Dear Blog Reader: An Azrouel Dilemma.

This is me, above, scratching my head over a dilemma.

Ok so not really I was fashion-blogger-posing but this shot serves the purpose for the post, and this is a post in which I need help and honest advice from you, Blog Reader.  I have pant anxiety (US) / trouser anxiety (UK).  I simple adore these pants/trousers from Yigal Azrouel but they have so far got mixed reactions from friends.  See what you think:

I first tried these on in the Yigal boutique in Meatpacking district when I paired them with a longer top as suggested by the assistant:

I loved the look with the belt but somehow managed to ignore the shoe dilemma that these trousers inevitably leave me with…. Let us refer to the look book and see what they say hmmm:

Oh yes, I am liking this variation on a theme….  Despite the fact I must wait for winter I do love this look.  But back to summer then.  I don’t have shoes like this.  At all. The dilemma remains.

So now I have a question.  Since I purchased these in the Azrouel sample sale for no-money-at-all back in May, do I pursue finding the perfect shoe for them, wait for winter, or do I consign them to ebay….


Opinions and shoe links below please, Blog Reader!! Hup Hup!!

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42 Responses to Dear Blog Reader: An Azrouel Dilemma.

  1. looking very interesting and fabulous to me, lovely! would pair them with some basic black or maybe pink high heels and you can go with wedges, too i would say! xoxo

    A keeper to me!

  2. Apryle says:

    I think they’re worthy of a shoe search..but NOT a shoe search sabbatical. My meaning being, don’t go on the hunt for the “perfect ” shoe with only this pant in mind . Once found love this pant and then consign it to ebay. xxoo

  3. Aggie says:

    With skinny pants, go sky high! 😉 Heels, wedges, go for it!

  4. GREAT pair of trousers, definitely a keeper! I think they’d look fab and very sexy with some strappy sandals/heels ( something like ) 🙂

    • I was wondering if those would be too delicate for the pants? Maybe they would balance out the rock chic look though… oo you’ve made me think… I have several dresses that these shoes would go with too, though!! xx

  5. Keep the pants & get some black booties like these:

  6. I vote to do a sleek black pointed toe pump in leather. i think it would streamline the look and give you a heel which will look great with anything!

    • I think something streamlined could be good. I was worried about something too chunky at first, making it look a bit too “gothic”…. thanks so much for visiting and for leaving me such great comments!

  7. I think these trousers can be worn with all kinds of shoes and in fact, your black ones you are wearing with them look good to me. I agree that the higher the better though (but that’s my MO).


  8. Mariah says:

    eBizzle. Haha, am I the only one that doesn’t like them? (Don’t listen to me, I’m wearing a tie as I type this…)

  9. Michelle says:

    I say keep the pants. I like the shoes you have on in the photo. You could also pair them with high high pointy toe patent pumps. Good luck.

  10. LittleRus says:

    So, my darling, the pant problem… Personally, not my style at all because these are pretty edgy and I am more of a classic feminine kinda girl, but the style certainly is interesting… I had a look at some shoes and…

    Here I present you a selection of footwear for you to play with day to night… 🙂

    a) comfortable but edgy
    b) I think the texture of suede and leather would compliment the pants a lot
    c) very comfortable, interesting heel
    d) summer version
    e) I like the gold accents here and there and the necessary height, will work day to night

    Hope you like something, but I agree with the girls – if you feel that you need to buy a pair of shoes that would only work with this particular piece, then I’d ebay the pants unless you like something from the above selection because it’s all on sale now. 🙂


    • I think you’re so right about being careful not to buy shoes to go with the one thing, because then it just doesn’t seem worth it. I think these pants will be in the back of my wardrobe until the weather gets a bit cooler anyway, so perhaps I am looking for shoe boots? I LOVED the KG Carvela Across but boy I struggle with those platforms that curl up at the end. How do you find them? I feel so unstable on my feet! The Kennedy though, those seemed to add a whole new bit of rock chic to the pants. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I’m going to look in the UK next week x

  11. Corin says:

    Love the tights/pants. They look extremely comfortable & flattering, do not ebay them!! There are plenty of gorgeous shoes out there that would look lovely with them. Have you looked at They have a plentiful amount of shoes!

  12. Erin B. says:

    Wow! Those pants look so good on you! Better than they looked in the runway pic even! I think the shoes you have on work well, but we could always use an excuse to buy new shoes, right, lol?

