Madewell Fifth Avenue Store Event.

On Wednesday night I hot-footed it along to the Madewell Fifth Avene store opening party with Mariah of Quite Continental.  I’m making an effort to explore new US brands and Madewell was an excellent introduction to New York style.  The younger sibling to J Crew, Madewell clothing is relaxed and easy-going; typical ‘New York’ street wear and versatile items that can be mixed and matched in a unique way depending upon the wearer.  The collection is colourful and there are a lot of prints and patterns too.  I personally felt that there was a theme of the “vintage traveller” in what I saw, but that view might have been heavily influenced by the retro objects and memorabilia placed around the shelves; old-fashioned clocks and radios, straw hats etc.

My English cousin Alexa was at the store opening, her style is very much in keeping with the brand of course which leads me to believe she has now abandoned her English rose roots (sob) in favour of a mix of New York  Street style, a teeny bit of preppy chic and (although I suspect this was hers all along) a splash of boyish charm.  But doesn’t she look great?

Image from Elle fashion blog.

Another fabulous looking party guest was Julia Restoin Roitfeld. I love her style – she was wearing a gorgeous black leather skirt and silk short sleeved blouse:

Image: Refinery 29

Madewell know how to throw a party and guests were treated to a veritable feast of pretzels and cupcakes along with a choice of three (rather boozy) cocktails served in knock-em-back jars.  The crowd clearly knew their stuff, looking every inch the Madewell model.

Image above: Refinery 29.
Image above: Refinery 29.

My favourites from Madewell’s current collection are below.  I loved their long garden dress and their red garment-dyed shorts are a perfect pop of colour for Spring.  I’m very tempted to go back to Madewell this weekend and explore the store in more detail as I try to work out, like Alexa, how to incorporate more New York style into my very British wardrobe (closet, whatever dude.)

Thank you Madewell for a fabulous evening!

*PS Alexa is not really my cousin, Blog Reader.  Kate Middleton is.

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20 Responses to Madewell Fifth Avenue Store Event.

  1. Ritournelle says:

    My very first thought when I landed on this page was “Who is this?!”. It’s the lovely Mariah of course!
    A very fun event this seemed to be (no, no I am not regretful).
    I love your dress by the way. Very Oscar de la Renta-ish!

  2. brennan says:

    that third R29 photo…is that mizz annie clark (aka st vincent)??

    • Well spotted! Lots of musical talent at the event: Annie Clark of St. Vincent, Tennesse Thomas of the Like and DJ Alexsa Palladino (also from Boardwalk Empire, who I almost didn’t recognise at all)

  3. Dempeaux says:

    I haven’t really explored Madewell clothes much, for two reasons: firstly, I feel like I’m not cool enough to wear them, and secondly, they remind me of clothes I used to wear in the late eighties and early nineties. I admire them on other people though! Looks like it was a *fab* evening 🙂

    • I understand the “cool” thing but I think their items are really versatile and you can mix and match so much, you just have to like them enough and feel they “suit” your style to go with it, I guess! I’d style you in Madewell if you were here!

  4. I’ve never heard of this label but I like what I see! Apparently J Crew are opening a store in London soon…hopefully this will follow. Looks like you had a great time! NHG x

  5. noelani says:

    SO jealous, looks like a smashing event! And Alexa’s orange lipstick, gorgeous! I love Madewell, fabulous casual basics. I tend to gravitate more towards older sibling J Crew for a slightly more polished looked I can wear to work but love them both. Madewell has gorgeous jewelry too, well worth a look. I get a ton of mine there.

  6. stylemefab says:

    looks like a FAB event and you look amazing. whats the ID for the dress you are wearing, would love to see the shoes too ?

  7. Marissa says:

    Oh, hi pretty girls! Getting together again, I see. 🙂 Looks like a wonderful event. We have plenty of store parties here, but unfortunately, no celebs.

  8. cam says:

    oh, how fabulous! finally seeing some pics of the great event you told me about! you are looking stunning in that white dress! xoxo

  9. Carly says:

    GIRL! Jealous..looked like a fun event…
    Madewell does have great things…easy to wear and transition from casual to dressy..I have a few pieces here and there. I thought you were serious about the Alexa comment..I was going to DIE..she is so fabulously dressed, ALWAYS.

    So what did you think of Kate’s dress? I thought it was perfectly regal and timeless and classic and beautiful and so on and so on…truly a beautiful bride.
    All for now

  10. ninamholland says:

    I adore the dress you wore, are those subtle cut-outs I spy?

    It looks like you had a lovely evening and of course Madewell clothing is a favorite of mine! I love the fact that it’s very relaxed but still gives that polished feel.

  11. Milla says:

    Both you and Mariah look gorge!


  12. you make me laugh 🙂 that is a fun lookin event!!!

  13. everydayglamour says:

    Oh, wow! That is so cool that you both got to go to that. Great pictures, as always!

    • Kate I should have let you know about the Kiki event this evening! They have something at their SoHo boutique on Fri13th May, if you are not working let me know so we can go together. Thanks so much for leaving a comment x

  14. Cupcake says:

    You are sooooo turning into an American! Jenna Lyons is only to coolest and most brazilliant fashionista. JCrew & Madwell are expertly styled and marketed. I read and keep the Jcrew catalogue as tho it were a magazine. Was my half-sister Jenna Lyon’s at the event? I’ll have to give her a dingle!
    You lucky ducky! (hey have u eaten there yet?)
    the Cupcakester

    • Oi Cupcakester – have I eaten where yet?? I don’t believe Jenna Lyons was at the event, I’ll check with Ms Mariah of QuiteContinental, she was soo up with the US crowd in there (I of course was only down with my cousin Alexa). I am learning the embrace more American brands after five months in the Big Apple, I really liked the Madewell clothes and I thought they suited be, but it takes some courage to break away from my “norm” (more classic, plain etc). I am working on it – in fact I really should post about this! Thank you for stepping into SOTC again xx

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