Al & Alicia (and Liz Lemon and Me…)

On St Patrick’s Day the East Village is awash with students wearing green and wandering around with drinks in hand.  There is a little Irish in me (my grandfather was from Northern Ireland) but much in the way that I avoid Trafalgar Square in London on this day, today I pulled a Liz Lemon (you surely watch 30 Rock, Blog Reader?) and hibernated at home wearing orange.

This orange dress is a new favourite addition to my closet.  It’s a piece from the wonderful Al & Alicia – a label of boy meets girl designs; tailoring with a masculine edge combined with things flirty and feminine.  I’ve featured Al & Alicia on the blog before (you can view their previous collection here) and as the weather warms up here in NYC the spring collection Time To Pretend seems to tap into all my warmer-weather-wishes.

Time To Pretend is a collection that brings together structure and fluidity with strong shoulders, layering, cut-outs, asymmetry and colour blocking. Inspired by superheros and created in a palette of power red, graphite and bubblegum it provides a fun and blooming spring wardrobe.

Al & Alicia’s kite dress is available in three colours; blossom (shown here), buttercup and powder puff.  It’s a versatile tunic that can be worn on its own as a dress, over skinny jeans or leggings or even tucked into a skirt.  I love this kind of flexibility with a piece, especially in this transitional wardrobe weather.

Finally, I can’t finish this post before mentioning Al & Alicia’s amazing blog. I’m a huge fan of designers who give insights into their creative process and inspiration and I love how this blog covers everything from favourite things to useful updates about collection releases, lookbooks and outfit ideas.  It’s a wonderful way to find about more about Singapore-based designer Alicia Ong and her label.

Wearing: Kite dress by Al & Alicia.  Court shoe with metal toe cap, Zara (I’ll highlight these in another post soon, Blog Reader).

Happy weekend! xo

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27 Responses to Al & Alicia (and Liz Lemon and Me…)

  1. Beebop Modal says:

    What an amazing dress! So neatly steamed! Do you ever wonder what Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is like in real life, blogger?

  2. Love this dress! Gorgeous colour and cut…plus, goes perfectly with your new lemon heels! 🙂

  3. Such a pretty color on you – and am dying over those ZARA heels…I want them so badly!!

  4. gracefully50 says:

    You look radiant in orange!!!
    Love the dress so much. Nice that it’s also versatile.
    What legs!!

  5. agirlinboston says:

    I love how you are playing with color. It’s still your impeccable style but just with a little something extra! Happy weekend!

    • Always love your feedback on my posts with colour, Lissy – finally checked back in with your blog this weekend, I loved the outdoor shots, we should plan on a little shoot when you come to NYC in April perhaps?

  6. RosaLovesDC says:

    The exposed shoulders are done so well in this dress. Fabulous! I stayed in at home with a friend and we had pizza and cupcakes to celebrate St. Patty’s day.

  7. Kimberlee says:

    haha nice 😉 Orange looks good on you… not sure it’s my color. I’m half Irish so I did wear my Irish pride while staying in. I can’t believe you live the next neighborhood over and we have yet to hang out – must fix that soon!

  8. Cam says:

    this piece looks amazing.. in the other colors as well! xo

  9. Peaches says:

    That dress looks gorgeous on you, especially with those killer legs! Love the peach + lemon combo! I’ve never heard of Al & Alicia and they’re from Singapore (I’m from Borneo)! I’m checking them out now xx

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  11. May says:

    Very pretty! I know what you mean about hiding away from Trafalgar Square on St. Patricks day!
    May x

  12. Wow, this is such an amazing dress. I too like to hide away from all the St. Patricks day action – I often avoid going out on holidays where the world is out getting “drunk” haha. But sigh – this dress is perfect. Your legs look as though they go on for miles – such a perfect pairing with those chic shoes.


  13. TheOnlineStylist says:

    That colour looks amazing on you and I have so much leg envy!! Can I borrow your legs please!! I don’t blame you for hibernating indoors – I would have done the same. And….*whispers* I have a confession to make..I’ve never watched 30 Rock!

  14. Wow, orange really looks great on you! And of course I watch 30 rock…totally approving of the whole hibernating at home and wearing orange thing (although I’m mostly Irish myself). Great feature of Al & Alicia too…definitely checking out the label!


  15. Winn says:

    Dress color is so pretty, but your amazing pins caught my eyes! Good on you! Now I’m off to my treadmill … 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. I love your dress, it’s such a pretty look!!!

  17. This dress is totally gorgeous and the color is beyond perfection on you!

    • I was a little worried about the colour and my pale skin at first, but it is a soft orange (they call it ‘blossom’) so I think that is why it works well. How did the food tasting go Jess?

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