  13. Those pants are AWESOME! How could you even think about abandoning them on eBay? Don’t do it!

    I like the shoes you’re already wearing with them. You could also do closed-toe or open-toe booties for the Fall. And, they could work with those flat sandals that have fabric around the ankle. So many options! I would just walk into a Nordstrom’s Rack or Feline’s Basement type of store with those pants on and try on as many shoes as possible to explore the possibilities.

    Have fun!

    – Ava

    • I do think the trip to find the right shoes will be super fun I’ve had so many great suggestions! Something I haven’t considered yet though is flat sandals like you suggest. I’ve found some heels like this but no flats. I’m keeping my eyes open and will report back if I find anything. Thanks for the comment! x

  14. I loved the pants, but can I suggest you make a little adjust in the leather part down there? Will be really easier to match, but this is already gorgeous.
    Any black ankle boots would be great with them, girl!!

    LUV YA!!

    • Piere is sounds like you were holding back there – you don’t like the leather part on the lower legs? I’ve also heard this from others. I think ankle boots are the way to go though, I had some great suggestions on this post. Thanks for commenting! x

  15. Marie says:

    I think they’re hot! I just got these shoes that would look amazing with them:

    hots shoes this way…


  16. Ceee says:

    These trousers are such a one-of-a-kind piece, I think you’ll really regret it if you give them up so quickly. I think they look wonderful with the shoes you’ve chosen for this post, and I’m sure there have to be other options out there, too- they may not be easy to find, but I’m sure the search will be worthwhile 🙂 Good luck!

  17. Lola says:

    They are very different, from the first picture it appeared to look like you were wearing boots but I think they’re different in a good way, they really suit you and if you like them then that’s all that matters really!!

  18. I’d keep the pants; their super hot! For summer I’d probably save them for night life, but you could pair the pants with some sort of short sleeved coloured sheer top to add some romanticism to the mix. Kind of like a hard soft contrast, that might help to make it more summer. As for shoes i’d just go with a black pump because it won’t cut off the length of your super long legs. You could have fun with bright coloured shoes too if accessible. These pants are rock’n’roll I’d keep them.

    • oh my gosh seriously too hot for summer in the literal sense, I needed to buy a whole little mini wardrobe for the NY humidity. Thanks so much for your suggestions – Carly from thirthysomethingfashion also suggested some colour for heels, so it’s something I’m thinking about.

    • Aside from the fact I would like to make you my personal shopper – THANK YOU for the amazing suggestions here. On first glance I thought the Giuseppe cutout booties would be too delicate when paired with the trousers, but I’ve been pretty obsessed with them over since. I also loved the more chunky Willliam Rast boots – a bit more kick ass I thought. Some serious shoe love going on here!

  19. carly says:

    It would literally be fashion SIN to put those on ebay wout taking them for a few spins around NYC.
    I think they are nice w the shoe you have on…but to summerize them a bit- try a fun bright colored peep toe heel … hot pink, maybe even white? and than a soft breezy tank ….sounds like the perfect outfit to me.
    And then when beautiful fall arrives they will be AWESOME w booties.

    • I have like zero brightly coloured heels in my wardrobe. Clearly this is something I need to investigate. Thanks so much for chiming in, I got some fabulous help with this one, my readers are amazing. And thanks for visiting Carly xx

  20. Milla says:

    Sorry darling… I’m going to go with Mariah on this one: no to the trousers.

    However, if you must wear them, go super-high with the shoes. Booties would be even better. I’d keep the ensemble as streamlined as possible as the trousers are quite edgy, and you don’t want to detract from them. Hair pulled back. Think German supermodel!

  21. Lorien says:

    I think they look great, however not sure everyone can pull them off. I think you can, but they look better with a more edgy look. Definitely need skyscraper heels with them, that’s for sure. You could even go as far as to slick your hair back, and throw on a leather jacket. 😉 x

  22. Love them.. keep them most definitely. Where with big wedges or peep toe ankle boots…they look fabulous on you! xx

  23. Kasia Dietz says:

    As a great fan of ‘almost-no-money-at-all sample sale finds’ (and rarely wearing them), I say keep the pants and wear them with any shoe that you feel comfortable with. I would go with a simple black leather heel or something with a little color like red. They look fab on you!

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