Friday Lingerie Lust: Marika Vera

I’ve selected a very feminine and sensual ‘Lingerie Lust’ this Friday, probably inspired by the steamy humidity in NYC.  I love the mood captured within the promotional images for these designs by Marika Vera and can’t wait to get my hands on one of these pieces that are due to hit stores in October.

I’m always interested in the philosophy behind lingerie designs.  Marika Vera, whose strapline is “better than naked” (I love this) speaks of high quality designs for the modern woman who seeks a natural approach to sensuality.  Delicate and minimalistic designs aim not to compromise the erotic elements of the garments – I think they have this spot on.

My favourite item from the 2012 collection is the Caroline stretch tulle bodysuit.  Made using 100% stretch silk satin straps, satin elastic binder and leather detail – that is one chic bodysuit I am coveting….

For further information on Marika Vera email

You can find lots of inspiration and quotes about femininity on her tumblr which I’m a big fan of for its collection of images about seduction, women’s freedom and power:

Would Marika Vera make it into your personal lingerie collection?

Photos by: Fabiola Zamora

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10 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Marika Vera

  1. LittleRus says:

    OMG how amazing!!! I love the first set and every single photo. Very tempting collection! x

  2. mpchouchou says:

    Lingerie lust- yay!! You really have done wonders for my lingerie education. I was just in Saks yesterday sifting through mark down La Perla and I have you to thank! I love the sheer romantic vibe of the top images from the new collection. The body suit look marvelous but I have an irrational fear of bodysuits (perhaps being a child of the 80’s has done this?). i have to work on this phobia.

  3. I love these even MORE than yesterdays. I’m a dancer and I LOVE bodysuits. I love the high waisted one featured in the first photo; so great for showing off out lady assets 😉

    Love these posts.

  4. love these! especially the 1st one! you are quite the lingerie lover!!

  5. Cee says:

    If you wanted to send some of the warm NYC weather to Vancouver, I wouldn’t mind at all- I have yet to have a single excuse to wear a bathing suit, never mind anything like these sweet nothings all summer 🙂 I always love these posts- you introduce me to the most interesting designers!

  6. everydayglamour says:

    I am such a bodysuit afficianado…they are so sexy and sophistocated, I think.
    You are the go-to lingerie expert. Love!!

  7. Anna says:

    I’m not even that into lingerie – but these pieces are to die for! xx


  8. CinZilicious says:

    WOW!! that’s some lovely lingerie! love the nude look to it! i love the first pic the best, looks sooo comfy and stylish!


  9. Ritournelle says:

    You had me with the first picture! I could definitely have this item in my wardrobe.

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