A Grand and Splendid Adventure…

I spent two days in the Grand Canyon on my recent travels and as expected was blown away by the views from the South Rim. Nothing prepares you for the vastness and beauty of the chasm – it’s 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and one mile (1.6km) deep.

I spent two nights at Yavapi Lodge in Grand Canyon Village, the hub that connects you with the shuttle buses that take you to key view points around the South Rim.  The best views can be found along Hermits Rest Road, with Hopi and Powell Point being my favourites at sunset.  When the sun fades, the colour of the Canyon changes dramatically, with the shadows contrasting with the warm red and golds of the light

The sunset walk between Powell Point at the Village was well paved and fairly effortless to trek around.  Lucky since I wanted to wear another of my favourite casual and throw on dresses that evening, a grey dress from Splendid which is both uber fitted and uber comfortable. I could live in this dress, I tell you.

On my wrist is the Savoy bracelet from JewelMint. I don’t usually accessorize much but I make an exception for this – I love the style and how snug it sits on my wrist.


Wearing: Grey dress from Splendid. Sunglasses Nine West. Bracelet from JewelMint.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, Blog Reader! xo

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33 Responses to A Grand and Splendid Adventure…

  1. Claire says:

    Glad you found me – breathtaking shots and i love the simple perfect outfits – will be back x


  2. Dempeaux says:

    I love that dress! So great for travelling, and looks so chic!

  3. What a stunning view and look!

  4. SOOOO gorgeous! I’ve never been … have only seen it from a plane and it was breathtaking from there so I can only imagine what it would be like to see it up close! Have a lovely week, sweets!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
    This Week: “Pink Champagne Bubbles”

  5. Molliee says:

    this is truly breathtaking! I also love your basic dress with those fierce flat sandals!


  6. Oh my … the Grand Canyon. I visited myself a year or so ago … the pictures are lovely but to be there in person is spectacular! What a lovely little adventure you’ve had yourself. Love that bracelet … it fits you perfectly! 🙂

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  7. Great pictures , no…, stunning pictures – Love the dress: it looks gorgeous, and the pictures of the GC , well they are amazing.
    Billy Connelly has just had a 4 part road trip along route 66 and did coverage of the GC – its an amazing phenomenon !!!
    I do love the last picture with you sitting casually against that backdrop. Wonderful.
    P. :0)

  8. LittleRus says:

    You look so beautiful and very chic. The dress is gorgeous.
    Thank you for the story and photos of GC. I wish I could be there because I think it’s virtually impossible to imagine what it’s like in reality, the massiveness (is there such a word?) of it.
    Thank you for your warm words on my Saturday post. I wish crying helped, but it doesn’t work in this case, unfortunately. Oh, well… I’ll survive. As you could see I got myself some “healing foods” in a form of scrumptious muffins. 😉 So am alright, getting there.

  9. oh my goodness, i loved this. these pictures are so beautiful. and loving the jewelmint bracelet. i just got a slew of jewelmint pieces. I’m going to be doing a whole jewelmint feature on thursday, you must check it out. I hope you had an amazing weekend, love. Thanks for sharing these amazing shots. I attended a store launch party in Vegas this weekend, love if you’d check out the post. xo


    • Hi Anna thanks for stopping by – the trip was the most amazing two weeks… I saw some fabulous places, I really did. I will indeed visit your blog this weekend. Thanks so much for your comment xo

  10. Cee says:

    These photos are absolutely spectacular. The Grand Canyon is on my very long list of must visit places, and it’s always nice to have a reminder of why. I love that you wore a dress for part of the trip, too. It just proves that there’s no reason comfort and fashion can’t go hand in hand 🙂

  11. Cecylia says:

    wow breathtakingly beautiful- the view from the top is amazing you look so practical but chic as well!!!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  12. you look gorgeous!! i love your simple grey dress and the sandals!! oh and these photos are just amazing!! 😉 😉
    xo ~ kristina

  13. mtadams1208 says:

    I am glad your enjoying your tour of the states this year!!! Awesome, isn’t it?

  14. Cupcake says:

    Pictures just don’t do it justice do they? Once in a lifetime (more if you are lucky)!

    • You are so right Cupcake. The first time I saw the view, wow. Nothing else on the holiday could really beat it, but Death Valley was a different kind of wow. It was an amazing trip. So good to see you back here again :-))

  15. Just gorgeous. Thank scenery, the dress, the bracelet, stunning. This trip is something that has been on our short list for many years….and I would love to plan this after seeing these gorgeous shots.

  16. mymy says:

    NIce pics! the last one is beautiful ! Love the grand canyon, its such an amazing place ..


  17. issa tchieu says:

    have no idea! but thanks! i will go check it out 🙂 U have an interesting blog coverage!
    Great to have known u 🙂 Have a good one!

  18. Minette says:

    your simple style in your trips are so cool and refreshing…this is something like i would want to wear to…nice blog… teehee 🙂

  19. Ritournelle says:

    Such a stunning landscape. You’re so lucky to have seen this with your own eyes!

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