StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Morgan Carper

This morning Morgan Carper presented her new collection in the vast warehouse space above Chelsea Market, Manhattan.  A glance at the colour palette of black, nude, pastel pinks and creamy off-whites for her Spring Summer 2012 designs revealed to me that Morgan Carper is a woman after my own heart.   Designing out of her studio in Brooklyn, Carper takes inspiration from her travels across native America, India, Asia and beyond and creates practical and wearable styles that are chic yet effortlessly edgy

Most appealing to me about the collection here is the balance she strikes between clothing that is classic in style but also bold – through draping and asymmetrical hem lines and with the addition of sequin detail she achieves a highly modern look.  My favourite piece was the dress with a deep v front and fringed flapper style skirt overlay (top image, second from the left).  A close second was this nude dress with some sparkle delicately framing the bust – slide slits were an added detail that allowed the dress to move in a flowing, graceful fashion;

Many off the off-white dresses retained elements of Morgan’s Spring 2011 collection: smart design and careful crafting.  The silhouette of the silk dress below was beautiful – I love the day to night appeal of this, despite it being a very relaxed look

A new designer to me, I left preview full of love for her work.  Previous collections can be found on her website – do have an explore, Blog Reader! Do you like her new designs?

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25 Responses to StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Morgan Carper

  1. carly says:

    OK…I can picture you wearing pretty much ANY of those designs..totally YOUR kind of collection. Soft and feminine…I loved each look more than the next. heading over to the site..this is a new “to me” designer as well!
    Love discovering new collections…thanks for sharing.
    Hopefully she retails somewhere around here.

    • I was checking out stockists this morning – sadly quite limited, I would recommend contacted the designer direct if you are really interesting in her designs. I thought the collection was so suited to my style and I really want to own a piece in the future. I love finding new designers….

  2. oh yes – these are lovely designs and great colours
    Love the top on the right in second picture & the two dresses in the last picture look divine

    • A couple of my male friends also liked the creamy/white dresses – I’d love to invest in a piece for myself, depending on which designs go into production…. thanks for visiting the blog again Mr Paul x

  3. Cee says:

    I am so impressed by the things that Morgan Carper does with sequins! Somehow she manages to make them look delicate and understated, which is no small feat 🙂 What a gorgeous collection!

  4. lissy says:

    Love her designs, am thrilled to be introduced to a new designer AND I can totally see you in just about everything in her line!!!

    • Well that is good to know and I’m very pleased that you can see my style matching up with her designs. I’m going to keep an eye on this collection and the items that go into production so I can think about investing in one. Don’t you think she would have been great at Gen Art, too?

  5. Ritournelle says:

    i love the color palette and the simple feminine designs. Thanks for making us discover this emerging designer!

  6. That deep v sequined dress is amazing. The whole collection’s really sophisticated and fun- great coverage!

  7. LittleRus says:

    So many pieces I love! Thank you for the intro and photos, darling. What a wonderful opportunity to actually see everything live.
    Wishing you a great week!

    P.S. The movie was good and very much a girly movie. Oh, and before I forget, I spotted a bra I know you mentioned on your blog some time ago (or possibly even wore it to gym – it was when you tweeted a photo) on one of the girls in the movie. 🙂 Made me think of you straight away. 🙂

  8. Jennyphoria says:

    Oh, beautiful! I love the palette – soft and feminine – but in a style that’s a little more edgy. I’m definitely putting this designer on my list. Thanks for the head’s up!

  9. Great collection!! With a simple and highly well thought design she made amazing clothes (BTW, my favorite palette of colors) with a great versatility!!


    BTW.. YOU’RE TOTALLY SURE ABOUt THE CHANEL VIDEO! Everyone wanna do a video like that now, but the CC style is a little off! ;D

  10. georgeprnyc says:

    Great post on a gorgeous collection! x

  11. Love your post on one of my favorite designers and dear friends! Morgan is the real deal and it’s so nice to see her work meet new fans!

  12. Kate says:

    Oh, wow! I completely love this collection!

  13. This is such a gorgeous collection! I love the soft colors– I think they really let you see the person. 🙂 Kiki

    • Agreed. The combination of the pinks and the blacks is very “me”, she also had some bolder orange-coloured prints but the dresses were also soft and very feminine. I’d buy all of it if I could afford it!!

  14. That’s a very beautiful collection! From the cuts to the colours and textures, it’s all so pretty and wearable.

  15. mtadams1208 says:

    I like her designs very much – I love the clean, basic style in any color palette – hers is so feminine!

  16. LOVE her designs. I seriously need to win the lotto. You had me at sheer sequins and nude leather.

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