Friday Lingerie Lust: What Katie Did

Founder Katie Holdfold’s love affair with the 40s and 50s shines through in the effortlessly glamorous label What Katie Did.  Supplier of lingerie for the feature film “My Week With Marilyn” and with pieces worn by celebrities and models in the likes of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, What Katie Did is the epitome of vintage chic.

This post is going to focus on one of the brand’s pieces I am coveting at the moment – the bullet bra.  I’ve learnt that this piece was originally made in the 50s using nylon and satin and lost popularity when underwiring and padding become commonplace in bra designs.  Jean Paul Gaultier is often credited with making the bra popular again (picture, below, from the Gaultier exhibition I visited in Montreal earlier in the year – the exhibition is now showing in Dallas) but perhaps with the growing popularity of Burlesque and 50s themed shows like Mad Men, retro designs are becoming mainstream.

I didn’t stumble upon What Katie Did until I watched the music video for “Girl Panic” by Duran Duran.  This video showcased some amazing lingerie and now I have my heart set on one of their bombshell pieces. I’m loving the nostalgic glamour – the “sweater girl” silhouette:

A wide selection of hosiery, corsets and other shapewear as well as the bullet bras can be found at What Katie Did.  I’ve love to know your thoughts, Blog Reader, on retro lingerie, this being the first feature I have written about vintage inspired designs. Do you own / would you buy any? And what are your feelings on the overall look?

Image credits: Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, What Katie Did.

Have a lovely weekend! xo

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17 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: What Katie Did

  1. nicole says:

    i’ve been wearing a bullet bra for as long as i can remember!!! (well, since my breast surgery in 2008). love!!! ❤

    • Nicole that’s such a lovely and brave comment for you to write. What do you think of the cone shape? Comfortable? xo (ps the shoes you liked, you should visit Dorothy Perkins in the UK, they have international shipping, their pumps are to die for!) xo

      • nicole says:

        oh, yes! extremely comfortable! i suppose that anything would naturally be comfortable after duct taping my breasts for years, though! (i write about it on my blog in an entry called, “bulimic breasts.” i won’t leave the direct link because it’s so controversial, and i don’t want your readers to see it, unless they REALLY want to see it!). but yes, the cone shape is not just beautiful, but it’s comfortable! my sister always makes fun of my “grandma” bras! i’m sending her the link to your post because she’ll now realise that i’m always dead on accurate about fashion forecasts. headed to dorothy perkins right now!!! 🙂 xxx

  2. Cee says:

    I’m all for retro lingerie- some of these styles are absolutely lovely- but I think I would have to draw the line at the cone bra. As lovely as Marilyn looked in her sweaters, there’s something about pointy bras that is just too unnatural for my taste.

  3. I like the idea of these types of bras because I wear a size C and an underwire is annoying, but I need the support. These look super supportive!

    The VPL bras have a similar design. But, they are not supportive for big boobs. I own one and love it still. They do have thick straps which look amazing when showing through an outfit.

    EIther way, I think these are sexy and beautiful. I would totally wear one.

  4. Duv says:

    I love vintage inspired/retro lingerie. I find it incredibly sexy. The fact that it covers more than present day offerings doesn’t take away from how appealing it is. Well made retro style pieces tend to look better under clothes because of the way they fit (not everyone wants the lines of their undergarments showing!) & they also stay where they’re supposed to, instead of the wearer having to adjust constantly.

    But really, mostly it’s that I think it’s sexy…& I know my husband has a real appreciation for it it as well ; ).

  5. those lingerie pieces are just a dream, always love the retro style ones, like Dita von Teese would wear, so glamorous and stylish! cannot wait to see the Marilyn Movie! xoxo

  6. Molliee says:

    I adore vintage style lingerie… I have a set that is a pale yellow with old fashioned lace and I think it is such old hollywood sexy!

  7. I just adore the retro styling. Maybe it’s more MadMen mania but I love all the nostalgic pieces, so it’s a trend I’ll gladly get on board with. Something so sexy about these classic shapes too- where more was left to the imagination.

  8. Joanne says:

    I have always loved the looks from the 40s and 50s. I’m so excited to try the bullet bra. I just ordered the Harlow bullet bra, and look forward to also getting the fully fashioned stockings. I will definitely invest in more pieces from WKD.
    I’m looking forward to watching the movie as well! 🙂

  9. i love this gorgeous retro lingerie! i don’t own any currently but maybe someday i’ll have to invest in a few pretty pieces 😉 😉 p.s. i’m excited to see the marilyn movie!!
    xx ~ kristina

  10. Dempeaux says:

    I bought a 60s dress that was made to fit a bullet bra, but actually gave up trying to find one! I had the ‘bullets’ taken out of the dress in the end. I do love the look though!

  11. When roaming around Covent Garden this weekend, I came across Miss Lala’s Boudoir . They stock some fantastic retro lingerie (all frills and bows), vintage inspired designer clothes and accessories (I fell in love with this amazing little heart print scraf). I could have spent a fortune in there, and had to be virtually dragged out by my friends.

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