A Walk Through The Vines with Caudalie USA

I would like to give Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie, an award for being THE most passionate communicator I know about the ideas behind her products and her brand.  On Friday I attended an evening at the Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa within the Plaza Hotel where Mathilde introduced me to a collection of new fragrances currently being launched in the US, designed to give the wearer the unique and charming experience of a summer’s day at the vineyard; from morning, through to noon and night.

Fleur de Vigne, Zeste de Vigne and The des Vignes make up the delightful new collection.

Fleur de Vigne represents dawn in the vineyard.  Think of the scent of blossoming grape flowers and pair this with a mood full of anticipation and promise before the creation of vintage wine from the vine. White rose and pink pepper meet with hawthorn in this subtle interpretation of the vineyard at dawn.
Zeste de Vigne moves us towards noon, where the sun is at its zenith bathing the citrus tress of the vineyard’s orangery with it’s dazzling light.  The mood is optimistic because of the sheer radiance, glow and warmth of the sun.  Java patchouli and touches of moss meet with sweet and bitter orange, lemon and vivid mandarin.
Finally, The des Vignes takes us into dusk.  Notes of ginger, orange blossom and jasmine infuse the scent and transport us to the time when the blue and white lights of twilight appear and the warm sunshine drifts away from us.  This is a very sensual and subtle fragrance, with an air of romance and desire.

I find it very difficult to choose a favourite fragrance within the set.  I love the fresh and fruity afternoon scent of Zeste de Vigne, confirming my belief that I am an “afternoon person” however the twilight scent of The des Vignes, with the accompanying mood it puts me in, is also high on my list.  An air of romance and desire? Ooo absolutely….

Now, Blog Reader, Caudalie have kindly supplied me with a fragrance from the collection to give to one of you, as part of this, my very first blog giveaway competition.  All you need to do to take part is to write a comment below, describing your favourite time of the day and how you like to spend it. Don’t forget to leave me a contact email, too.

For example, my favourite time of the day is the afternoon, when I can spend some quiet time with Vogue magazine and a picnic at Conservatory Water in Central Park, soaking up the midday sun and watching the world go by…

This competition closes on Friday July 8th after which I shall pick the most inspiring entry as the winner, who will receive a prize of the fresh fragrance corresponding to their favourite time of the day.  The winner will also go forward into another contest where they will compete with winners from other fashion and beauty blogs, for the ‘grand’ prize of a Caudalie gift basket worth $250.

Apologies to non-US readers as this giveaway is only for those based in the USA.  I have more giveaways coming up this month, as a thank you for stopping by and reading StyleOnTheCouch. I reached an amazing 1000 followers on Twitter this week, something that deserves a celebration and a thank you to you all….

I was introduced to Caudalie by my Parisian-Lady-In-Manhattan, Anne, who has written extensively about the spa treatments Caudalie offered at The Plaza and who has turned me on to their skincare products.  I would like to say a big thank to her as well as to Mathilde and Caudalie USA for the invitation to their “Caudalie Fresh” evening on Friday.  The event was also an opportunity to try some of their amazing wine and eat cheese (two of my favourite pastimes!) and I loved learning about the new fragrances.  I am off to spritz myself with some The des Vignes, in the hope that my evening will be filled with romance and desire.  Oh one can dream, and one can most definitely smell wonderful …. !!

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8 Responses to A Walk Through The Vines with Caudalie USA

  1. My favorite time of the day is a weekend afternoon and I enjoy spending that time walking around town with my puppy and boyfriend sipping coffee.

    Thanks for the giveaway! xoxo

  2. mpchouchou says:

    What a lovely contest! I will definitely be on the look out for these fragrances to give a smell! I am in need of a delightful summer scent.

    My favourite time of day is morning. The day is ripe with possibilities- and you get to decide which direction you will take it in. I am also at my most productive in the morning (perhaps all the coffee?), so many ideas, fresh inspiration, things to plan, make, cook. If the energy and the plan last until after lunch, it is a keeper.

  3. Mélina Vanegas says:

    My favorite time of the day is twilight, when the moon starts coming out, the city gets bright, I get cozy on my couch with my iPad, and wait for my HBO series to start… 😉

  4. Michelle of Chellbellz says:

    My favorite time of the day is morning mainly Saturday Mornings. It’s that time when everybody in my house is half sleep and we make our way to the kitchen and talk over breakfast, and coffee, we use this time to talk about our week prior to since we all move around so much and get in a different times. I think it’s because it reminds me of Mornings at my grandmothers house when we all stayed over. I remember way back to grade school my mom would bring me over Friday night, we’d sleep over and then my grandmother would be up cooking us breakfast, and watching the Saturday news. She set the table, and we all ate and talked, and she zero’ed in or me since I was the baby. I took a lot of her traits when she passed away, and I’m always the one waking up first and cooking, then my mom wakes up, my aunt, and lastly my sister and then the cat runs in the kitchen if he hears a can opening because he thinks its cat food. We eat, talk and that’s the start of our weekend.

  5. LP says:

    I’d have to say late morning, early afternoon. It seems a vibrant time to me. Not the laziness that comes with early morning when you’re still partially asleep or late afternoon when you’re tired and too hot to move. But after your blood gets pumping, the sun is full but still not too hot. There’s an busy activity in the air, full of life, full of doing, that makes me feel like singing with joy. Smack dab in the middle of life happening.

  6. Loriib says:

    I can’t applay but I’d like to’ answer as well.
    My favorite part of the day is early Saturday morning when i can take a bus and go downtown. Shops Are still close, but bar already display brioche that Are great with an Italian cappuccino.

  7. My favorite time of day is after I wake up, take a shower, apply my make-up and then I FINALLY come up with the perfect outfit. I assemble it, and eat a delicious breakfast, and then it’s that magical moment of putting your feet to the streets. I love dressing up, and even more when an outfit transforms you, giving you that added sense of confidence when you know you’ve got it right.


  8. Ritournelle says:

    I hope it’s still time for me to join the party even though I’m quite late? In any case, you’re very welcome for the introduction! I’m so glad you love the brand as much as I do and that you got to go to the event at the spa 🙂

    I’ve been in spending time in France since Saturday and so far my favorite time of the day has been dinnertime. It feels so relaxing to get fresh products from the countryside where my parents live, open a cookbook, prepare the meal and share it with everyone along with a glass of wine while debating the latest news. (I must confess that being showered with compliments on my cooking abilities contribute to this being my favorite time of the day.)

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time at home as well! xx

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