StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Preen Fall 2012

Whilst the fall 2012 collection from Preen confused me somewhat (is it winter or spring? Where are the layers and coats?!) I loved the modern garden party vibe they presented.  Their poppy reds, forest green, vermilion and butterfly prints were also a welcome ray of sunshine amongst the ‘darker’ collections this season.

I do adore Preen for their decidedly grown up style – they have such lovely clean, fluid and straightforward silhouettes that appeal to me.  It’s one of the reasons I purchased their power dress and why I’d love to add more Preen to my wardrobe.  They also have a fabulous signature Britishness to their designs, taking inspiration from Victoriana (such as attention drawn to the waist), a theme continued this winter with embroidery and decorative prints.

The collection also drew from muses Virginia Woolf and Beatrix Potter, author, artist and conservationist. said of the forthcoming line:

“For the strong women of today, Thornton and Bregazzi cut the inevitable high romance of botanical flower and butterfly prints by paneling them into dresses with sharp blocks of a very flat matte fabric they referred to as scuba wool, and generally manipulating them by printing the motifs on sequins and embroidering over them with tarnished silver beading. The effect was far from sugary. At times, it was nearly minimal—a successful dance with feminine codes. The brushstroke print mid-show that came from looking at Abstract Expressionists like Jasper Johns provided a sort of interlude.” ~ Meenal Mistry,

Despite taking inspiration from previous eras I find Preen’s designs quite futuristic in their delivery – here I adored the chunky wedge boots models wore, contrasting with the delicate femininity of the floral patterns and sheer fabrics.  I also liked the sporty touch given with the contrasting waistbands and the trouser side stripes.

It was a lovely executed collection too, with colours and themes flowing seamlessly together to mould a very coherent, cool, chic and sophisticated line overall.

So, who would like to (garden) party with me in Preen?

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14 Responses to StyleOnTheCouch Loves: Preen Fall 2012

  1. Hi! I love the orange high waiste skirt! I would totally wear it! And the green floral skirt next to it, the whole outfit actually. This makes want to get up from my desk and go to the mall 🙂 I’d like to go to a Preen garden party ^^

  2. mpchouchou says:

    Yes, totally ready to join the garden party with Preen. The bright colors and grown up cut are perfect for right now. This line has always been on the sideline for me but I will definitely take a closer look.

    • Preen remain one of my favourites every year, Lani. I find them a very grown-up style with the perfect silhouette – I think it’s the way they draw attention to the waist that grabs me each time….

  3. That ORANGE look…I need it!! This has inspired me to host a garden party here in Detroit once it gets warmer…

  4. I would love to go with you! 🙂 I like all the colors and textures in this!
    I would really love if you could help me spread the word to vote for Molliee in this shoe styling contest!!

  5. Cee says:

    I have to admit, this collection confused me, too – no matter how much I love Preen, I will never be able to think of garden party styles as fall fashion. But I’ve forgiven them because I loved so many other aspects of their designs this year, particularly the mixture of textures, jeweltones and black like the first two photos in this post. Those are designs I could live in 🙂

    • I was wondering if overall we’re moving to a style of dressing that doesn’t take into account the seasons, but this year I think Preen were pretty unique. It made me look up the lovely fall layering of Rag&Bone again though 🙂

  6. Love everything that is coming down that runway! Beautiful…but it is a bit spring like, no?

    • Yes, I even checked twice I hadn’t mixed up their spring and fall collections! Having said that I still find their collection gorgeous. I’ll be the one with a coat over it, mind you….

  7. in love with the darker collections!

  8. kristina says:

    all of the colors of olive, orange + cobalt are just stunning! so loving florals for this spring and summer!! and preen is definitely on my radar 😉

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