The Full Yigal.

Last week I went to the Yigal Azrouel sample sale and scored a few bargains.  I found this brand only recently in NYC and fell in love with his dresses. The week before the sale I scouted around the Meatpacking boutique to get a few ideas of what I liked.  I was very happy to find two of the items I liked then, in the sale.

The outfit post today is of the ruched centre dress in framboise, retail price $850, that I bought for $125.  I’m taking this dress back to London in July to wear at the wedding of my close friends, but I can see it getting a lot of wear before then, too!

In this post I’m also wearing the other sample sale “hit” this week, the Sigerson Morrison shoes from the weekend.  I now have a shopping ban until July when I return to some of my favourite UK high street brands.  I’ll be sharing some of the other Yigal purchases in the meantime, as well as getting creative with my wardrobe, Blog Reader!

Hope you like!  Let me know of your own sales wins….!

P.S The reptile print belt is from ASOS.

P.P.S I’m back to curly hair.  Stuff the NY humidity, this feels more like me, frizz or no!

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31 Responses to The Full Yigal.

  1. juliet says:

    What a lovely dress! Bargains are always such a great feeling!

    Juliet xxx

  2. lissy says:

    You look gorgeous in the dress!

  3. This dress looks amazing and I adore the colour so much! x

  4. Marissa says:

    This dress is gorgeous! You always seem to have the best luck at sample sales. And I love curly hair on you – don’t change it. 🙂

  5. Hannah Chan says:

    A lovely dress and what a bargain too. I think that you have looks really nice either way and that you are very lucky 🙂

  6. Hannah Chan says:

    Sorry that was meant to be that your hair looks really nice styled either way 🙂

  7. mtadams1208 says:

    Ooooh I love it. I am obsessed (possibly too much?) with ruching. You look great! I have never heard of that brand but it looks right down my alley…

  8. everydayglamour says:

    Woman, just stop! I can’t take it! Too fierce. 🙂

  9. Cee says:

    This gorgeous Azrouel piece was marked down to $125 at a sample sale! Oh, I would positively die to live in NYC, we have nothing approaching those kinds of amazing bargains here in Canada. This piece fits you so beautifully, and I adore the belt you paired with it, it’s the perfect touch.

  10. Gorgeous … and such a deal!! Lovely photo too … looks like you were able to get out this weekend for some fashion shots after all! And hopefully a bike ride was sneaked in as well! xoxo Happy Monday, lovely.

  11. Oh you wore it!!!! Love it, this color looks great on you!

  12. Very beautiful dress! You look fantastic!


  13. Carly says:

    You are just a sample sale diva lately, huh! Jealous.
    That dress is BREATHTAKING on you!

  14. Dempeaux says:

    Oh for a sample sale! I love the dress, and it looks like it would feel really comfortable on. It’ll be perfect for a wedding xx

  15. noelani says:

    The dress looks made for those heels my dear. What fabulous purchases. I am glad to see you putting your sample sale smarts to good use. We have taught you well!

  16. Love the dress, it really suits you! And what a bargain…! NHG x

    P.S I like your hair curly!

  17. Lauren says:

    your hair… your dress… oh you look gorgeous! xxx

  18. Ritournelle says:

    Good thing I wasn’t with you at the sale because I would have probably snatched the dress from you 😉 Seriously love it!

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