Annie Get Your Gun.

Punxsutawney Phil is on my hit list.  In the past week here in NYC we had just two days of sunny (but still mild!) weather.  My European friends are torturing me with news of the mini heat wave back home so I’m feeling kinda blue about Spring right now.  A blue mood led to a blue outfit this weekend – several shades of blue in fact – but I did venture outside my back yard for this outfit post.  Welcome to the East Village!  Happily the day I planned to take some pictures of my outfit coincided with sunshine.  This was good news (for me and for that pesky little Groundhog) as this was the day I decided to take the complete circle line boat tour of the island. The ferry took me to locations around the edge of the city I’d not ventured to before and I have to admit I’m still totally wowed by the Manhattan skyline.  In contrast to London, where the skyscrapers dwarf the many historic buildings and often play havoc with the skyline – in Manhattan all the height and glistening windows feels exciting as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Some pics here below:

Above: my island, my home. Below: the Winter Garden in Downtown Manhattan.  I’ve never been but I really want to go, I read that it’s quite an oasis of calm in the Financial District and a great place to people watch.  I believe it looks out over the World Trade Centre site on one side whilst the other seems a wonderful place to watch the activity on the Hudson.  I like the idea of an oasis of calm in such a busy city.

So, skip back to the grey and windy parts of the past week.  What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling blue and the weather is gloomy?  Take on an indoors challenge.  Yes, Blog Reader, this week I went to the last remaining shooting range in Manhattan for a little rifle practice.  It was a personal challenge to be the best of the best of the best (well said Tom Cruise) and I had a lot of fun:

So the blues came and went with some varied activity in Manhattan this week.

Now.  The sun had better get a move on… or Phil I am after you.  You’d better watch out, Phil, I’ve had target practice you know…*

Wearing: Skinny jeans from French Connection. Jacket from Reiss.  Top from ASOS.

*Dear Blog Reader, I am not really going to shoot the cute Groundhog.  No animals are harmed in the making of StyleOnTheCouch.

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26 Responses to Annie Get Your Gun.

  1. These skinny jeans look so perfect on you, your legs are to kill for!

    And I can understand your blue mood (the weather IS truly amazing over here atm) but just so you know I wouldn’t mind swapping with you! I could use some clouds and rain to get rid of my allergies and migraines. What do you say??


    • Christine maybe we should do a home swap. Actually I’d love you to feature on my blog sometime you have great style…. (sorry to hear about the allergies, and so yes I hope it rains in England soon to cure you and also my weather related jealousy…!)

  2. Reena says:

    You look fab, love the silhouette and the bright blue ASOS top.

  3. Dempeaux says:

    Love the outfit, and love that you’re getting some sunny days, even though it’s still chilly. That garden does look enticing 🙂

  4. lissy says:

    Great outfit and what a lovely day you had! Punx Phil is on my hitlist too so let me know when you find him!! Also I think my sis wants to go shooting so the two of you should get together to do that.


  5. Mariah says:

    Ah, you were in my neighborhood and didn’t alert me? Well, I suppose it was more of a “passing by” of my neighborhood… The winter garden is exactly across the street from my building, so I would be very pleased to take you over there, but I’m not going to sell it as an “oasis.” You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

    Maybe ride your bike down? Once it’s fixed, that is…


  6. noelani says:

    So many adventurous outings….the gun range must have been a great way to get out some pent up anger at mother nature and Phil. I was quite bleak yesterday and painted the nails black. My homage to Spring that refuses to come;)

  7. Rachael says:

    Love the top! And, how fun, a shooting range! Looks like you are very on target. A great way to chase away this moody spring. 🙂

  8. Cee says:

    Ha. I love your sense of humour 🙂 I’m guessing that much like my own, not everyone quite gets it, but I appreciate it even so- the last line of this post made me laugh out loud. At my desk. At work. In spite of the hate you are feeling for poor Phil, with which I can sympathise, you are looking fabulous. Those jeans fit you like a glove and your hair is perfection!

  9. stylemefab says:

    You look FAB as always, I love the way you paired the jacket and top….blue is is also a good color on you. As for Manhattan, could it be more beautiful!!. The first picture reminds me of the Sex and the city episode when they are on the boat looking at the Island….lucky you….

  10. Love your outfit!! and beautiful skyline picture!


  11. Hopefully there is some sun shine today too. You look amzing in those skinny jeans and that blazer

  12. CinZilicious says:

    Great to hear you got so much positivity out of your blue mood days,lol. And that blue top is sooo pretty!!!

    I did that boat tour before but the destination was to statue of liberty. Nonetheless, the view of NY was breath taking!!!! Awww…i miss it now, i actually tried walkin from the Brooklyn bridge to the Manhattan bridge and toured all the way up to the Wall Street financial district before! lol …it was a long but interesting walk that day:)

    And good to hear u had some rifle practice. Sometimes we just need to load of some steam eh? hahaha

    p.s. to answer your question, the pants on Blake Lively was by Zac Posen:) They look gorge eh?


    • Zac Posen ah thank you! They were lovely. Not sure I would have the courage to wear them day to day but she looked amazing. The boat tour does indeed give you a great view of Manhattan. That walk? Wow – long walk!

  13. Maya says:

    My thought after reading this is: I really should live in New York. At least for a lil while. Right?.. And that you look great 🙂
    Btw I have to tell you, I love love love your comments on my posts, they are always so insightful, I have a feeling you kind of see more than I do 🙂

    • Maya thanks for your comment – I love reading your blog posts because they are so interested to me (psychologically speaking and as an interested blog-and-twitter-friend!) I should stop by your page more often in fact. Thanks for popping in to SOTC here and yes, you should move to NY at least for a little while. Everyone should!

  14. Two things I love about this post:
    1. your sense of humor

    2. Tom Cruise reference!

    And, okay, 3. your clothes…(envy, envy).

    Terrific blog, by the way.

  15. Powerful women rocks!!! I love it heheeh!
    I gave my shoot once or while too, and i admit threre is nothing that relax me more than this!!

    Just be carefull: easter is coming and you don’t wanna hit easter bunny. hehheh
    [yeah, i know i’m not funny!!]


  16. Carly says:

    target practice…you GO girl!
    Weather totally SUCKS…it has been raining raining and raining all weekend. Since we are only an hour away from eachother, my guess is you are suffering the torture.
    You are looking beautiful as always.

    • Carly you need to come to NYC so we can grab a drink and talk fashion. You are right the weather indeed SUCKS right now. My next post might include my wellies! Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Ritournelle says:

    Ahem. I do hope that you will not feel the urge to pick up a gun and shoot at something every time you feel blue or are frustrated by the Manhattan weather.
    And isn’t it weird that we both had to assure our readers that no animals were harmed in the making of our posts lately? Poor little things 😉

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