Fire At The Disco.

Back in February I attended the Evolving Influence conference run by IFB.  Not only did I learn a heap of new things about fashion blogging I also made some amazing friends as a result of the day.  One of the most interesting things about the conference (of course!) was the array of fashion present.   I noticed a lot of wide-brimmed floppy hats, maxi skirts, feathers and faux fur.  Clearly my conference buddies were spot on with emerging styles but the abundance of sparkles in the room perplexed me.

Maybe it was psychological, I thought to myself. At a time of not working (a personal recession, I like to call it) perhaps it just felt wrong to me to layer on metallic and glitz.  Perhaps it was an age thing, I asked myself.  Perhaps I was just shying away from the showy-ness of sparkles*.  Could I do understated bling I pondered…  Was there a way to do chic without being showy?

I continued to ruminate while the Fall collections were showing on the runways.  And what did I see on the catwalk?  A LOT of sparkle, especially Jenny Packham who rolled out a slinky black glitzy jumpsuit for Autumn/Winter.  It was official – more glitz was in order.

I love to dance and I found this sequined French Connection dress on eBay for the bargain price of £25.00.  Perfect for a disco.  You can buy it on ASOS here. I’m showing it to you ‘plain’ as I’d like some ideas on how to dress it up/down please, Blog Reader.  I also want to get your views on decadent, glitzy, sparkly looks for yourself, and where you like to wear these.

Images: Ted Baker Dwyer dress left; ASOS sequin knicker right.

If you can’t wait until Fall, then ‘Spring Bling‘ was highlighted by Vogue – the key to this look being, they stated, pieces with “elegance and glamour that offsets the glitz”.  Examples given were Lanvin, Michael Kors, Phillip Lim and Prada.  Remember Blog Reader that Spring Bling is not only metallic and sparkle but mirrors, crystals and glitter too.  Do you have any of these hanging in your wardrobe?**

Here are my favourites from the Jenny Packham Fall 2011 collection:

Images above all from Fashionologie.

*I have one other blue sequin dress (more like a top actually) but it doesn’t get rolled out often….

**We are talking CLOTHING and accessories here Blog Reader.  Don’t get smart and tell me you have a mirror in your wardrobe, I know you probably do.

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24 Responses to Fire At The Disco.

  1. LOVE your dress! So much fun while looking classy at the same time:) hot!

  2. Gorgeous … I can just see you dancing in that dress. I love dancing too … my favorite form of exercise, I think! I only have a few pieces of total sparkle … a couple of black sequined tops for those dressy evenings.

  3. Krista says:

    I love that dress on you! I also like a sparkly tank layered with another top or blazer worn with distressed jeans. Nice to tone down the glitz w/ a lil edge.

    • You’ve just reminded me I’m sure I have a sparkly tank somewhere… have to go dig it out (my wardrobe still isn’t quite shipshape since the move, I’ve been so lazy…!) Thanks for looking in x

  4. That is amazing! Every year autumn time I always look for a sequined dress but I’ve never found one with enough pizazz but still classy – it’s depressing. Yours is PERFECT though 🙂


  5. ooo it’s SO fun…that is an awesome going out dress. I actually don’t have anything blingy….must work on it – but I just haven’t found the perfect thing yet!

  6. cupcake says:

    I really think the ultimate New York fashionista Mrs. Jenna Lyons started this trend. I love it but mine don’t seem to make it out of their home in my closet (I think they’re shy). Your dress looks super hot!

    • Maybe the owner is shy. Maybe after another week or so of Tracy Anderson she’ll get her teeny tiny arms into the back of the closet and reach for those sparkly frocks… xx

  7. Carly says:

    Look at you….you HAWT little number! Love you in some glitz and sparkle. The key to this look is limiting accessories and making it all about the dress…which you have done perfectly:)

  8. Marissa says:

    For once in my life, I don’t know if I have anything sequined hanging in my closet. I think it’s time to change that. Are those matte sequins on your dress? I love that look, and they’re so much easier to wear without feeling overdressed.

  9. everydayglamour says:

    You look great! I like the idea of subtle sequins for day, perhaps a top under a cashmere cardi or something. It’s not something I’ve been able to pull off….yet. 😉

  10. noelani says:

    Hmmm, I am at a loss for ideas on how to dress this up. To me, sparkles are already a party, no? I would worry too much on top would kill the fun? But then again I am no sparkle or sequin master as I have one jacket. Just one with some sequins. I confess, I have had it for about two years and haven’t worn it once! I must change this. And bring out the sequins.

  11. Dempeaux says:

    I’m a sucker for short dresses with 3/4 to full length sleeves – I’m not sure why. I really like this! I love how the arrangement of sequins almost looks like a geometric pattern. I don’t think this needs much accessorising at all: some diamond stud earrings, some kind of bracelet, and you’re done! You’ll light up all on your own, particularly in da club 😉

  12. Stylista says:

    Sparkle done elegantly! Now that sounds like my kind of thing! Lovely dress! It reminds me a bit of Balmain! And ah, Jenny Packham. Her RTW is quite nice too!

  13. agirlastyle says:

    I love this on you! And oh how I would love to attend IFB. Now personally, I’d love to see this dressed down by teaming it with Isabel Marant-style suede ankle boots (the Lacow/Dicker style), a preppy blazer, a fedora and perhaps opaque tights if chilly. Chic de la chic way to wear sequins during the day (I don’t think it needs much help for being dressed up for night to be honest!).

    And I hope your personal recession ends soon (if not already) – I hate the feeling of gloominess that comes with not feeling secure financially.

    Briony xx

  14. I love the dress, and agree with above I would go with little or no accessories, the dress, and you in it says it all 🙂
    i love the way reese did the less is more look in this marchesa dress too, stunning! >>

  15. Lorien says:

    Wow, hello! You look incredible. Absolutely love that dress on you, and as always love the hair – you look excellent. polished, and chic. As for dressing it up, or down, I love it like that simple, just grab a nice clutch, and you are ready to go! x

  16. Love this dress…so pretty! You look great! I am following you now 🙂 See you on

  17. Ritournelle says:

    I couldn’t help but smile at the title of your post as it reminded me of the hot strip-tease our friend Briony was treated to 😉
    Love. This dress. On you. You look fantastic! I agree with Lani, I wouldn’t add too much bling to it. Too much sparkle kills the sparkle. All you need is the perfect clutch and you’re good to go!

  18. ninamholland says:

    You were at IFB. . . what?! How did we not meet?! September for sure 🙂 🙂

    Even though i adore sparkles, I hardly ever wear them. Maybe it’s because I live in the middle of the desert and glitter looks a bit bizarre. Or maybe it’s because I’ve always felt that sparkles are more suited for nighttime (and for nighttime I usually go for traditional, chic pieces). . . who knows?

    Anyways, this dress looks amazing on you (sparkles done right)! I’d keep everything else fairly simple but I would add in a bright pop of color. . . maybe with a clutch 🙂

    Have a great Sunday (with your brunching routine!!)

    • Keeping the dress simple seems to be the overall opinion. I guess it really is “dressy” enough in itself so something like a simple clutch and killer heels will do! Were you at IFB? Woo September then like you say 🙂 You know me well, brunch is on the menu today, of course! x

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