Friday Lingerie Lust: Made by Noemi

Made by Noemi is the label of Swedish based lingerie and accessories designer Noemi Ivanova.  She first came to my attention for her collection ‘in the colour shadow of Edward‘, inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper, my favourite artist.  In this collection Noemi gives Hopper’s cool colours and dark shadows a distinctly feminine and 1940s vibe using pleats, flounces and fabrics with a second hand feel

All the collections from Made by Noemi feel very different but actually they follow the same styles each season.  Above: a photo of the Steve McQueen inspired ‘under the British sun lay the stars‘ collection (see, how can I not love this label?!)

Designs are both beautiful and comfortable:

“With Made by Noemi I want to create underwear which is both comfortable and beautiful. My belief is that you shouldn’t have to compromise in this area. It is possible to be both beautiful and comfortable, so why not be?”

The recently launched ‘my darling magpie‘ (picture below) is a striking collection inspired by the determined beauty of the bird:

“I decided to dedicate this collection to this beautiful bird, which has such a changing personality. After also having read that magpies, despite living on their own, can get organized in a group to achieve a common goal, the theme for the collection was obvious: I have always had a soft spot for determined independent beauties who follow their own minds.
For the collection ‘My darling Magpie’ I started with the colors of the magpie and the added strong colors for that instant eye-catching appeal. ‘My darling Magpie’ is a beautiful woman who’s not embarrassed owning her own space and diverting from the norm. She’s headstrong, and only she knows what her next step or infatuation will be, but one thing is for sure: it sparkles”

Noemi’s Russian roots break through in her collection “from Russia with love” (picture above)

“This time the inspiration come from the mid 1890’s Russia. The young czar is newlywed and, together with his new wife, presents us with the perfect love story. Young, beautiful, and very much in love, they dress up for each other in gorgeous underwear.
With the focus on handicraft and materials, I’ve made the collection “From Russia with Love” luxurious enough for royalty. The materials are chosen for the darker and chillier times that are to come. I used royal red velvet, midnight blue shimmering polyamide and black flowery lace with a snowy white satin mixed with a plain wine red thin soft nylon.
I wanted to make this season perfectly gorgeous for you so that everyday boredom never again will be an issue.”

Finally, I’m impressed that Noemi designs for men as well as women.  The briefs and tees for men are simple yet stylish.  Noemi believes that “the better underwear are, the less you notice them”

“The Made by Noemi woman is cool, determined and knows what she’s after. She has authority combined with charm which makes her beautiful… My belief is that a person that feels comfortable radiates beauty and underwear is the foundation on which everything else is built.”

If you are in Sweden then you can buy Made by Noemi in several stores, alternatively you can buy her creations online.  I’m coveting several pieces myself, especially her gorgeous bow body – I would love to wear this as outerwear, it’s too beautiful to hide underneath clothes don’t you think?

Have a Happy Halloween weekend Blog Reader!

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7 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Made by Noemi

  1. Molliee says:

    I love the simple shapes of the bras – very cute colors and patterns too!

    Happy Halloween!!

  2. Cee says:

    This collection is a bit of a breakaway from the normal lingerie collections you write about, but it’s equally lovely… The delicate but also more practical designs are just lovely, and the colour palettes stunning, too 🙂

    • I also thought it would be a bit different, but I was drawn to the Hopper-inspired collection and in the end decided to feature more of Noemi’s work. Perhaps because we’re entering winter, I’m drawn to softer, cosier styles right now. I have a few ideas for the next lingerie lusts I hope you’ll like Cee….!

  3. MYMY says:

    amazing pictures ! the one with the girl wearing the red high socks is fab!!

  4. Dempeaux says:

    Love the 1940s influence. I think these pieces would be great for just wearing around the house on a lazy Sunday. They look so comfy!

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