Field Trip

I had a fabulous trip back home in the UK last week and one of the nicest parts was being back in the countryside.  I grew up in a small village and now I’m older I’m much more appreciative of the beauty of this kind of landscape.  I took several pics in “The Shire” as I call it – the first of this series shows you a new dress I bought from Dorothy Perkins, a UK brand who are impressing me with their shift dresses right now.

This cream dress attracted me because of its shape and the simplicity of the pleating around the neckline:

I think it’s perfect for summer garden parties as well as for work, when I’d probably pair it with a tan coloured belt and a blazer. Dorothy Perkins have some great summer dresses in right now – two favourites I picked out from their online catalogue are this beige one shoulder pleated dress and the yellow curve pocket dress:

l often rave about their shoes as well.  I was tempted by these coral court shoes at just £25, but I feared the excess baggage charge on my suitcase far too much.

Despite waiting until my trip home to shop with them, Dorothy Perkins ship to many international locations if you’re not in the UK to visit their stores.

Wearing: Cream dress from Dorothy Perkins.  Sadly I could not find the link to my dress online but you can browse all their dresses here. Shoes (just seen) ALDO Dwelle wedges.  Star necklace from Hallmark of Titchfield.

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31 Responses to Field Trip

  1. aww….looking so lovely! like a stylish girl in the country! xoxo

  2. Apryle says:

    This look is quite charming and as always so feminine!! Must look at Dorothy Perkins!

  3. I always love your outfits, really. This dress is so simple and clean that is just perfect (i TOTALLY agreed with you about how versatil it is!).
    The coral shoe made my mind, and i can’t believe is just 25 moneys! Oh and what about that beige dress? (L)

    Hope you had a great vacation! 😉

  4. Wow you look amazing, the last pic in particular is just stunning!

    And I’m such a big fan of the English countryside – if I’d live there I’d never ever leave again 🙂 Glad you had a great trip home! x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! The dress is beautiful and you chose the perfect theme and background to photograph the look. x

    • It did seem to work with the new background , didn’t it! So funny taking pics in the middle of nowhere though (apart from the dog walkers, I got a funny look from them….)

  6. LittleRus says:

    P.S. The fashiontitbits comment is from me, darling. Somehow it logged me in with my old wordpress account. Ops. x

  7. I love Dorothy Perkins! I have bought some tops from them, but this is inspiring me to check out their dresses now, too!!

  8. wow you look so beautiful in this dress! the simplicity of it is great

  9. Krystal says:

    wow these pics of you are BEAUTIFUL!

    • Krystal you are very sweet. So nice to get a new location on the blog – bored of my back yard for a while! Was funny taking pics in the field though, a couple of dog walkers gave me very strange looks!

  10. I love these photos! I grew up in a semi-rural area across the road from acres of horse paddocks and a national park and I definitely didn’t appreciate it! Another English countryside trip is definitely on the cards for me, it’s beautiful. Hope you had a fab time back home. De x

    • There is something about a greater appreciation for these things as we grow older. I remember I couldn’t wait to move to London because I didn’t think there was much to do where I lived, but now I go home and I just want to sit in the garden and do very little!!

  11. carly says:

    Love the neckline…and the soft fem vibe of the dress…suits you perfectly! And are your hands neatly tucked in pockets? I love pockets on dresses…makes them SO daytime wearable.
    Hope you had an amazing trip!
    Still loving the idea of partnering email me when you get settled back in NYC.

    • Carly – I’m still looking into a NJ trip and I’ll get back to you asap – I’m super tired from the travel, can I really still be on England time or have my friends and family worn me out?!

  12. RosaLovesDC says:

    Oh you look gorgeous on these pictures. The neckline is just stunning.
    It sounds like you had an amazing trip, I loved reading your occasional tweets from your visit home.

  13. Cee says:

    I’ve been growing tired of my usual shopping haunts lately, and I’m so impressed by the Dorothy Perkins items you’ve shown in this post, particularly those coral court shoes… I have my fingers crossed they ship to Canada! Hope you had a lovely time away 🙂

  14. Toni Yvonne says:

    Very charming, and you look gorgeous!
    I to am from the UK and lucky to be from a beautiful area, which I now truly appreciate on trips back home!
    Those coral court shoes are lovely! Fancy myself a pair ^_^


    • Hello and thank you for talking time to comment. I will have to check out your blog and see where you are from and perhaps are now living… this was my first trip back home, it was nice to be back amongst friends and family again but I did miss the NY heat!

  15. Lovely pictures ! I like the crossover pleats on the neck line of the dress & the cream colour is nice. Very nice rural English setting – (Almost as good a Wales 😉 haha)

  16. Aggie says:

    I love Dorothy Perkins! Their pieces are so simple and chic!

    The Shire is such a beautiful place! The photos are amazing 😉

    • It was funny to be taking pics in that field, but I used to walk past a lot as a child, when we walked our dog, so I like having the images on the blog. Thanks for visiting, Aggie xx

  17. Lorien says:

    Another treat from Dorothy Perkins that you wear so well. Love these photos, and glad you are enjoying being back in England for a while.

    Perfect for garden parties, picnics, frolicking in the sun, and the like! x

  18. Milla says:

    Oh SOTC, please tell me this is what you wore to help your dad in the allotment! You diva!!

    As a fan of the neutrals, I love this big time!

    Bonafide big city girl here but wow, village life looks straight out of a film. So relaxing, even from the pics!

    • Oh no I wouldn’t have been allowed near the allotment in this! I was wearing my Gap flares and a tee-shirt with the same wedges, and I was told in no uncertain terms to stay off the plot haha! BUT I did visit and my Dad is growing so many amazing things this year. I think it’s great he has so much energy to nurture it all. x

  19. everydayglamour says:

    I adore this dress on you! It really looks fantastic. It re-affirms my love of simple dressing!

  20. Kasia Dietz says:

    You look so at ease and simply, gorgeous! The countryside suits you 🙂

  21. Flara says:

    I like this picture the most, because the simplicity of this dress was combined with a beautiful landscape, gorgeous!!!

  22. Ritournelle says:

    I recognize your dress from our latest rooftop session! You wear it very well and I love its simplicity.

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