Capsule (Women) New York City

This week Capsule Show held its womenswear event in New York City.  A fashion and lifestyle trade show bringing together independent designers and contemporary brands from around the world to showcase their collections to US buyers, Capsule introduced me an exciting mix of styles.  Held in a stacked (and packed!) building in the Meatpacking district with a delightful cafe on the roof, there was plenty to see…

Some preview shots here:

The reason I attended Capsule was in the hope of finding new brands to share with you on the blog.  I was not disappointed, I left the show full of excitement (as well as with a revised, longer wish list of coveted items) for the designers I was introduced to at the event.

Above: Tom Gunn shoes. Get. In. My. Closet.  Below: designs from myPetsQaure.

Below: Heidi Merrick

Finally: drawn to the simplicity of Hyden Yoo

I plan to post about my favourite brands / designers when I return from my holiday in California (I’ll be away and taking a ‘blog break’ Sept 24th – Oct 10th), but if you should be reading this from Europe and are interested in attending the show, Capsule comes to Paris Oct 1-3rd.  Details here.

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6 Responses to Capsule (Women) New York City

  1. Molliee says:

    I love the simplicity of the last dress as well! I am excited to hopefully meet up in LA!

  2. It looks like such an exciting event! The floral prints are really calling my name!


  3. dempeaux says:

    Looking forward to your next posts! Great pictures!

  4. Events like these are always such fun – and aren’t those chairs so fabulous?! Loving that long yellow dress.

  5. Ritournelle says:

    I had no idea Capsule was in Paris as well. I went to a similar event in Paris last year and it was really inspiring to see all these emerging designers and interact with them to know more about their inspirations. Something you can’t do once they get famous 😉

  6. Heidi Merrick’s clothes were so lovely! That, Tom Gunn and the Celine-sque dress with the leather top were my most memorable moments of the fair.

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