Style Inspiration Series: West Coast Staples

Introducing “Style Inspiration” – my new series about amazing bloggers I have connected with since starting StyleOnTheCouch and their personal style.  First up: TwirlySkirts.  This gorgeous lady from Los Angeles has been giving me plenty of inspiration for my trip to California this summer:
I am so excited to be posting here today! My name is Molliee and I write the blog Twirly Skirts where you can find my daily outfits, thoughts on fashion and anything else that inspires me. I currently live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and new puppy. I have been blogging since January of this year but have been obsessed with fashion since I can remember. I would describe my style as a mix between bohemian, glam and classic. You can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter too!
Since I am posting on StyleOnTheCouch, I wanted to share an outfit that I think represents West Coast style (or at least my version of it) for the readers out on the East Coast and overseas. Yes, this can be worn in the summer almost anywhere, but I think this really speaks to West Coast style. I have lived in California my whole life and the one thing I think is true on the West Coast is that we are not afraid of color. I have never shied away from color and always welcome the brightest hues and printed pieces into my closet in any season. If I am wearing a subdued color, I love to make a statement with bold jewelry so I don’t feel boring. Bottom line – don’t be scared of trying out LOUD clothes because blending is never as fun as standing out! ♥

Molliee is wearing:  Dress from McCaulou’s (Danville, CA); belt, Target; shoes Jessica Simpson; bracelet is unknown (gift), and earrings, Forever 21.
StyleOnTheCouch writes: I think she is giving me a big hint about my largely monochromatic wardrobe, no?  Lots of inspiration here for my trip to California this summer.  Thanks Molliee! You can find me over on TwirlySkirts later in the week, talking about London and New York style… xxSOTC
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19 Responses to Style Inspiration Series: West Coast Staples

  1. Carly says:

    How gorg is she? Thanks for featuring…now I have a new blog to check out today:))
    Loving the yellow heels…I am a TOTAL east coaster (black navy and chocolate brown are my LOVES) however I also love to embrace color..especially in the summer months…

  2. So nice to meet new friends and thank you for the lovely introduction to another beautiful fashion blog. Love the name … Twirly Skirts! Hope you had a lovely long weekend, darling. I so enjoyed the beach and dinner that evening alfresco on a country club terrace overlooking a golf course. Yay for summer is what I say!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

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  4. kittehluvs says:

    I have always had a colorful wardrobe. Even though I am an east coast girl (north carolina!), I feel ya! I love the Cali style. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s hot as h*** in NC so the flow-y summer outfits that are California staples work here too.

  5. Thank you so much for letting me guest post today! I can’t wait for my readers to learn more about YOU tomorrow! xoxo Molliee

  6. Love the lovely Molliee!

  7. hi molliee! you look absolutely beautiful! that dress is gorgeous!
    xo~ kristina

  8. OoOoo… when are you going to Cali? I was there in February.

    PS: love those electric lightning shoes.


  9. Cee says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a monochromatic wardrobe- but brights are definitely fun once in a while. I love Molliee’s brave combination of purple, yellow and red. Perfect for a sunny summer day in California. Thanks for the introduction, I’ll definitely be paying TwirlySkirts a visit 🙂

  10. Stylista says:

    Cool series! Looking forward to seeing your future features. She definitely has got the idea of mixing colours quite well in her mind! I love finding out about other like-minded fashion people.

  11. Kiki says:

    We are on the same wavelength! I have my first “fashion attack” post scheduled for tomorrow… it’s kinda similar, kinda different. Stop by and check it out! Love the new feature– and I’ll be sure to check out her blog! 🙂 Kiki

  12. Ritournelle says:

    Love the whole look; it’s so fresh and fun! It is actually quite different from the East Coast style were we tend to be not as bold with color.
    I read an interview of your Brit cousin Kate Moss recently in which she said that she doesn’t follow the color-blocking trend and sticks to her monochromatic wardrobe because she feels better in it. So if Kate says so, it’s alright!

  13. following you now. great blog totally in love with your hip style!

    xoxo katlin

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