StyleOnTheCouch Loves: The Talks

I first stumbled upon The Talks on one of my favourite blogs Some Kind of Style.  The Talks is a fabulous new online magazine created by Sven Schumann and Johannes Bonke, focusing on interviews with cultural figures in the arenas of fashion, film, art and music. I asked the founders some questions about their thinking behind The Talks:

Q1: How did The Talks come about?
Sven: We have been friends since our early childhood. Over the past ten years we did interviews with various cultural figures of all kind. We were looking for a way of showcasing the highlights and came up with the concept of The Talks. We were aiming for a simple but elegant layout as well as an in depth but fast read.
Q2: How do you select interviewees for the magazine?
Sven: We try to find a good mixture of people who have influenced culture in their own special ways. People that matter.
Q3: Name two individuals you would simple love to feature on The Talks (living or dead) and tell us why…
Sven: Jack White, because in my eyes he is the most exceptional guitar player of recent times. 
Johannes: Keith Richards… I am sure that he has a lot to add to Mick Jagger’s comments about life which are already on our website.
My favourite interview from the magazine so far has been with Jack Nicolson, who is somewhat of an enigma to me.  This morning fashion is the focus and Tom Ford features, joining interviews with Valentino and Zac Posen within the fashion subset.  Do take some time to listen to these, as Sven and Johannes have a fabulous way of approaching interview questions with their own particular style (for example, Tom Ford’s interview begins with the question “Mr Ford, have you had a midlife crisis?)
Read more about The Talks here.
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7 Responses to StyleOnTheCouch Loves: The Talks

  1. they sound like a cool couple of guys!

  2. Cee says:

    These two sound so interesting, and I positively adore Tom Ford… Will have to read that interview. Thanks for sharing this intriguing new read with us 🙂

  3. Jessica :) says:

    These guys sounds so great… checking out “THe talk ” nowww !!! V

  4. Fun- I will totally be checking out their site. Sounds like they enjoy what they do and who wouldn’t love to ask fun questions of Tom Ford, Valentino and Jack? I’m sure everyone appreciates a fresh approach.

  5. Ritournelle says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I just had a look at their website and am jealous of these guys for interviewing all these fabulous people. And you are right: they have a way of starting the interviews that make them gripping right off the bat.

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