London Fashion Week: Topshop Unique

I’m sad to be missing London Fashion Week, therefore very happy to have this guest feature for StyleOnTheCouch written by my friend and fellow fashion blogger Anna of South Molton Street Style on the new collection from Topshop:

Topshop Unique

I’m very excited to be writing this post for Sarah, who has been a true support for me as a new blogger this year.  This is my first fashion week as a fully fledged blogster and despite the overwhelming amount of outfits, shows and content to look at – it’s very, very exciting.  One of the most stylish shows so far has to be the clever guys at Topshop, launching their Unique range for SS12

 The show took place at the former Eurostar (London to Paris train) terminal in Waterloo, which was a perfect choice – combining the tradition of the Topshop name with the modern, edgy and bold Unique range. The guests flooded in via an escalator into the venue, Topshop is a big name both sides of the Atlantic.  The F-Row said it all; Naomi Campbell decked out in McQueen, Anna Wintour in Erdem and Olivia Palermo working her ‘frail but feisty’ look as only she can do so well.

Images from InsideOut, Topshop’s blog

Inspiration for this range?  Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra.  Karen Bonser, Creative Director, took the opulence and glamour of the Egyptian Queen and imagined her in urban London. (I also think they presumed she’d be into the hip-hop scene too, judging by the visors and sportsluxe pieces).  The result?  Fabulous.

The brand seemed to lean on three central trends; bondage, sportsluxe and metallics – with hints of romance and Grecian thrown in.  Oversize sweats, visors and sweat pants in vibrant prints ticked the ‘Sportsluxe box,’ – various bodycon pieces and leotards did the same for bondage and pretty much every look, including the make up had something gold and shiny in it. 

Overall, Topshop Unique is retro, powerful and magnetic.  If Cleopatra bred with the Fresh Prince – their offspring’s look would have mirrored some of the outfits worn by the models at the show…  Fantastically brilliant, and even more amazing – its high street.  Prices start from £25.  Hooray!

You can follow Anna on Twitter here.
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16 Responses to London Fashion Week: Topshop Unique

  1. I follow South Molton Street Style as well, its a small blogging world!

  2. RosaLovesDC says:

    Oh these photos are fabulous!

  3. Wow I do truly love the ecclectic eccentric vibe going on here 🙂 very unique!

  4. Marie says:

    What fun fantasy pieces! I’m all down with the bling bling gold 🙂

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  5. Molliee says:

    the cleopatra theme is stunning and loving the gold accents!!!

  6. Lady bonbon says:

    Love the hairstyling! The clothes are as amazing of course 🙂

  7. Ritournelle says:

    To be honest, I’m not a fan of the clothes. But the makeup and hair for the show? A-ma-zing. It’s like wearing jewelry in your hair instead of around your neck and it goes well with that pure face.

  8. Cee says:

    Wow! These looks are light years beyond how I think of Topshop, some are them are really amazing. And the hair and make-up is beyond gorgeous!

  9. hanna says:

    sorry, but I could not concentrate on the clothes, no matter how hard I tried – all their models look younger than 15 yo … weird.
    Great blog though!

  10. Great photos and coverage of the show, Anna! Closer crops really make all the difference. I was kinda meh about the collection after seeing it on but when you zoom in you can actually see how good it is. And that hair, oh my Goodness the hair!

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