Under The Sea.

The spring collections at Versace, Holly Fulton and Chanel all shared an under the sea theme.  I also appear to be having an aquatic moment – drawn to all things green and blue I found this gorgeous form fitting midi lace dress from ASOS and couldn’t be happier with the style and colour.

The dress has cute capped sleeves and a scooped back. The lace floral effect fabric turns delicately semi-sheer at the neckline which gives the dress some interesting texture. I love it – I had to stop myself buying it in all three shades (black and pink in addition to the green here).

When I was thinking of shoes to wear with the dress the obvious choice was my nude pumps, but then I had a re-think.  I decided to go all out blue hue with my sapphire pumps from Nine West – a Christmas present from my big sister.  These peep toed shoes with scalloped edge (continuing the under the sea theme, no?!) are aptly called ‘feelngood’ – despite a heel height of 4 1/2 inches, feel good they do.

Below: clockwise, left to right inspiring green and blue hues in the spring collections from: Holly Fulton; Chanel and Versace.

How are you wearing blue and green right now, Blog Reader?

Photo credits: Lydia Hudgens.

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42 Responses to Under The Sea.

  1. my mouth is gaped open at the loveliness of this dress! it looks perfect on you. and the shoes? amazing. i just ordered the dress, and i thank you graciously for the fashion show. beautiful! x

  2. OMG you look so HOT in that dress Sarah. Love everything about it and the shoes look lovely too! I wish I could pull off this look.

  3. I really think you should get the other colours, its such a great dress!

  4. I absolutely love the colours in the dress and shoes, they compliment each other so well x Those shoes were indeed a good choice!!! x

  5. emma says:

    gorgeous. exactly the right choice of pumps. well done you for not defaulting to the nude shoe route. you look stunning

    em x

  6. I love the color of the dress! It looks so great on you since you have dark hair. 🙂

    • Thank you Shannon – I was a little worried about the match with my skin and hair tone, especially since I ordered it online. Lucky I had some faith as it all worked out. Thank you for visiting! xo

  7. RosaLovesDC says:

    The dress is fabulous on you and I love the contrast with the sapphire shoes. Love it.

  8. stunning, always adore the fresh colors that you choose! they look amazing on you sweets! …

    btw, there is a Hotel Vertigo, get outta here… I’m such a huge Hitchcock fan .. really have to research into this now! thanks for the fabulous Tip! xoxo

  9. eumoronorio says:

    I’m in love with your outfit! What a great find! Where are you going to wear this outfit?

  10. love the blue theme, and LOOOOVVEE the Chanel!! Great dress, very pretty for Spring.

  11. lissy says:

    I love that you chose the dress in this color, especially since they had it in black too! And a double kudos for pairing it with the blue shoes. I love this look on you!

    • I love that I get double kudos from my colour guru, yourself. Hope you had a lovely birthday Lissy. Such a shame that again we didn’t quite manage to meet up – but I hope to visit Boston sometime over the next couple of months and will be chasing you in plenty of time for some dates.

  12. Love the dress, not so sure whether the shoes go? But of course what do I know about shoes.

  13. gracefully50 says:

    Wow….you look smashingly gorgeous as always!!

  14. Cee says:

    Asos really does make the best lace dresses, and this one is no exception. The turquoise shade is so lovely against your dark hair, and the subtle sexiness of the scoop back fits in perfectly with your underwear-as-outerwear theme 🙂 And those blue pumps really are the perfect finishing touch. This look is a far cry from your usual neutrals, but personally, I think it’s a lovely departure.

    • Hi Cee – it really was only after I saw the photos that I understood the underwear and outwear theme with the semi-transparent lace and low. Clearly I have found what I like. Hope you had a lovely weekend – did you decide on your next adventure?

  15. You have a beautiful blog! That dress is simply to die for…the color, material, cut, and length are all perfect. Nice choice with the sapphire pumps instead of the nude – they look stunning!


  16. carly says:

    Hi there lovely lady….you look sensational in this color…never seen you in this hue before! LOVE IT! And the shoes…what a great gift!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    • Carly you should have seen me switch from black, to green, to black and then back to green FOR DEFINITE when buying this dress. I do love it though – and my sister is indeed fab for the shoes xo

  17. Simply Stunning ! The dress looks stunning, The shoes are stunning & you look stunning
    Love the dress colour

  18. bonfood says:

    Beautiful, you remind me of a mermaid!. I want that dress….getting my credit card out now. Loving your posts.

  19. TWO//MINDS says:

    I have a minty green skirt in my wardrobe – it doesn’t come out often, but I do love it!


  20. Dempeaux says:

    This is totally my outfit. I need this!

  21. Lorien says:

    You derrière rivals Pippa Middleton is this dress – in the best possible way natural. The colour looks divine on you. I really like how the green completely changes the lace. I always have a soft spot for lace, although a lot of women struggle to wear lace without looking frumpy. However you manage to wear it so well. I am loving the scoop neck, and the shoes you are wearing it with. Styling darling, styling 😉 x

  22. alyson says:

    Gorgeous shoes… love the blue on blue combo!

  23. jlee5879 says:

    You look stunning in that dress! Love it!! 🙂

    I don’t think blue is my color, but will try to add some in for spring. I tend to wear a lot of black/white/gray…kind of boring. I do wear a lot of purple!


  24. akiko says:

    Gorgeous dress! The blue color looks great on you! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  25. CinZilicious says:

    OMG!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this dress and the lace floral details are so exquisite and delicate, a image you never fail to pull off. This dress kinda reminds me of a qipao, those Chinese form fitted long dresses from the olden days, in case you were wondering, lol.

    I love those Nine West pumps that your sister got you, she has great taste, clearly sisters think alike, wink wink 😉 I like how it has the scallop edge detailing too, something different compared to the other pumps out there. Of course, the blue shade is simply oh soooo lovely!!!

    Great outfit post as always SOTC=D


    • Cinz I am googling these dresses – I love how you always show me a close match or comparison. You are truly worldy wise where fashion is concerned. Thanks for leaving me a comment! xo

  26. Kate says:

    EEk! Love it, you look smashing!

  27. The colour of the dress is great on you! Some people may find it cold against your colouring but that’s exactly what I love about it. Good thing you didn’t go with nude pumps, too. The blue ones are a brilliant choice.


  28. Ritournelle says:

    Gorgeous! The dress fits you so well and I love the color.

  29. yummy_mummy_lk says:

    I have just ordered the dress as your look inspired me, I have been looking for a lace dress and this colour and fit is amazing! thank you and I do hope I can pull the look off as stunning as you have xxx

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