Cutoffs Part II

I recently posted my new skinny denim cutoffs from Gap, to mixed reviews.  I don’t think I really did the shorts justice last week so I wanted to re-post them as a whole outfit this time.  For me these shorts are just perfect for lazy weekends.  Here I’ve teamed the cutoffs with some of my new favourite items.  I’m holding my new blue faux leather clutch from the lovely and highly creative Taylor of Curly In The City who sells various colours in her Etsy shop.  I own this blue one here as well as the colours yellow, red and nude.  I’m pretty much set with a clutch for every possible outfit combination!

I’m also wearing my new ALDO Dwelle wedges in this outfit post.  I stayed away from wedges for years because I thought they looked uncomfortable to wear and walk in.  I hate ladies who make that clumping sound with their soles as they walk… Anyway how wrong I was – I find this pair fit the curve of my soles perfectly and I’ve been wearing them everywhere and everywhere around NYC since I bought them.  I’m a little ‘clumpy’ but this is hard with flat wooden soles, right? Anyone else with wedges find this?  Clumping aside, these are my go-to-shoes for summer days in Central Park as of this moment.

So, I hope I’ve persuaded you to try some cutoffs yourself, or some wedges if like me you’ve shied away until now.  Check out Taylor’s website if you have time, Blog Reader, and make sure you request a clutch if you like what you see.

Wearing: Cropped top from TopShop (old season) – actually I posted it very early on in the blog, check it out here!) Wedges from ALDO, Clutch from CurlyInTheCity, Denim cutoffs from Gap.

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18 Responses to Cutoffs Part II

  1. noelani says:

    You are owning this look my friend. I am not ready for cropped anything after my boozy, food, filled weekend here;) You were missed. Love the wedges. A little clopping is a modest price to pay for chic footwear.

    • I am looking forward to reading all the Brimfield reports – the Tweets made it sound like you all got very lucky! Boozy, food filled weekend? Reminds me of the last one in NYC haha. I agree, a little clopping is a modest price to pay for some very cool and comfortable shoes…. thanks for commenting, Lani x

  2. mymy says:

    Aw the Aldo wedges !! LOVE them, perfect colors!!
    you look so pretty on these pics 😉

  3. Milla says:

    Cropped tops are my favourite and each summer I debate whether or not I can get away with them at my age. Thank you for answering the debate!

  4. Carly says:

    Aw…you look AWESOME..skinny minny…I don’t think I have the confidence to rock this look but you look amazing.

    Totally thought of you today…getting pedicure and flipping through PEOPLE mag…entire page spread about the Reiss line – you always feature and I never knew of it until I read your blog…they actually feature the little white dress w stitching detail that you have worn on the blog!

    • Oh the white fit and flared dress? Such a popular one! Actually I wear it all the time (my dry cleaning bill is going to be huge!) Pedicure and flipping through magazines, sounds like my kind of Sunday! Thanks for stopping by Carly!

  5. You look fabulous darling!

  6. No crop tops over here, but you really work that look! I really like the wedges worn this way.
    Le Choix Trois

  7. everydayglamour says:

    You look insanely good!! I love this on you! So sexy–perfect for a hazy summer day in NYC!!

    • Kate we need to go for coffee it’s been waaay to long! Thanks for the cut off votes I really like this outfit actually, perfect for hazy summer days you are right. Could never wear this in England, in fact I’m hardly without tights there!

      • everydayglamour says:

        Oh yes! Totally going for coffee!
        And regarding hazy summer days–I can’t wait. This rain here in New York has been oppressive!

  8. Taylor says:

    YOU LOOK Amazing you skinny minni!!!! And of course, the clutch looks FAB!!!!! 🙂

    xoxo to my BEST customer!!!!


    • Haha it is the amazing, stunning, yet massive clutch that makes my waist look small 🙂 I am loving your clutches so much! Just posted the red one. Cannot wait until my black one turns up too. You’re such a star. Thank you!

  9. Ritournelle says:

    I have been staying away from wedges as I thought they look so big and unpractical, but hearing so many comments like yours about how comfortable they actually are is making me change my mind!

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