style!
    There’s this beauty shop I’d like to check out called Woodley and Bunny Apparently they have a lot of niche brands from Europe that aren’t sold elsewhere in the US yet.
    Hannah-Rose from Capture the Castle recommended the Roebling Tea Room for brunch
    And of course you must try Dressler for their amazing food someday!

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