Friday Lingerie Lust: La Fee Verte

Latest stop in the lingerie tour sees our feet rest for some absinthe at La Fee Verte (The Green Fairy!) a brand geared towards women who desire “sexuality, sophistication and individuality in their clothes”.  They describe themselves as “fashion-forward” and influenced by the growing “innerwear as outerwear” trend.

Mostly what I desire from La Fee Verte is their ready to wear collection.  Along with their intimates range, both stress luxurious fabrics and attention to detail:

I also love the clean and simple chic-ness of their designs.  You can buy La Fee Verte online from Faire Frou Frou and Journelle; for ready to wear (which seemed harder to track down) try Anthropologie and Shopbop or check out La Fee Verte’s Facebook page or Twitter account to enquire about local stockists.

Happy Memorial Day weekend (US), Bank Holiday weekend (UK) and everyone else, just have a fabulous weekend all the same SOTC xx

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20 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: La Fee Verte

  1. LittleRus says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the pastel pink set and the clothes. Thank you for introducing me to yet another tempting brand! x

  2. Cee says:

    The lingerie is lovely, but what really got me was the ready-to-wear collection. Anthropologie just opened in Vancouver, I must investigate to see if they have any pieces from the collection in store! Thanks for introducing me to this lovely line 🙂

    • Cee they tweeted me on Friday, their RTW is not yet available on line so let me know if you find anything in Anthropologie I’d be so interested to hear what you think. I’m also going to try and find a stockist near me as I really liked the fabrics they were using. As always, thanks for stopping by xx

  3. cupcake says:

    Happy long weekend! Ours was last weekend :(. I prefer the clothing to the lingerie. I can’t even imagine what your lingerie collection must look like…heaps of skimpies! You’ve got an eye for it though!

    • Haha cupcake you’ve given me an idea for a new blog about my lingerie collection. I have La Perla, Myla and Maison Close but some other random pretty things…. do I have the courage to share though – my skimpies on the web? Hmm perhaps not 🙂

  4. ohh la la! very pretty! Have a great long weekend

  5. so fun!! great post.


  6. Hey girl, TNKS for your comments, i1

  7. Sorry, bad PC!
    I’m really considering this break you adviced me!!

    Lingerie is becoming more than just underwear, is something that you wanna show everyone but you can’t hahhaha

    Love you!! 😉

  8. Oh they’re so amazing brand
    I love their collection and I wish it can b available on Indonesia ❤

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia ☺

  9. Ritournelle says:

    Now that is more my style, compared to the showgirl items posted earlier 😉 Love the romanticism, lace and feminity!

  10. Milla says:

    Lovely pieces – romantic, sensual and feminine.

    I agree with Anne – this is much more my taste, and reminds me greatly of some Myla pieces I have.


  11. Ali says:

    oh wow that bra set is beautiful and looks really comfy too! and they do clothes? I like the dress.

    • They do ready to wear, yes! I was told by the brand that these weren’t available to buy online yet, but you can find them in store. I like the RTW range more than the lingerie!

  12. I just treated myself to a La Fee Verte black silk & lace romper from Journelle! I did not know about their exciting!

  13. Adam Sakara says:

    Thank you all for the great feedback! Much more exciting news coming up from LFV!!

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