StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Milly by Michelle Smith Fall 2012

The first of my New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 reports focuses on Milly by Michelle.  Since I have been keen to experiment with colour this year, the Milly by Michelle Smith collection, known for its use of vibrant fabrics and prints, has completely sucked me in.  There is an obvious youthfulness to Michelle’s designs that I adore, but a luxe feel to them too which makes the collection very appealing to me.

The new Milly by Michelle collection is named “Future Perfect“.  Watching the catwalk unfold before me at Lincoln Center this month I found myself thinking about the different eras that might have influenced the designs – a little bit mod / 60s; a little bit 1940s with the architectural hats and a little bit 1980s with the emphasis on the hips in the skirt designs.  Put these themes together with a mix of high-tech fabrics (laminated tweeds, bonded wool and taffeta) and a palette of black and white, bold pinks, blue and Chartreuse however and the collection has an altogether futuristic feel.

I liked the way in which the dresses were layered with sweaters in the presentation and don’t get me started on the head wear – a kind of contemporary take on the beret and huge net bows had me ready to book a long weekend in Paris.

My favourite silhouettes at Milly were flirty and flouncy – Michelle Smith does fashion and fun and I love her for it!

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14 Responses to StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Milly by Michelle Smith Fall 2012

  1. yes yes yes yes yes! style on the couch & nicoleandgwendolyn LOVE this collection!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cee says:

    When I was in university, I worked in a boutique that carried the very first season of Milly by Michelle Smith. It was love at first sight, but this collection blows all the rest out of the water in my opinion. I love the combination of ladylike 1940s stylish with bright, 1960s mod colours. Oh, how I wish I had the very first dress in this collection hanging in my closet!

  3. How awesome to be able to see everything up close and personal at the shows?! Looking forward to more reviews…

    • The shows are over in a matter of minutes but I absolutely love being there you are right! Milly was one of my favourites this year, I can see myself in some of the dresses x

  4. I’ve been selling Milly on Style Sequel for a good few years and it is lovely to see how her style has evolved into something much sleeker with stronger lines and colours. Em x

  5. kdshort says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos! You are so lucky to be able to do what you do!

  6. mpchouchou says:

    Milly is definitely a favourite of mine- you know this well! They consistently wow me with each line- bight colors, new shapes, and always very flattering cuts. Hallmarks of any line I keep coming back to buy. They never disappoint.

  7. Molliee says:

    love the skirts, especially the leather pleated one! fab!

  8. Icklebabe says:

    Swoon! Love all, I think the monochrome one is my fave though, and also the pink one, so whimsical and pretty! and of course the whole Milly connection is fabulous in my eyes! X

  9. Dempeaux says:

    I really like the colours they use in this collection – I find it so easy to keep reaching for dark colours, but this is a note to experiment with colour!

  10. Farrukh says:

    Nice entry. We created a video summary of our time at London fashion week, do have a look 🙂

  11. Kristin says:

    Cobalt, polka dots and neon pink…J’adore!

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