Sample Sale Spoils: Sigerson Morrison

The last of my sample sale reports this month comes from Sigerson Morrison.  The sale was steeped in a little mystery, with a big sign outside the showroom serving as a disclaimer for the Sigerson & Morrison brand who wanted to make it clear that they were not associated with the event in any way.  The shoes to buy were from Miranda and Kate’s  (founders of Sigerson Morrison, who departed from the brand in a few months ago) own stash.  Now, you’d expect shoes designers to own an awful lot of shoes – I’d say this was a very good and entirely expected thing! –  but inside there wasn’t a huge amount of merchandise, especially the popular sizes like US 8 (UK6).  I had early entrance to the event with a “reserve” ticket from Refinery 29 (I love this feature on their site) and I was pleased I invested $5 to reserve early entry as when I left the sale at 10.30 there was quite a queue forming.

Prices inside were at a great discount for the brand but were still well, pricey. Most of the sale items on offer were Reptile Boots / Shoes selling at around the $300 mark.  There were however some great deals on the Belle Gladiator Sandals at $65 (typically retailing at about $400) but sadly I couldn’t find any of these in my size.  That and I’m not a Sienna Miller type…

I did try on some Python Sandals that I loved but I have a weird thing about the ‘thong sandal’ straps in between my toes so I couldn’t bring myself to buy (am I alone with this??)

I was about to leave the sale when I saw some shoes with a killer heel that grabbed me.  They are a pale, neutral colour so I think they’ll go with anything.  I tried then on, the fit was perfect and I decided to make an investment. At the till I chatted to the lovely Miranda Morrison who gave me some advice on shoe upkeep and talked about the eel skin fabric of my new shoes, why she chose it (sustainability, textural interest, colour possibilities) and how much she loved the pair I had picked.  Here they are:

You can read other reviews of the sample sale here on Mizhattan and here at onthesly.  I’m happy to have thrown myself into this month’s sample sales in NY!

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8 Responses to Sample Sale Spoils: Sigerson Morrison

  1. LittleRus says:

    They look very interesting and I can’t wait to see them on you! Congratulations on all your finds – the dress was really beautiful, too. x

  2. cam says:

    oh, must have been a fabulous day, amongst all those amazing shoes! lovely!


  3. stylemefab says:

    WOW!!! I love sales….you scored some great stuff and those shoes are certainly to die for!!!!! The color, the design and the heel…

  4. Rebecca says:

    Can’t believe you actually got served by the designer, that’s a classic

  5. WOW, gorgeous shoes … love the heels … and I’m with you, LOVE the look of sandals, but just can’t abide the leather thing between the toes so always search for pairs that don’t have it. I remember wearing flip flops as a kid and they never bothered me or I just got used to it .. maybe I’ve just lost patience with waiting for it to become comfortable again! Hope you have a lovely Saturday, sweets!

  6. noelani says:

    OH la la, look at the heel on those! Well done! Much better than some gladiator sandals. The color is the perfect neutral. I can tell you’ll be wearing these quite a bit. What will your nude Reiss shoes think?!

  7. Ritournelle says:

    Oooh they’re gorgeous, congratulations! And so cool you got to speak with the founder of the brand.
    Miss Dior just whispered that she’d love to meet…

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