The Perfect (Short) Shorts.

I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of black (short) shorts ever since I saw this image which I re-blogged on my tumblr page:

I fell in love with this outfit the moment I saw it.  There was a kind of city chicness about the look that reminded me to go locate a pair of smart and chic (short) shorts for summer in Manhattan, something that I could pair with plain and simple tees and heels but that would be flirty and playful as well as smokin’ hot for the summer.  I got some terrific help via Twitter (thank you so much Twitter friends!) and I was all set for a full on online shopping assault to find said pair but then I stumbled into MINK in the East Village and found these… (apologies for photo overload, I really do love these [short] shorts!) They look like a skirt but are in fact shorts and the length and the waist are just perfect:

A little aside, but never underestimate, Blog Reader, the power of a little “research” in the hour of an outfit challenge.  This time I turned to Carrie Bradshaw (who else?!) for help.  She always did “short” well, took hotpants to a new level, looked great in most things and of course she lived in NYC.  So I looked at some images to give me a heads up in my challenge which I am sure helped me gravitate towards MINK:

The images reminded me how a little inspiration for shopping can go a long way.  I found my perfect (short) shorts for summer and had a little fun along the way.  I hope you like my new outfit as much as I do, Blog Reader! (Do you use images and mood boards to help you find the perfect clothing??)

Wearing: Tee from ASOS.  Shorts from MINK East Village.  Shoes Dorothy Perkins.

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23 Responses to The Perfect (Short) Shorts.

  1. Dempeaux says:

    I love these shorts! I’ll bet you end up reaching for them all the time. Short shorts were something I didn’t get around to purchasing this summer (I kept getting distracted by frocks!) and they’re definitely something I missed in my wardrobe. Love them with the heels 🙂

  2. stylemefab says:

    Loves it!!! you definitely have the legs to pull it off effortlessly.

    PS: you hair looks amazing here!!!!

  3. cupcake says:

    So true Carrie did do it perfectly! Especially the second image of her (I love that look). Your skort is adorable. Skorts feel bold but you know you’re covered in a breeze or sitting down, so risk free!
    Well done!

  4. I’d love to wear cute scalloped edged shorts this summer but don’t have the legs for it! I will have to live vicariously through you instead! 🙂 De x

  5. Maya says:

    Oh how I love this time of SATC… Never goes out of style!
    I have to say you look great… I mean movie star meets Kate Middleton great!!!
    You go girl! :-))))


  6. noelani says:

    So happy you finally found the perfect pair of shorts! I fully approve of this faux skirt look, gives you a flirty short look without revealing too much;) You can tell from the photos that you love the new acquisition, not overload at all!

  7. Hannah Chan says:

    I love to use images found online as inspiration. I stick them all in a big file and then go though them once a month or so, saving any looks that I find particularly inspiring into a new file. I then use this new file to help me see what looks I want to channel and whether or not I need to buy any new items to achieve this. I can then focus on shopping for specific things hence I spend my money better, in theory! 🙂

  8. Coco says:

    Never mind the shorts, I want your legs!

  9. LOVE your adorable find and you look FABulous in them!!! So feminine and yet city-chic! Have a wonderful week, sweet!

  10. ahhh the weather in NYC looks amazing. June CAN NOT come soon enough! Looking forward to sporting my short shorts when I get there.

  11. Mulika says:

    I keep a file titled moodboard. Sort of an inspiration folder. It is a panicky day when I actually have to open it up to try and piece something together because most of the time it just seeps into your brain the visuals you pick up along the way. But, yes, most definitely a fan of mood boards!

    Mulika x

    • Hello – so interesting about your use of mood boards I’m getting so keen on this idea as a way of finding inspiration. Thanks for dropping in to SOTC and leaving a comment x

  12. Carly says:

    Your legs are NO FAIR….they just go on for miles…
    the shorts are adorable…love how they look like a skirt! So effortlessly chic and will be great with so many different combinations for spring/summer.

  13. Nico says:

    I love your pictures, and where are the aisles ?

  14. Lorien says:

    This looks so cute, flirty, and fun with a stylish edge. I love it. You have great pins, and I am looking the court shoes.

    I need to find some man shorts for the summer, but I’m much like Tom Ford when it comes to shorts ha… guess I still have some insecurities there (I don’t know why, I have great legs!) ha.

    Hope you have a good weekend x

  15. Ritournelle says:

    I’ve said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again: these shorts were made for you! They’re pretty interesting as they look more like a flirty skirt.
    To answer your question, when I had more time on my hands I used to go on during each fashion week and save my favorite outfits in their lookbooks option. A very helpful process to determine what kind of item to shop for every new season!

  16. those shorts are tooooo cute! i hope you had a happy happy easter!

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