Dancing With Florals…

This afternoon in New York City – a lot of spring sun and a little free time, a chance to visit some of my favourite places; the first trip of the year to Sundaes and Cones (not called ‘the journey to ice-cream paradise’ for nothing) and browsing Cadillac’s Castle for bargains…

‘The basics’ are sometimes difficult to do well, but Amber Sakai gets it right every time.  I’m wearing the Ballerina Body from her spring 2012 collection in this photo – it’s a gorgeously smooth-on-the-skin and just-fitted-enough bodysuit that you can pair with trousers, skirts or shorts, or wear it on it’s own for lounging around…. it is a simple and versatile piece – something for the perfect capsule wardrobe.

I’ve paired Amber’s bodysuit with my Cartonnier floral pants from Anthropologie, here.  I took a deep breath buying these trousers since a) they are cropped (like three quarter length sleeves, I often think ‘hmm what’s the point?!’) and b) perhaps the more obvious reason – that they are colourful and bright and have flowers on them.

I now laugh in the face of my former print-eluding self and these sateen slim pants make me feel like skipping through fields.  Well, First Avenue, maybe….

What is your go-to brand for chic simplicity of the very finest standards (ahem, may I suggest Amber Sakai), Blog Reader?  And where do you stand on floral pants – love them or hate them?  (I’m not sure you can sit on the fence with this one!)

Wearing: Sunglasses from GUESS; heels from Dorothy Perkins; pants from Anthropologie (by Cartonnier), bodysuit, Amber Sakai and wallet, Karen Millen (a lovely birthday present last year from my friends in the UK, thanks guys!)

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27 Responses to Dancing With Florals…

  1. Nicole says:

    Very pretty!

  2. Maca says:

    love this look! a twist on a basic top and the pants are just lovely!

  3. Cee says:

    Once again, I just wrote you a long and thoughtful comment and wordpress has eaten it. Sigh 😦 What I was trying to say is that although I love floral pants on anyone and everyone, they are one of those trends I just cannot see myself being able to pull them off at any stage in my life – much like wide leg trousers and high slit skirts 🙂

    • Cee – I’m with you on the wide legged pants, unless they are super tailored I look ridiculous. But skirts with slits? So flattering done well, you don’t think they would suit you? xo

  4. gracefully50 says:

    I’m all in with florals this spring/summer! You look so fresh!
    I love your top…waaay too sexy & young for me. 😦
    You look fab!!

  5. I have not been able to decide if I like floral pants or not but looking at you in yours make me think I might need a pair. Great outfit and hair!

  6. racheldekoning says:

    I love the floral pants! I still have to buy one.

  7. Rachel says:

    I just had to be the weird one to say: I’m in love with your hair! haha. Love the pants as well.

  8. Dr Maria Daves says:

    I love that purse x it looks fantastic with those pants. Very stylish darling Xxx

  9. loooove these pants! I also like that you paired them with a nice simple black top!

  10. I love your pants! Where do you go shopping? You alwyas have the cutest clothes!..and I wish I lived in New York too! One day 🙂

  11. I love beige shoes too! We have an Anthropologie store here!! I’m going this weekend to check it out!

    • The more time I spend in Anthropologie, the more I like the variety of clothes and accessories they have. I found some great shoes in store the other day although sadly out of my price range. Let me know if you buy anything!

      • Hi! I love walking in the store smells so good! I want to buy some of their scents and candles next time I go. My violin teacher had this really cute dress and she said she bought it from Anthropologie 🙂 I wasn’t able to go last weekend, it was raining hard and I was a little sick. I do home I can go soon! I will let you know ^^

  12. rosalovesdc says:

    Great pants lady! I was debating about whether or not to give in the floral trend and I might be close to saying yes. Other ideas on how to style these fab pants?

    • Because the pants are slim slitting, I’d go for a simple blouse (like J Crew Blythe that you advised me about that time) or Equipment. I think you need a bit of volume up top to balance it out, but also a bit of a flowing cropped top would work too. H&M have some lovely flower print trousers right now, too. xo

  13. yummy mummy clifford says:

    Looking hot here Sarah! Loving the outfit, and the accessories complete the look, particularly that purse, obviously chosen by friends with great taste! X

  14. ooothatsshiny says:

    as always you look amazing! i’m into the floral trend, just not sure if i can pull them off via pants 🙂

  15. Eva says:

    very nice as always…u remind a bit the blogger from Norther light…same (good body) and hair 🙂 even face…just similar type and good style of course xx

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