A Colourful Sunday Brunch.

I love the American institution of brunch.  In the UK we have Sunday lunches but brunches are on a whole other level of variety and tastiness.  I’ve argued with my UK friends about brunch; they think it’s either a pointless second breakfast or simply not enough fuel to get them through to dinner time.  I argue back that they are just not going to the right places; they need to take their time of it, select well and preferably be in the US to eat it (dining well in London at least is a very hit and miss affair I find.)

I’m fast developing a ritualistic Sunday in Manhattan.  I wake up, dress casual (quelle horreur), go to the gym (see my previous post, we’re in ‘SBR’ mode now Blog Reader), eat (mostly drink?!) a boozy unlimited-mimosa brunch* then flop in-front of the TV to watch some classic movies.  Just perfect.  On Sundays I always change my bag to something big enough for the gym and for taking my glossy magazines to the restaurant with me – I was feeling cheerful and colourful today so I swapped my everyday bag for a yellow holdall that I bought from French Connection.  I can’t recall where my sandals are from but they take me for a walk every Spring.  The rest of my outfit is from GAP, fast becoming a casual favourite in New York City for a dressed down Sunday. I’m wearing my new GAP flared jeans with one of their tees.

I had quite a look around GAP last time I visited their store – they have a lot of asymmetry going on at the moment so if this is your thing then get down there now.  Here are my two top picks from what I saw, their Moto jacket and neoprene pant and an asymmetrical puff sleeve top (below):

Images below from GAP.

Of all the restaurants and cafes I have visited since arriving in America, I have two favourite brunch locations.  I’m always open to further suggestions, of course….!  My number one favourite so far is Joseph Leonard in the West Village, they do amazing things with sprouts and avocado and the chef is an amazing conversationalist.  Or he was with this chatty Brit abroad anyhow.  My second favourite is 5 Ninth over in Meatpacking.  I had brunch here not long after moving to the US and watched drag queens dancing around in the snow outside in the street.  What an odd thing, I thought.  But what a show!  Try the Rose Rouge champagne cocktail if you visit as it tastes divine.

So here you have it. My NYC Sunday ritual and I love it.  What are your Sunday rituals?

Wearing: Jeans and t-shirt both from GAP.  Shoes unknown.  Bag from French Connection.

*Some clever Blog Readers who have noticed some disparity in this email may think the boozy brunch cancels out the earlier ‘SBR’ effort but I make the rules and I disagree.
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20 Responses to A Colourful Sunday Brunch.

  1. Sounds pretty good!

    My Sundays are usually spent sleeping in, catching up on series, watching the football matches on tv and lazying around a lot. 🙂 x

  2. Aggie says:

    I love Sunday brunches too! But it’s a little different here where we’d usually have dim sum or noodles (which we have loads of varieties to choose from)

    Lol I was wondering what on Earth you’re carrying in your bag because it’s as big as a pillow! Then I read on and turns out it doubles as your gym bag too.

    PS: Don’t you already HAVE a summer-worthy body?

    • The one time I went for authentic dim sum in London I loved it, the meal lasted hours and it was fun picking different things I hadn’t tried before… Yes that bag is big but it is required for all the kit! Thank you for saying you think I’m already SBR but I think I have the same insecurities as everyone. I just channel them into my pilates 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, as always xx

  3. mtadams1208 says:

    It’s so interesting to hear your perspective on brunch having not been from the states. i really had no idea this wasn’t a common occurrence elsewhere. We have a good place that is inside a bookstore that has an omelette bar with tons of ingredients to choose from, and you get fruit, potatoes and a biscuit with it. That, some coffee and a mimosa or two is enough to cover me through a later (small) dinner. It’s a good time!……love the bright bag.

    • We do have it in the UK but the familiar tradition is roast dinners on a Sunday (I just hate these, really!) and that as well as brunch would be overdoing it. I love the variety with the brunches over here. Perhaps if and when I return to the UK I’ll carry them on regardless though! x

  4. lissy says:

    Love all the color on you! How did it feel to break your mold?? Sounds like a perfect Sunday. I spent mine doing the official winter to spring wardrobe switch.

    • Today it felt just fine! I think I need to stick to the bold red and blues, they seem to work for me. Anything hot pink or orange I’m a little too colour shy still….. x Spring wardrobe already? Brave soul. Still a bit grey in NY today….

  5. Dempeaux says:

    I love the GAP jeans, and I love your use of colour! Really cheerful! I think the bright yellow bag goes with the rest of the outfit really well 🙂

  6. Sounds like a perfect Sunday!

  7. Anna says:

    Aww you look lovely – really like the T shirt actually! A good fitting tee is priceless xxxx


  8. Becca-Lou says:

    Loving the blog, am reading avidly being very jealous at all the adventures you are having.

    Take care and keep blogging

  9. stylemefab says:

    Oh my i absolutely love the bag and color, so perfect. boozy lunch,…i am so on board for that one. Is it getting warmer in Manhattan, i hear it might snow in London in the near future…brrrrrrrr…i might have to find me a holiday somewhere sunny if that happens.

  10. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Springtime Sunday, and yes I agree with above u already do have the summer ready bod chicken, in spades!
    Can’t wait to see you in that jumpsuit too 😉 X x x

  11. Hannah Chan says:

    A lovely colourful weekend look on you. I love brunch and feel that is a lovely way to sit down with a friend or loved one, chill out, relax, eat some good food, read papers, not necessarily talking to one another but still appreciating each others company, maybe followed by a pleasant stroll in the park where the talking part begins.

  12. Ritournelle says:

    Congratulations on being featured on the Gap mag!
    My Sunday rituals include a manicure in the East Village with Chanel polish, a brunch at the nearby restaurant, catching up with my emails and blog posts and a phone call to France.

    • If you’re in the East Village every Sunday without telling me there is something wrong with this picture haha. Catching up with friends in the UK is something I do on Sunday too, always the best time to do it (not after my mimosa fuelled brunches, I might add)

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