Whistling In The Wind

I’m a big fan of Whistles at the moment.  They brought out their top selling “Carrie” skirt in red for autumn and their Pre Fall collection contains hints of the 60s as well as sharp tailoring, two big “wins” in my book.

These images were some of my favourite taken during my trip home to England a few weeks ago.  Those who follow me on Twitter will recognise the image below as my profile background I was so in love with the breezy photos that resulted from spending some time in the fields near my childhood home:

The black top here (Reiss) is clearly a summer favourite I’ve featured it on my blog several times of late.  It is perfect for the NY humidity, for oh-so-slightly-tanned-and-sexy shoulders and for looking smart and sassy as well as staying cool.  The skirt is a staple wardrobe item of mine from Whistles, I wear it a lot but for some reason I haven’t featured it on the blog before.  I love the tulip shape, the elasticated waistband (I used to hate these, now I love them – anyone else with me on elasticated waistbands??) and the silk fabric.  It makes me feel very womanly and shapely.

Wearing this skirt back in England reminded me to check out the Whistles collection.  It is a brand I tend to forget in the US as their stores are only in the UK, but of course they do international delivery.  Below are my some current favourites from their collection:

Above: Carrie pleated midi skirt in red.  Below: Juliana jumpsuit:

So, Blog Reader – do you love Whistles as much as me? US readers, do you know much about this brand?

Wearing: Black bandeau top (old season) from Reiss.  Skirt (also old season) from Whistles.

I’m now leaving Manhattan for a few days – heading to Boston and Cape Cod for a mini break, and catching up with Lani of MPChouChou and hopefully Lissy from A Girl In Boston whilst I’m away.  I’m looking forward to a few days of eating great seafood, drinking cocktails and heading to the beach.  See you on Friday as usual for Lingerie Lust, Blog Reader xx

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21 Responses to Whistling In The Wind

  1. chrissie says:

    I love your outfit : )

  2. Cee says:

    I recently discovered Whistles and fell in love. I have so many pleated skirts already, but I think I may need to add the Carrie to my collection 🙂 These photos of you are even more stunning than usual. How do you style your hair? It always looks amazing. Are your curls natural?

    • Hi Cee (did the lipstick arrive yet?) I heard that this Carrie skirt is also being brought out in leopard print for Autumn/Winter so watch out for it. My curls are indeed natural – I sometimes use rollers or straightening irons in the very humid weather (my curls are not a fan of this type of heat) but yes – naturally curly is me.

  3. Thats a great look – the bustier and skirt look fab together
    Have a great break !!

  4. You look a-ma-zing!!

    I love Whistles, but strangely enough I don’t think I own any piece of Whistles clothing yet! The Carrie skirt is so gorgeous, would love to have it, but I doubt it’d suit me.


    • Pleats are quite tricky to get right with certain body shapes I agree – but many of your outfit posts that I have admired have been with long skirts…. I have to say I think you can pull most things off!

  5. dempeaux says:

    I love Whistles! Great brand, but usually a bit on the pricey side. Great cuts and colours though. Love the photos!

  6. They’ve got the Carrie skirt in leopard print too! Posting about it this week xxx

  7. carly says:

    Looking beautiful as always…Love the little bit of skin peaking…perfect amount…sexy but oh so tasteful!
    and the background…I want to jump in the photos and skip around in the tall grass. Gorgeous.
    Enjoy the vacay.

  8. Lynzy says:

    Here you are teasing me with a shop that doesn’t exist here! You look gorgeous in the country side! What beautiful photographs!

  9. Mariah says:

    In love with that red skirt – I definitely feel a bit of a vintage vibe. I always make a point to stop into Whistles in Notting Hill when I am visiting London…

  10. Pamela says:

    I first learned of Whistles from the UK What Not to Wear. Their pieces look lovely! I have considered ordering a piece here or there from ASOS, as they carry a teensy amount of stock.

    I love that red skirt! They have a very similar skirt in navy at H&M but unfortunately I’m between sizes in it 😦

  11. they have got amazing stuff, pity not over here, yet! 😉 you look fabulous! love love the 80s inspired bustier top! xoxo

  12. Oh I could TOTALLY see you in that jumpsuit!!

  13. RosaLovesDC says:

    First, you look fabulous in this outfit. Second, thank you for introducing me to this brand. I haven’t heard of it but I am loving that pleated skirt.

  14. Lorien says:

    One of my favourite outfits from you, loved this photo since I first saw it. You pull it off really well. Love the contrast of the harsh black against your perfect complexion, and the juxtaposition of the fields, and country in the background.

    Whistles is great for women, I wish they did menswear – there really aren’t enough menswear stores, or choice! x

  15. Krystal says:

    i’ve never heard of that brand! that is a zexy dress!!

  16. I’ve never heard of Whistles. I’ll need to check them out. You look GORGEOUS in your photos. And that countryside is amazing! I bet it was nice to be back in nature after living in the city!

  17. Ritournelle says:

    i first heard of Whistles when our friend Dearne from Notting Hill Girl posted about her skirt challenge. Interesting brand; I like the 60s vibe!

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