New York Afternoon.

I am beginning to think that my work permit has been lost in the post, Blog Reader.  Anyway, this afternoon I’m once again free to do some of the things that I love.  I’m so lucky to be living in a new city, a new country; with a vast amount of new places to explore and people to meet.  I’ve just booked a return trip to the UK for early summer and I’m also exploring a break in California, a weekend in Chicago, a trip to Boston and a drive to The Hamptons.  Today I’m soaking up a few of my New York City favourites (I have a long list -I promise to share more of my favourite NYC things with you in the future but there are just so many…)

I’m ignoring the (oh so slightly chilly) temperature.  I’m wearing some super feminine pleats, putting on some high heels, heading to Chelsea Market to wander around Anthropologie and eat the obligatory cupcake from Eleni’s (there is no escaping the lure of Eleni’s buttercream).  Then I’m going to walk the Highline Park (yes, in the heels) and after that, hop in a cab to Tiffany&Co

A favourite afternoon of self indulgence in NYC.  What is your favourite self indulgence in your home town?  I know you have at least one if not more, Blog Reader…. More to the point where are we all on pleats?

Wearing: Top from ASOS.  Skirt and belt from Reiss.  Shoes from Dorothy Perkins.

Image top from Slappinbitches.  Image middle: ever-mindfull; image bottom: parkinglotfellowship.

Image source picture top: candyexpress – middle: imdancinginyourhead; bottom; misschristine
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24 Responses to New York Afternoon.

  1. A beautiful afternoon and a beautiful outfit to enjoy it in!


  2. Coco says:

    Such a light, feminine skirt, absolutely gorgeous. And OMG those cupcakes!

  3. Nothing like New York!! Isn’t Eleni’s fabulous? And so Audrey, darling, hopping in the cab and saying “Tiffany please!” Just stopped by to say hello and happy Thursday, darling. Have a lovely one!

  4. Molliee says:

    Beautiful classic and sophisticated outfit!

  5. lissy says:

    Sounds like a lovely NYC day! I do hope you make a trip up to Boston for a visit. It would be super fun. If you take the train, it will literally drop you just a few short blocks from my doorstep.


  6. Dempeaux says:

    What a great day! I am yet to introduce pleats into my wardrobe; a grey pleated skirt was part of my school uniform, so I feel odd wearing them. Love the outfit on you though! I love the different textures of the black, and I like the nude shoes with the outfit too 🙂

    • Oh actually you have reminded me of those awful school uniforms I had to wear too… they only introduced trousers after I left high school, how crazy and backward is that?!

  7. I’ve just made a mental note to visit the gorgeous cupcake shop next time I’m in NYC! De x

  8. noelani says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon. You have a wonderful way of making it look like the warmest of weather even though I know it must be cold! I am in awe of your outdoor fashion shoots…..

  9. mtadams1208 says:

    I do like pleats – Well, I don’t own any but I do like the look of them. We don’t have a good urban shopping area in Cincinnati – (a VERY busy mall that has good stores but I would not call an indulgence) – I always must get coffee, drop off the dry cleaning, and hit some small shops I haven’t thought to go to before in one of the many local neighborhoods.

    Enjoy Chicago! I have lived there and love it.

  10. That sounds like such a dreamy day, honestly my idea of pure heaven! …but, the only downside for me would be such a long day in THOSE shoes, beautiful? yes, practical? no are a far better lady than me lovely !
    As you know my life is *slightly* different from yours, but in my home town, this is how I spend my days…. X 😉 xxx

  11. Such a lovely post and a lovely day! Really like your outfit as well 🙂 :*

  12. Love the post! Cupcakes, Tiffany & Co., cupcakes, and a very feminine look! Inspires me to drop hints to my mother about a vintage pleated skirt or two…

  13. Awesome skirt…I’ve been looking for one for some one, wanted to make my own but figured it’s easier to get one from a vintage shop with authentic feel.

  14. Ritournelle says:

    I’m glad to see that you stopped worrying and take advantage of the situation to explore New York and all the fabulous things it has to offer! 😉

  15. Nice post, I like the layout design of your page. What’s the theme you used? created by yourself?

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