Full On.

I love a full skirt or dress.  You might recognise this skirt below as the bottom half of my Twitter background image – I own both the dress and the skirt version of this Reiss number I’m so in love with the folds….

Wearing this outfit to a dinner and feeling full-skirted-fabulous led me to investigate the other full skirted numbers around right now.  Carven is a great example of this, especially their pleated wool-crepe skirt which I found on the website of one of my favourite UK boutiques: Black White Denim – I was browsing their archive sale at the time, get there quick for heavily discounted L’Agence, By Malene Birger and J Brand, amongst others! They also sell some amazing Preen Collection dresses which are just gorgeous.

You can purchase the mandarin colour skirt from net-a-porter.

Two of my other favourite finds are below: this amazing pink vintage prom dress from my friend Natasha Bailie’s vintage clothing company and the Reiss silk Monique full skirt in black and neutral.

Are you a full or a pencil skirt kinda gal, Blog Reader? How do you decide which to wear, or which suits your shape?  (Male readers – your opinions on favourite styles are always welcome too!)

Wearing: Old season Reiss folded skirt and fringed off white top.

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16 Responses to Full On.

  1. Lovely post as always ! If you want any cutouts for your blog just shout ! xx

  2. Thanks buddy xxxxx
    I am of course voting for the FULL skirt!

  3. LittleRus says:

    I love full skirts and pensil skirts and all kinds of skirt, really. 🙂 Each style suits a different mood, so it’s important for me to have a few different once rather than sticking with just one option. Really love the mandarin skirt.


  4. Hannah Chan says:

    I am lucky enough to suit either skirt shape so I wear both as well as asymmetrical ones etc etc 🙂

  5. wow this skirt is FAB! you look lovely as always!


  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the folds that your skirt has … so GORGEOUS! Am I a pencil or full? Hmmmm … depends upon whether I’m feeling sleek or flouncy 😉 I love both! xoxo Hope you’re having a great Wednesday, sweet … sitting in my studio right now with the sun pouring in and it’s gorgeous!

  7. gorgeous photo! i would have to say that i’m both!, depending on my mood!!
    xoxo~ kristina

  8. carly says:

    Looking beautiful as always…love the details on that black skirt…I consider myself an even split between full and straight skirts depending on occasion and mood-
    As for the Von Vonni dress…that needs a manual lol (actually it is really easy to figure out the best couple ways to wear it for your own body)…… The ONLY one I have touched and felt and had ON my body is the thick jersey material…and it is a good quality- durable and doesn’t wrinkle…which makes it a GREAT travel dress..it could be the only item you pack…just wear it a different way each day..hahaha…OK..that is a little extreme, but you get what I am saying.

  9. Stylista says:

    Wow I love that striped skirt! I can just imagine it going with so many things! I think I’m more of a pencil skirt girl, but full skirts (not crazy full, but just the right amount full) can be fun sometimes! The folds in your skirt are nice btw!

  10. Dempeaux says:

    I wear either full or pencil skirts – it just depends on my mood. I love them both. I love the Reiss offerings here – so cute!

  11. Love full skirts, they’re so girly 🙂 and this orange skirt is too cute!

  12. Ritournelle says:

    I like full skirts on others but they are a little too bold for me I’m afraid. Actually, I realize that I don’t even own a skirt, can you believe it?!

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