StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Liat Ginzburg

One of my style resolutions for 2012 was to work harder at finding accessories to compliment the way I dress.  I’ve talked before about not being a huge accessories fan; I’m quite simple in my choice of clothes and I’ve often been of the view that jewelry clutters an otherwise perfectly beautiful outfit (several of my fashion blogger friends are likely throwing daggers at me at this point, yes, I know who you are lol).

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the enormously talented Israeli designer Liat Ginzburg for my Lookbooks column (you can read the interview here) and I was totally blown away by her statement necklaces.  Her designs have featured in Vogue Italia and Grazia France and I’d love to see them widely distributed here in the US.  Made from plastic, perspex, rubber and wood components, her pieces can transform an outfit in seconds.  This necklace from her Technicolour collection is one of my favourites:

“The designs express a contemporary view on the 90`s fashion and club scene, and are characterized by bold colorfulness and blunt, ‘disharmonic’ combinations. Liat’s influences range from the night life scene, through to her career researching and teaching about art and all the way to her poem writing and art photography.” 

Although perhaps not typical Austin fare, my style is my style and I wore the necklace for a night out along sixth street in the city.  I’ll be very sad to leave Texas on Wednesday, it’s such a great place to visit.

Do check out Liat’s designs if you have the chance! She has several collections ranging from Dare, a bold display of colourful jewels, to Chandelier, showcasing some beautiful multicoloured stones and the more refined Clear.

How am I doing on my New Year’s style resolution, Blog Reader? Any tips for me? If you know my style, how should I be accessorising?

Wearing: necklace by Liat Ginzburg; body con maxi dress from ASOS. Sunglasses, GUESS. Quote from Liat’s website.
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30 Responses to StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Liat Ginzburg

  1. Cam says:

    oh, I agree .. same here, not a big accessorize style person BUT actually a collector of them, haha! I know doesn’t make sense, does it! But I try to be bold and not scared of accessorizing more this year.. really adore her work! especially love the last necklace with the touch of pink! xo

  2. kristina says:

    i am so utterly blown away by your necklace! i too usually have shied away from too many accessories because i also believe that the outfit should be able to stand alone. especially if one wears outfits like yours 😉 😉 i just bookmarked their site, wow!!!! i may just have to do a blog post on them!!
    xoxo, k

    • Kristina! I’m just getting round to looking at your blog again after my travels. Nice to see you back here again thanks for your comment! If you do blog Liat’s collection please let me know x

  3. ppfgirl says:

    I am obsessed with accessories (especially jewelry) and I think the best way to ease into this is the way you did here. Stock up on statement pieces, like this beautiful necklace that you can wear solo with a simple black dress or plain white tee for maximum impact…I believe you’re on the right track! 🙂

  4. Style Positively says:

    These are such amazing necklaces! I really like the one with all the circles! 🙂
    I think you did a great job in pairing this beautifully bold statement necklace with a simple black dress. I agree that accessories can clutter up an outfit but, when paired nicely with an outfit, it can really pull your whole look together just like you did here.
    One important rule that I always keep in mind with accessories is to only wear a maximum of 3 jewelry pieces. Wearing more than 3 jewelry pieces is just too much and it’s takes away from the whole look of the outfit.


  5. LittleRus says:

    I’ve been living without much jewellery, too, so I totally understand you. Loving these necklaces very much and the way you wear it – such a beautiful statement! x

  6. I really like the necklace and I love how you kept everything else so simple. I am so into big statement necklaces right now too!

    • I’m learning that the key to these sort of pieces is to keep the outfit simple and to leave the accessory to speak for itself. Who knows maybe my collection of jewelry will finally grow this year! Hope you’re well Naina, thanks for stopping by. x

  7. Dempeaux says:

    I’m not a huge accessories fan either! I have a few pieces of jewelry but rely on the outfit to do the talking. Love the necklace, but if I were to wear something like that I’d look like a primary school teacher from the 1980s! :O

  8. gracefully50 says:

    It’s perfect with your black dress! So lovely!

  9. Cee says:

    I’m a big fan of accessories – you can make the same black dress look like ten different black dresses, just by changing your necklace! This beautiful piece from Liat Ginzburg is absolute proof of that; it jumps right off your simple black dress, but doesn’t distract from the beautiful tailoiring. Accessorising, to me, is all about proportion, and I think you did very well not to fall into the typical blogger overaccessorizing trap. There is life beyond stacked bracelets, and you have proven it beautifully 🙂

  10. CinZilicious says:

    WOW, i gotta say, i love that necklace on you! I’m not a big accesory person either but i’ve been trying to embrace it and to jazz it up with my outfits, hahaha. Actually it does seem to work and i think the same goes for you too;-)

    I actually like that cobalt blue version of your necklace a lot more compared to the neon yellow one. But Liat definitely is a designer with talent!!! Funny how you mentioned Israel because i just stumbled upon a new Israeli nail polish brand called Laka last week. They got tons of colors to choose. Wonder if they have it in the states or the UK?

    by the way, what is the price range for Liat’s accessories?=)

    • Hi Cinz – you can visit Liat’s site for pricing, this varies according to the piece you like. I love coming across new designers from all around the world – it opens my eyes to what it happening internationally and can be a great inspiration for dressing too.

  11. Toni Yvonne says:

    You are looking stunning!! I do love accessories though keep them to a minimum… (I have a turquoise right I wear everyday and a simple Swarovski chain bracelet) everything else swapped around, though I too would like to get more adventurous!!

    I have found many similar designed ones to this, though feathers being used!! I love this style


    • Interesting you mentioned feathers because I have also noticed this from the high street brands in particular. I wonder where this style originated from – any thoughts? I don’t recall any designers using feather so much, did I miss something?

      • Toni Yvonne says:

        I have no idea where it is from . . . In Sydney (where I am atm) it is more so markets and boutique brands stocking them . . I have seen some come in beautiful colours!! Like turquoise, golds etc.. stunning xx

  12. Liat says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful post!
    You look amazing!
    Thanks for the compliments.
    xoxoxo Liat Ginzburg:)

    • Liat I am such a fan of your designs. For me, someone who doesn’t wear many accessories, I truly feel these pieces can compliment my outfits in a spectacular way. I am sure this necklace will be the first of many on my collection of your pieces xo

  13. Shosh Ashkenazi says:

    I love the creativity and the vital colors of Liat jewelry. Nice post and pictures.

  14. mpchouchou says:

    Wow, this necklace is gorgeous- I love seeing you breakout of your style comfort zone and trying some bold accessories. I personally think you are doing a great job on your resolution, you are really sticking to it and making such great choices. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  15. Eva says:

    u r always so glam…ur blog should have name Glamazon :DDDD

  16. carly says:

    It is so fun seeing you in a statement necklace!!! Almost looks like a cool neckline built into the dress:)

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  18. Persplex is supposed to be the new rage with jewelry. I’ve been looking into incorporating into my own pieces! I love the range of color options and versatility! Her pieces are beautiful. I would wear them all.

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