Friday Lingerie Lust: Between The Sheets

Between The Sheets is a gorgeous and highly flattering mix of lingerie and lounge wear created by designer Layla L’obatti.  Working in partnership with her boyfriend and business parter Josh, together this design team have fashioned beautiful intimates.

I want to highlight the two Between The Sheets collections that are new for Fall 2011.  Firstly, the Arabesque collection (pictures above) a mix of satin, silk, lace folds and velvet bows, timeless pieces inspired by the golden era of film. The description of Arabesque also captures the influence of both Eastern and Western cultures on the design, designs created for the modern woman with her ever shifting desires…

“There once was a girl who danced on the sand… on a midnight rendezvous with her lover in a foreign land…”

My favourite colours in this collection are the bold blues and the creamy whites.  I love that many of the items have a modern feel with a vintage twist – I was lucky to have the opportunity to preview Arabesque recently, where the satin lace and stretch velvet bralette and pants caught my eye, here below:

The second new collection for Fall is Phoenix.  I was so taken with the photoshoot for Pheonix; the feather lace and mesh designs are shown in a very natural setting:

Phoenix is for me a very versatile and easy to wear collection.  My favourite pieces here are the high waisted pants and the bodysuits, but even the lace leggings won me over, I think they could easily be worn on on a lazy weekend, to pilates… countless opportunities spring to mind…

I urge you, Blog Reader, to check out the Between The Sheets website to view all the collections because I am certain you will find one to suit you, your needs and also your personality! You can find a list of stockists here, but if you have any questions then drop Layla an email via her website – I find her so enthusiastic about her designs it’s quite infectious (I’m sure she’ll point you in the direction of some fabulous lingerie) and my love for her creations is growing all the time.

Thoughts on Between The Sheets, Blog Reader?

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7 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Between The Sheets

  1. Neris says:

    I love this! such a great collection!

    Happy Friday!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Jimmy says:

    Really nice collection, understated and elegant

  3. loving the blue set you found! happy friday!!

  4. I am in love with the satin and lace bralette and short set. That is just deco fabulousness with all kinds of mixed materials. I was wondering when you would feature BTS in one of your Friday features!! I have you to thank for turning me on to Layla and her wonderful designs!

  5. Lovely! I really like the blue set with the white lace.

    Btw, you got me to a point where I immediately think ‘Friday Lingerie Lust’ whenever I see underwear!

  6. dempeaux says:

    I love the lacey knickers in the last pic. Gorgeous!

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