Getting My Kicks…

I hit Route 66 on my recent road trip in the stretch between Arizona and California.  A lunch time stop in the colourful town of Seligman, Arizona at the ‘Copper Cart’ cafe was in order.  With its pastel Cadillacs and cheerful road signs, Seligman gave me the perfect opportunity to throw on my black dress from Factory by Erik Hart (I love the black and white theme of this brand; here are some of my favourite designs from his Fall collection:)

and accessorize with my new pink sunglasses from Anthropologie during a walk around the town…

Seligman was a trip back in time, from the days when Route 66 was the Main Street of America.  What used to be an important railroad stop is now a rather fun if touristy attraction with cute coffee shops like the Snow Cap Drive In and plenty of motels.

I ‘got my kicks’ and went, but it was fabulous to spend a little time on historic route 66!!

Wearing: Dress from Factory by Erik Hart; Sunglasses from Anthropologie. Sandals, Shiekh.

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17 Responses to Getting My Kicks…

  1. What fun!! Route 66 runs right through my hometown- So I loved that you you took the time! You lbd was just perfect!

  2. Neris says:

    Looking great hun! And how cute are your glasses??? 🙂 LOVE!


    Fashion Fractions

  3. soanthro says:

    That is the cutest photo of you!! Would love to make that trip some day

  4. Amanda says:

    Love your sandals! What a fun place to take great photos!

  5. Molliee says:

    the dress is simple and perfect! Of course the glasses give it a nostalgic twist! love these photos – thanks for sharing;)

  6. LittleRus says:

    This is one great trip! You look amazing.

    And girl, I’m so jealous! Route 66 made me remember the Cars Movie ^^

    BTW, great sunnies 😀


  8. Cor This posts just hits me on so many levels.. Thats a great look you have there – the simple black dress, with no jewellery – under-statement just says so much, and the sun glasses are superb – very 1950’s.
    Just love the Ford Edsel – I believe it was a pretty unpopular car in its day – You can just imagine how well a salmon pink one must have gone down in the 50’s.
    Then there is the cafe with all the agricultural multi colour ‘junk’ lying around – that is wonderful – I could spend all day there just rummaging around . All this on the famous Route 66 and then just for the icing on the cake there’s a BSA motorcycle – probably USA built but, like Ozzy Osbourne is very loud, upset lots of parents and originates from Brum
    Well I’m happy – thank you.

  9. carly says:

    Adorable pics, of course you look fabulous…LOVE that simple black dress and those flat sandals are so chic.

  10. Cee says:

    I’ve never been down Route 66, but there’s something about it that always does seem very romantic and nostalgic, like the America we all saw in movies growing up might really exist there 🙂 Those pink Anthropologie sunglasses are the perfect match for a location like that, so vintagey and fun and also the perfect shape for your lovely face!

  11. Aggie says:

    Route 66 sounds fun and nostalgic in a way!

    And those sunglasses are adorable!

  12. Reena says:

    Wow your trip looks so fun. The pictures don’t look like they were taken in 2011, they look like they’re from the 80s or something

  13. Been watching Route 66 on TV with Billy Connelly. Adore your sunglasses! x

  14. Looks like a fun stop along the way! I adore the simple but chic black dress paired with those fabulous sunglasses.

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