StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Tibi Fall 2012

Tibi is a label I adore for their sleek and minimalist aesthetic and this year I could not contain my excitement when I was fortunate to receive an invite to their Fall 2012 show.  Designer Amy Smilovic brings us a menswear inspired collection of slim cut, cropped trouser suits, tailored maxi skirts, double breasted jackets and simple shift dresses for fall; with a hint of the 60s filtered through Tibi’s modern, 21st century lens.  All so very wearable, there are some lovely details in the fall line – my favourites being the skirts with back welt pockets and shift dresses decorated with a breastplate of geometric shapes.

Unusual fabrics and textures give a cool flash of depth and colour to the collection.  Glossy varnished skirts and lurex sweaters are standout pieces, yet these remain faithful to Tibi’s simplistic, hint-of-androgyny silhouette.  This season I was reminded just how far the label has evolved since its inception – Smilovic continues to show us her love of crazy prints and colour used in unexpected combinations, but there is a lovely relaxed yet luxurious ease about her recent work, making her pieces highly attractive to me.

I could have taken these styles off the catwalk and worn them right away.  This winter you can find me wearing Tibi, Blog Reader!

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13 Responses to StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Tibi Fall 2012

  1. Cam says:

    again amazing looks! really love the birdie blouse and the last dark dress.. fine, elegant and minimalistic wear, adore as well!

    • I’ve seen quite a few bird prints around this year already – lots in Zara’s summer collections. I think that blouse is very elegant – and most of the collection I would wear, even the metallics which I suspect are going to be very big this winter.

  2. kristina says:

    i love tibi! my favorites are 1 & 4 here and wow! that’s so awesome that you’re going to their show!! wishing you a wonderful wednesday 😉 😉

    • We share the love, Kristina! The show was great – Tibi have the best music too, which gets a bit lost in the pictures, naturally. Bit of the 60s/80s in their tunes this year.

  3. Meenakshi says:

    Oh I adore Tibi! From the kitty smoking slippers to the silk sleeveless maxidresses…so delightful and so wearable! Love the fall collection too.

  4. Style Connect AU says:

    I’ve heard about Tibi but never actually really noticed the brand but I am loving these looks! I would wear the majority of those looks quite easily. My favourite is the white dress – simple yet kind of geometric and modern xx

    • One of the very best things about Tibi is how wearable they are. Originally their styles were uber feminine and flirty but I love how the brand has evolved with Amy. Did you see their spring collection? They have some gorgeous pastels….

  5. Cee says:

    What I love abut Tibi is that they are one of the few lines whose clothes look wearable on the runway. As much as I love the fantasy aspect of fashion, I find that runway shows can be alienating when the designs are too far outside of the clothing realm and begin to cross over into art.. Tibi does such a wonderful job of creating clothes that look genuinely wearable while still being impressive on the runway!
    PS: I don’t know that there’s anything you can change on your end to stop WordPress eating comments… I’m just using a different email address and it seems to work.

  6. ooothatsshiny says:

    oo i want that bird top!

  7. rosalovesdc says:

    I can definitely see you in every look from the Tibi collection. These are fabulous.

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