Friday Lingerie Lust: Marie Jo L’Aventure

In what is probably a reaction to the statement lingerie I posted over the last few weeks, for example the decadent and playful neon-hued Damaris; this week I have been reminding myself of my favourite no-nonsense lingerie.  By ‘no-nonsense’ I mean clean lines and perfect silhouettes – pieces that are both utilitarian and alluring. The label that came immediately to my mind was Marie Jo L’Aventure.

My first introduction to Marie Jo L’Aventure was at Rigby & Peller in London, stockists of both the Marie Jo mainline collection and the diffusion line.  Launched in 1981, Marie Jo is a timeless, delicate and sensual range of luxury lingerie; in comparison L’Aventure feels a little more chic, modern and vivid.  Eight collections come together to form spring summer 2012 – lilac coloured Vassily (image immediately below); Tom (nautically themed, below) and my favourite, Theo (image top, a hot blooded, steamy red guaranteed to set pulses racing).  Also polka-dotted Roy, fifties inspired Ingmar and geometric-print Egon.  Finally, the wonderfully named champagne-coloured Dante (image far bottom) and the clean cut Astor (above) complete the spring collection.

One of the best features of Marie Jo and Marie Jo L’Aventure is that several styles can  be worn multiple ways – halter, racer back or strapless – making them a very versatile addition to your lingerie collection.  I love that the convertibility element hasn’t led them to compromise an inch on the luxury they present to us – seductive and supportive is a must for me and they get this right.  In addition, with sizes ranging from between A to F cup they cater well for different shapes and silhouettes.

In terms of design, the Marie Jo brand has always been at the forefront of innovations in lingerie.  They claim to be one of the first European labels to use elastic velvet in undergarments as well as introducing moulded cups made from foam into their bras.  Their experimentation with graphic prints and opaque fabrics led to the birth of Marie Jo L’Aventure as brand in its own right.  Perhaps because of these careful and skilful design elements, a series of timeless favourites remains part of both the main and the L’Aventure collection.

The label further proved its design prowess in a 2010 collaboration with A. F. Vandervorst, resulting in a six piece collection themed around ‘lingerie of the future’.  You can read about the collaboration here.

I have never forgotten this wonderful quote from Coco Chanel, Blog Reader: “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”  I feel she is oh so right about this.  Find yourself a piece of Marie Jo L’Aventure, Blog Reader – and have a wonderfully opulent weekend…!

Images: Marie Jo
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16 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Marie Jo L’Aventure

  1. Chiman Logan says:

    I love the photography and the DI work!

  2. Cee says:

    There is just something about the name of this line, particularly the l’Aventure part, that piqued my interest. I love that the lookbook has an adventure feel to it – the models are vibrant and dynamic, showing the practical, fun side of the pieces as well as the luxury. I have to agree, Coco Chanel really had the definitionof luxury right on, and it seems that Mary Jo has taken this to heart for their beautiful designs!

  3. Love this lingeri!! I could see myself wearing it! Wishlist L’Aventure #clap clap. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. Love the colors and nononsense straight lines ;o) L’Aventure’s on my wish list. Have an amazing Friday! xoxo

  5. amazing, adore the red Lingerie pieces in the first image.. very daring, yet elegant! xo

  6. Now this is just what a girl like me needs! I love the structure and simplicity. Quite sexy!

  7. I WANT the purple set! I love it… I really need to go shopping *sigh*

  8. dempeaux says:

    I love the shapes here! Perfect for everyday, but interesting, simple, chic, and comfortable. Great find!

  9. Thestylebite says:

    Ah I am so jealous of your style – it’s so flawless and always so chic.

    I wish I had as good an eye as you as to what works with what!

    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend :o)


  10. Ritournelle says:

    Nice designs! They kind of remind me of Eres by their simplicity.

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