Electric Blue Edit

There are a couple of reasons I’m writing this post.  Firstly, cropped tops were a hot topic on the recent #stylechat discussion on Twitter, led by one of my favourite online platforms for fashion, beauty and style advice: Stylecaster.  The initial question was this:

“Cropped tops, a do or don’t?  Wear a shirt underneath or let it all hang out?” KaraWeik

Comments that arose:

“Depends on your body lol” Stylecaster
“I def think that crop tops are for a certain age group. Cool for younger ladies to wear for night life or a playful Saturday.” HauteWife
“There’s a time and place for a great many things though I can’t find a reason to ever wear a crop top” OffMyRedCarpet
” I love crop tops! Just wear them over a high-waisted skirt and you’re good to go” AnnaRice23

There were also a lot of comments about how the look appears if the belly button was shown (cheap? Cute?).  So I’m (um daring, perhaps stupidly) to post this look here to get some further feedback on the issue.  Do you wear cropped tops Blog Reader? It’s no secret I am a fan as I’ve posted them before.  Is it a question of personal style? Do you need to have a certain body shape to wear one? Does the exposure of a belly button cheapen the look? Male Blog Readers (I know you are out there) please chip in too!

The second reason for witing this post it to tell you all about TopShop‘s Edited picks.  Back in July you’ll recall I raided the TopShop Oxford Circus mega-store for some new summer items.  One of the tops I bought, that I have been wearing non stop ever since, is this blue loose fit cropped tee.

This tee formed part of TopShop’s Edited collection back in July. Edited is a hand selected pick of the TopShop collection, curated by different stylists and designers.  Kate Shillingford is currently curating the Edited collection online – Katie is editor of Dazed and Confused magazine, she caught my attention lately when she hit the fashion headlines with her spectacular Gareth Pugh wedding gown, (accompanied by pink hair, no less!):

Whilst my tee is very basic, I love the Edited picks for their mix of everyday items, statement pieces and must-haves.  Be sure to check the collection out some time, you might be surprised with what you find.

My favourites from Katie’s Edited picks are below:

As for my pictures: I’m wearing: tee from TopShop. Flares from Gap, as before.

So – cropped tops are the hot issue of today.  Please discuss.

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17 Responses to Electric Blue Edit

  1. Neris says:

    I like this top on you! I agree, it can look cheap but you are rocking it!

    Happy Monday!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Michelle says:

    Definitely thumbs up for crop tops. I wish I had the stomach to wear them. You look amazing Sarah.

  3. LittleRus says:

    I used to wear cropped tops when I was about 14-15. 🙂 And I don’t really mind or dislike this style – I think it’s a very personal thing. I wouldn’t wear anything cropped simply because it’s not at all me, but it looks good on you and you have a perfect figure for it, so why not? x

  4. Reena says:

    Wow that shade of blue looks fantastic on you! I love crop tops but tend to wear a top underneath unless I’m wearing something very high waisted.

  5. lissy says:

    The crop top looks wonderful on you! I, however, could never pull it off. I say if you’ve got it, flaunt it!!

  6. Thumbs up for cropped tops depending on flat tummy and age! My girls wear them and love them in summer! I personally love electric blue or cobalt as I call it, there are some fab shoes in the Dune sale with my name on them!

  7. Marissa says:

    I’m always jealous when I see girls rocking crop tops because I just don’t have the belly for it. So the answer is yes, I love them, just not on me. LOL

  8. OMG— when you have a slammin’ body like yours, YES! 🙂 xoxo kiki

  9. you look so amazing in your crop top! you can definitely rock this look better than most people with your tiny waist!!! fab color too:)


  10. I agree with those who say it depends on your body type. You happen to look cute in it because there’s not a trace of a muffin top or love handles. But I’ve also seen some less fortunate crop top decisions over the summer…

  11. I really like the crop top look, and you look fab !!! I love the colour as well – so vibrant.
    I think the crop top look only works for v. slender body types like you, and its great to see.
    Gets my vote !!

  12. Cee says:

    I think the crop top debate mainly boils down to comfort and confidence. You have to feel good about your body to even consider exposing your midriff… but even if you do, sometimes you simply don’t feel comfortable being that exposed. I count myself in that category; I’ve never even liked bikinis and remain a one-piece-swimsuit devotee, so crop tops are a definite no for me. But I love the way they look on others, and the blue of yours is just gorgeous!

  13. carly says:

    Well if we all looked like you in a crop top……
    I think they are a “do” as long as you pair it w something that balances out the look…like a pair of great conservative flared jeans (as you have) or a classic skirt…that needs to be the ONE sexy thing you have going on for it to work (for me anyway)…..I don’t wear them often anymore since having my lil man…BUT I never say never….lol.

  14. Ritournelle says:

    I would never, ever wear a crop top though you handle it very well. The secret is a flat stomach — I suppose you can thank Tracy?

  15. Kelly says:

    Sometimes i wear cropped tops w/o a tank underneath, but it really depends where I’m going and with who.


  16. Normally not the biggest fan of the crop top but you make it work! I think the key is that you kept the look totally clean and simple, the minimal jewelry really helps as well. Lovely as always!

  17. dempeaux says:

    I don’t wear crop tops because I always feel odd that my tummy is exposed! Unless I’m at the beach of course. Love this top (and colour) on you though, and I have to have those jeans!

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