New York Fashion Week Diary Part III: Gen Art

On Friday night Gen Art hosted their annual Fresh Faces in Fashion catwalk show. I attended the event with my fellow bloggers from Boston (with a special thank you to Marissa for arranging my ticket) and we took our seat to watch emerging designers (six womenswear, one menswear) present selected items from their collections.  Previous years have seen the likes of Zac Posen, Milly, and Phillip Lim on the Gen Art stage, so I was very excited to see so many rising stars of the future together on the catwalk.

Jennifer Chun was a favourite of mine on the night.  Highly wearable designs: some tailoring, blocks of colour; the occasional splash of neon and some unique patterns – she was a breath of fresh air on the catwalk. My friend Lani has written a great review of Chun’s Fall/Winter collection here which shows more of Chun’s signature style.  Born in Korea and raised in the US, Chun’s design aesthetic to me is all about adding feminine touches to tomboy-ish features, whilst retaining a polished, classic look

A second standout collection was from Eighteenth.  A more ethereal look, the collection was unique – sheer blouses, draped, descending hems… romantic and modern

(Pictures below from Eighteenth’s blog)

Here is a full list of those who presented items from their new collections on the night. Keep an eye on these designers, I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot of them in the future!!

Jennifer Chun; Eighteenth; Ann Yee; William Okpo; Sunghee Bang; Ace & Jig and Baron Wells.

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15 Responses to New York Fashion Week Diary Part III: Gen Art

  1. chichichic! says:

    stunning collection, i love the flowy white pieces!

  2. Molliee says:

    greata collection by Eighteenth! I really like the ethereal vibe as you called it! So dreamy and romantic but still modern:)

  3. Marie says:

    It looks like gray is the new black! 🙂

  4. Marie says:

    By the way – totally following you!



  5. Style Souk says:

    Ethereal is a wonderful word to sum the Eighteenth collection… and perhaps also, transporting.

    I could almost imagine myself promenading in the South of France and not, as awful reality would have it, shivering in rainy and bitterly cold London.

    This blog, your life, seems to get better and better since the move to New York. I’m so happy for you, Sarah!


    • I am quite sure that doing freelancing and part time work as my Psychology license is sorting, is allowing me time for more adventures, but I do love that. I like having more time to post too. Transporting is an interesting description – the music that accompanied the Eighteenth set was true to the era – and so there was much to “transport” you back to that time and understand what the designers were trying to create.

      Thanks for visiting and oh dear, I hope London is not as dreary as it sounds, I shall be back one day 🙂

  6. I was completely unaware of Gen Art until you told me. Looks like a very good thing, especially considering that NY lags behind London somewhat when it comes to fostering new talent.

  7. Ritournelle says:

    I had no idea these established designer’s had been discovered through this show!

  8. Cee says:

    I love the look of the collection from Eighteenth NYC! How intriguing to think that some day they, or another of the designers you saw at this show, might a household name 🙂

  9. Well, following Jennifer, whom you know I rank up there as #1, Eighteenth has to be a close second. I just loved the whole vibe of the GenArt show. Fresh designs, great space and crowd. I want to make this an annual event.

  10. The Eighteenth Collection looks really nice – Unusual & slightly different – I like the four outfits on the top row of pictures – I’m a fan of asymmetry!

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