Friday Lingerie Lust: Fred & Ginger

Although on the whole I am a monochrome girl, many of my recent outerwear posts appear to have been documenting my steady transition towards embracing prints and colour.  Unsurprisingly lingerie is slowly following suit and I have my eye out for neons, nudes and pastels that echo the palette of the spring catwalks.

I was very happy to receive an email from the lovely team behind Fred & Ginger recently, a UK based label whose spring collection is the perfect candy coloured mix that ticks all the boxes of my current wish list: Candy Girl.  Taking inspiration from old fashioned penny sweets and 50s pin up style (I rather feel Alice in Wonderland + Charlie and the Chocolate Factory + Betty Page sums it up quite well) it’s a collection good enough to eat!

Victoria Holt, founder and designer, honed her skills at Jenny Packham before taking a break to travel the world.  With half an eye on establishing her own label, Victoria returned to the UK to start Fred & Ginger in 2007.  Her designs are now sold in many well established boutiques.  About her training and inspirations Victoria tells me, “after five magnificent years working for the Jenny Packham I decided to take a year out to travel the world solo, taking inspiration from the fifteen countries I visited whilst simultaneously thinking about setting up my own luxury label in lingerie.” She continues, “my background in fashion and experience in the luxury end of the industry has enabled me to create a very unique brand and here we are here over four years later.  I am proud to say that my designs are stocked in some of the most beautiful boutiques all over the world and have been stocked continuously in Selfridges for that whole period of time.”

Candy Girl is a wonderful pop of colour that Victoria sees as important amongst all the economic doom and gloom.  She told me she wanted to create a collection to make us smile… “I think that’s what people need right now.  A soft pink glitter chiffon is juxtaposed to melba crinkle chiffons and lemon sorbet satins. Choose from a candy floss plunge bra to a rhubarb & custard knicker with chantilly lace.”

How can you not love a collection with a pair of knickers named ‘rhubarb and custard’?!

The spring collection will be available Feb/March this year.  And, as a treat for you, Blog Readers, Fred & Ginger are offering a discount of $15 on purchases made via their site from Monday 30th Jan right up until Feb 27th. Allow me to clear my throat at this point, and to remind you all that Valentine’s Day is approaching….

Enter the code SOTC15 when you check out.  Let me know what you buy!

Pictures: Fred & Ginger.

I just love the colours of this collection.  My favourite piece matches Victoria’s: the pear drop playsuit, with it’s glittery, shiny lurex look and the sexy tie bow on the back.

What do you think of this playfully innocent, candy coloured collection, Blog Reader?

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17 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Fred & Ginger

  1. Cee says:

    My enthusiasm for all things dessert-related might sometimes be called over-zealous… But I am completely sold on Fred & Ginger based solely on the fact that they sell a pair of knickers named Rhubarb and Custard. That’s really all I needed 🙂 On the whole I tend to favour more traditional, monochromatic shades when it comes to lingerie – after all, that way it matches my wardrobe – but the fun in this collection is just infectious!

  2. Toni Yvonne says:

    I love pastel shades of lingerie, it is just so feminine and pretty. Usually I do not go for bright prints of lingerie, simply because I prefer a more subtle approach 😉


  3. thewondermya says:

    It is really lovely !

  4. Barbara C. says:

    Gourmandise et élégance = Eat me!


  5. Style Souk says:


    I know what Napoleon’s getting for his Valentine’s Day present! 😉

    Sarah x

  6. LittleRus says:

    Beautiful collection! I love wearing colour and prints. Always makes me feel playful, flirty and happy. 🙂

  7. Love that they’re pretty, soft pastels and don’t we love the name Fred and Ginger?! 😉 Thanks for your sweet comments at Ooh La Frou Frou this week, sweets … always a pleasure! Have a great weekend … I’m heading out to Chicago this afternoon! ~xo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  8. carly says:

    Love that combo of the nude with the hot pink! I probably wouldn’t rock it w lingerie.. (as I have confessed I am not that into lingerie) BUT I would take inspiration from this for an outfit…a beautiful nude dress with hot pink heels….ah…sounds like an outfit post to me, lol.
    Hope you are doing well Sarah…yuck on the rainy day in NYC:(

  9. kdshort says:

    I love the tension thats exists between the soft neutral tones, and the bursts of colour with the bright candy red. It almost gives the illusion of full nudity (which is what men seem to gravitate towards), but then reminds you it’s underwear with the pops of red. I think it’s cheeky and I like it.

    much love

  10. I love it! Its fun and flirty. But I’ll admit that while I do try to wear decent (and sexy) lingerie, it’s generally more functional and everyday. I keep telling myself I’m going to build up a gorgeous collection and then I never do. Sigh.

  11. This is lovely. A slight throw-back to the glamorous days is what we all need, especially in the time when money is scarse… I loved all the styles x

  12. kristina says:

    the name rhubarb + custard = love. the name alone makes me smile! along w. the beautiful colors – it’s just perfect for the economic times!! it’s been said that during economic downfall designers tend to lean more toward color and pattern in hopes to uplift peoples’ spirits… and this collection does just that i think, so beautiful!!
    xoxo, kristina

  13. CinZilicious says:

    Neon lingerie? Now that is an interesting lingerie style i would like to see!!!!


  14. Natasha says:

    Awww! Thank you guys so much for all your lovely comments! It makes all the hard work worth while:) BIG LOVE to for the delightful post! Mmmwah X
    We will try and get the collection up on our site for sale before Valentines!! Fingers crossed, will keep you posted! X

  15. Dempeaux says:

    I love these designs! I tend to gravitate towards black and simple designs, but these colours are delightful! I like the playful aspect to the way colours are knitted together.

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