Fred & Ginger Swim

In January I highlighted the wonderful Fred & Ginger, a lingerie company whose spring 2012 Candy Girl collection received some lovely feedback from readers for its playfully innocent charm and sorbet colours.  I’m delighted to share the new Fred & Ginger swimwear collection with you today – entitled The Midas Touch, each piece from the line is named after a goddess from Greek, Roman or Norse mythology.  This is one modern and opulent looking collection that will have you shimmering in the style of Aphrodite on the beach this summer.

Further inspiration for the collection came from Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘Cleopatra’ – taking the elegance of Taylor’s portrayal of the Egyptian queen as a starting point for the designs and mixing it with some modern-day princess sparkle – black and gold glitter stretch mesh and lycra, and gold component details.

My favourite piece from the collection is the Freya bikini (image, top), a silky looking olive gold and nude lycra mesh two piece.  Close runner-up is the Juno swimsuit (second image), which has a lovely Grecian one shoulder style.  I like that there are several one pieces in the line because it allows for different shapes to choose what works for them.  I think bikinis look fabulous on curvaceous figures.  For someone like me who is quite petite and a little straight up and down, one pieces with some well positioned cut-outs can look fabulous. (Oh, FYI Blog Reader, my research tells me that ‘proper’ women in ancient Greece revealed nothing – one imagines therefore that going by this collection, the goddesses made their own rules…)

There is some cute flower cut-out detailing for the Athena one piece (image directly above) and a very bold cut-out with lace ties across the torso in Aurora, (below).

Whilst everything you touch may not turn into gold this summer – you’ll certainly be a vision of pure gold on the beach wearing this swim collection.  The Midas Touch is available to purchase on the Fred & Ginger website as of today.

“My breasts are full of love and life. My hips are round and well apart. Such women, they say, have sons” ~ Cleopatra movie quote (1963)

Swimwear images from Fred & Ginger. Cleopatra images here, here and here.

Thoughts, Blog Reader? Where do you buy your swimwear? Which goddess are you? And, are you a bikini or a one-piece lady…..?

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12 Responses to Fred & Ginger Swim

  1. Winn says:

    These are very daring pieces. I’m a totally tankini girl. Need the help with the mid-section!

  2. Cee says:

    I have to say, I find the Cleopatra movie unbearably dull… And yet I watch it over and over for the fashions, which are without a doubt some of the most stunning costume work that Hollywood has ever come up with. The swimwear collection that they inspired from Fred and Ginger had me at hello. I love the gold-olive tones, and the fact that they have made some truly beautiful, modern one piece suits. So refreshing!

  3. dempeaux says:

    My favourite is the bikini too – I really like the colour for some reason!

  4. Cleopatra is one of my most fave movies. Ever. The Aurora model gets my vote! Lovely collection! x

  5. Peaches says:

    I’m a bikini on a ‘feel-toned’ day, and a one piece on days when I feel bloated! I love the 1st and 2nd swimsuit outfit posted – especially that 2nd one! I always like a one-shoulder style 😀

  6. vazalla says:

    Are we going for that ancient Egyptian look with these outfits. I particularly like the last image.

    Navy Tights | Bright coloured tights | Black opaque tights

    • I think it is more inspiration from the film rather than going for that ‘look’ – when I looked through movie stills for the post I could definitely see the flashes of opulence and colour they put into the new designs, but these are so much more modern overall. Thank you for leaving a comment!

  7. everydayglamour says:

    I completely love this line. I would say my favorite for myself would be the bikini, however, that is not to say I don’t also adore the one-pieces here. I really like the bronze color palate as well, since I am fair-skinned. Sexy!!

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