Psychological Theory

Last week Clothingline held a  Theory sample sale in NYC. Dresses were selling for just $45; leather at around $80 and tees for $30.  I read via my sample sale bible onthesly that the first day was crazy busy (given the prices, I’m not surprised!) and on the last day prices dropped even further.  I told myself I wasn’t going to attend this sale, I’ve never been a huge fan of Theory, I justified it this way and that blah de blah.  I think a lot of my reasoning about not liking Theory however is down to the pricing – at around $250 for dresses that seem plain and classic and whilst I admire the simplicity, I can’t quite bear to depart from my favourite Reiss for these kind of clothes as I know they fit me so well.

I explored the Fall collection by Theory online and came over all autumn/wintery all of a sudden – dying for layers, long sleeves, autumnal black and cosy sweaters.  Despite NYC’s hot and humid temperatures I admit I started to wonder if I should see what all the fuss was about….

Elle Magazine did a fantastic feature on Olivier Theysken’s Theory Fall line that you can read here –  Theyskens is the artisitic director of Theory and this Fall he brings us velvet, leather and cashmere with both 70s and 90s influences for his new range.

I found myself working round the corner from the sale on the second day.  Well, that was enough to tell me it was “fate” and led me to pop in during my lunch hour.

I’m very pleased that I did as I found this gorgeous long purple dress for just $45.  I feel like the modern equivalent of the ‘Milk Tray man’ in the dress (perhaps a UK only joke?) but I love the deep purple colour and the slightly sheer panels at either side of the dress give it an elegant evening feel.  I also picked up a flared black wool winter dress at the sale – I’ll feature it in the coming months on the blog.

My top picks from Theory right now are the Mcclaini wool dress and the Bramsy airmix sweater, below:

Wearing: Theory dress; gold heels (just seen) unknown; distressed gold belt from ASOS.

Anyone else in NYC hit the Theory sale?  Any thoughts on this brand? Also – is anyone else thinking of Autumn/Winter right now because whilst part of me felt insane for buying a wool black dress, part of me also felt justified and smug for planning ahead…..

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20 Responses to Psychological Theory

  1. Erin B. says:

    I love this dress! The color is perfectly flattering as well. Oh how I envy you and your readily available sample sales, lol!

    • Thanks for stopping by Erin. You are so right – NYC seems to have sample sales ALL the time! I’m really lucky that I have been able to attend so many. I’ve got some bargains… xx

  2. Cee says:

    Oh, how I wish I could have been at this sale, it sounds incredible! You just can’t go wrong with prices like that, and this dress is absolutely lovely on you. Theory is a bit out of my price range, but I’ve always admired their classic pieces. I’ve been thinking about fall clothes, too, but I can’t help feeling a bit silly. Warm weather has only just arrived in Vancouver, and everyone is starting to sell sweaters!

    • It’s so strange to me that the fashion calendar operates so far in advance! This morning I was in H&M buying a bikini for my trip to Cape Cod. I should refuse to look at knitted sweaters until at least Sept, I agree.

  3. You look fab! The dress is simple, but so perfect! And I’m in LOVE with that sweater :O! x

  4. LittleRus says:

    Beautiful find! Yet another great think about living in NY – samples sales. 🙂 I’m doing my best not to think of autumn/winter, but somehow I keep getting back these flashes of ideas and inspirations in my mind… I think my autumn wardrobe is pretty much sorted, but I would love to find a new bag in red wine colour to add something different to the black, grey and tans I’ve got now. x

  5. RosaLovesDC says:

    I wished I was in NYC for the Theory sale. Your dress is so gorgeous girl. I LOVE everything by Olivier Theysken at Theory. I think that hiring him at Theory after his capsule collection with them was a genius move.

  6. Lee Oliveira says:

    Loving this long maxi dress.. Beautiful colour too
    lee x

  7. This is just beautiful on you – love the color & the belt adds a nice touch!

  8. soanthro says:

    Love that plum color– gorgeous!!

  9. A simple maxi dress is one of my favourite things to wear in this heat. It’s easy, practical, somewhat cool, and effortlessly stylish. The colour is lovely on you and I have major belt envy. That’s a first!

  10. dempeaux says:

    I’ve always been a bit on the fence about Theory too. Nothing ever seems to jump out at me. Love that dress on you though. Great find!

  11. carly says:

    Love this maxi, the color…and especially love the longer is difficult to find a full length maxi sometimes…my analili one is quite long…but I have had to pass on others due to them being that weird just above the ankle length.
    Great score.

    • I know what you mean about that “weird” length – actually my French Connection skirt I posted recently is a little on this side of things, I have to be very careful with footwear. I love your analili one, I think the length there is just perfect. Oh I know so many of your clothes by name now!

  12. Lorien says:

    You look like a Grecian Princess with a deep purple twist. I have never attended a sample sale, they are far, and few between outside of London, and sadly I’m hardly ever in London. I think the closest you get to a sample sale where I live is with sheep, and that’s saying it all!

    You pull off the maxi dress well, and effortlessly. The dress doesn’t wear you, you wear the dress – just how it should be. x

  13. Ritournelle says:

    Absolutely love this dress on you, especially after seeing it for real and in movement. Once again, you are lucky I was not at this sample sale at the same time as you as I would have snatched it from your hands…
    You know I bought my winter coat already and personally I find it somewhat exciting to already have a new item that you’re dying to wear when fall comes.

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