StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Fashion By Feelings

Since working with a textile manufacturing company for a short while here in the US, I’ve become more interested in the fabrics that I wear, their eco-friendliness and the way they feel on my skin.  I was approached by Woolmark’s We Love Wool campaign recently to add an outfit to their Fashion By Feelings lookbook.  Ahem, fashion by feelings?! I was (of course) straight there…..

The campaign promotes the natural, biodegradable and renewal properties of wool such as Australian Merino wool, an entirely natural fiber.  It is also a global street style contest whereby posting a look as well as voting for favourite looks may lead you to win a fabulous prize:

One wool item I have been wearing a lot since the weather has turned cooler in New York City is my bracelet sleeve jacket from the Banana Republic Mad Men collection by Janie Bryant.  I love wearing this jacket with my Gap legging jeans – a perfect Fall outfit

I posted this look under the nostaglic collection (what else?) on the Fashion by Feelings website – other emotions listed on the site are as follows: powerful, natural, loved, happy, seductive, active, beautiful and dark.  Do you have a an outfit or piece of clothing made me wool that inspires you to feel any of these things? Time to post your look, Blog Reader!!

Wearing: Heels, Dorothy Perkins; Jeans, Gap; Jacket, Banana Republic.

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11 Responses to StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Fashion By Feelings

  1. chichichic! says:

    great jacket, i love the silhouette in this outfit!

    • I got this jacket from the launch of the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic – whilst I would normally have gone for the 50/60s style dresses, I was so taken with this jacket I thought I should get it. I’ve worn it countless times, I think it’s perfect for Fall.

  2. lissy says:

    This is a great look on you, perfect for fall!

  3. you look gorgeous! i just love this beautiful “fall look!” that bracelet sleeve jacket is just perfect with the gap jeggings!! 😉 😉
    xo ~ ks

  4. Ritournelle says:

    I love the length of the sleeves on your jacket. So chic!
    I’m a huge fan of cashmere and never fail to stop at an Eric Bompard store when in Paris (the brand is featured in Inès de la Fressange’s Parisian Chic). So I suppose wool makes me nostalgic in a way.

  5. Cee says:

    I love the Fashion by Feelings campaign, I just wish I weren’t allergic to wool! I love the look you’ve put together, though, the structured jacket with those perfect skinies and sky-high heels is absolute perfection- I’d love to wear it myself 🙂

  6. I haven’t heard of this campaign– how cool! And I LOVE this outfit… so simple and polished. LOVE!

  7. dempeaux says:

    Great jacket that supports the wool industry? I’m all over this one 😉

    Lamington would approve!

  8. Kate says:

    You look fantastic as always. I hope you win the contest! 🙂

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