Fashion and Fitness.

Summer is just around the corner.  I always enjoy working out more in the summer months, I find it easier to get to the gym when it’s not snowing (yes NYC, I mean you) and take part in my favourite classes as well as exercise outdoors.

I’ve had a few requests for a fitness post, something I am by no means an expert in but there are certain things I love, that I wanted to share.  First up, Pilates.  Back in London I took reformer classes at my local studio and I love the challenge of working with the reformer machines. The exercise is gentle but intense, an intensity that can increase as your body conditioning improves.  It’s great for developing a strong ‘core’ (muscles at the centre of your body) which can protect your back and spine. I think Pilates helps you to become in tune with your body, through breathing, alignment and focus on movement*.

Second up, Tracy Anderson.  Tracy is somewhat of a guru to the stars – Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Shakira have all trained using her method:

“Based on over a decade of research on different muscular structure groups, Tracy Anderson has created a fitness method that can transform any body type. Tracy has created and patented over 3,000 fitness movements and her varying moves target every muscle in your body. The sequences strategically exhaust the muscles in a way that does not create bulk, and that strengthens the connection to the body.”  ~ From the Tracy Anderson website.

You can read a (somewhat comedy) review I wrote about Tracy’s mat work DVD for my friend Milla’s blog here along with other people’s thoughts on her method.  I wouldn’t touch the diet part of Tracy Anderson’s programme (there feels like hardly enough fuel to get you through the day let along her work outs**) but I’ve used both the mat work DVD and the Metamorphosis routine and I enjoy the challenge of these work outs too.

Finally, cycling.  I am by no means a speed cyclist but I love to cycle around the tip of Manhattan, east to west, and up the west coast path to the George Washington Bridge. In comparison to London there are so many more cycle routes here in NYC which is amazing.

How do you keep fit, Blog Reader? Do you feel passionate about Pilates like me? Or tried Tracy?

Wearing: (top image) Michi NY Illusion Pant;  Nike trainers, Reiss ballet wrap (old season).  (bottom image) As before plus: Skunkfunk women’s tee (similar here); Michi NY Feline Bra (just seen). Mesh gym bag, YakPak, gifted by The Accessories Council at their wonderful Breast Cancer Awareness event.

I borrowed this title from my gorgeous and uber fit blogger friend Lynzy whose website contains a separate section on exercise and includes an excellent feature on blogger fitness. Go check it out here!

Pilates image: Fat Bottom Slim.

*My opinions, but I am not an expert.  **Um… still not an expert.

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30 Responses to Fashion and Fitness.

  1. dempeaux says:

    Thanks for the post! I’m a massive Tracy Anderson fan (as you know!) and I’m still doing her Mat DVD and seeing AMAZING results. I’m also enjoying the Dance Cardio DVD, though it does take me a bit of time to learn the routines. I love the freedom of just being able to dance once I’ve leant the routine though. I agree on the diet though – it would not be enough for me. I would love to go to a Pilates class but I live so far out of town that exercise classes aren’t an option for me. Love your outfit! I need to get some cute workout gear 🙂

    • I am very impressed that you got the cardio too Sarah, that’s quite a time commitment with the mat work DVD too. I think if you commit to her you get some great results, but it’s also about finding a way to incorporate her ideas into your routines long term. I sometimes do her abs stuff in the gym now!

  2. ok…those leggings are FABULOUS! like i want to wear them out…not to work out in! i actually just joined stroller strides (we push our kiddos around town in their strollers and do extremely embarrassing workout sessions on busy streets so people at red lights are amused) but have always wanted to try tracy andersons dvds. i used to use carmen electra’s fit to strip series (although i never did use the chair dance video…lol) and enjoyed it. but now that i have a toddler, it’s too hard to work out at home and i don’t trust the gym babysitters so stroller strides it is for now. i would LOVE to see what the mommies would say if i wore these “HOT” leggings to class! =) lookin good girl!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    • Jenn my sister did a kind of ‘buggy boot camp’ in her local park after she had her baby, I laughed when she told me but it worked for her! I had no idea Carmen Electra had a DVD out – I am now intrigued by this chair work out you speak of lol

  3. Winn says:

    Love your disclaimers! LOL. I am doing mat Pilates one-on-one 3x/week. I haven’t done Pilates in over 10 years. (Time flies when you’re busy being pregnant – all the time, it seemed – and then having 3 kids …) I am DRENCHED in sweat after every hour-long class. My core is on the mend after a decade of laying off and having 3 C-sections but I’ve committed to sticking to it coupled with running, tennis and swimming. I break a sweat every day, but nothing has done more for my neck and posture like Pilates. 🙂 Love this post!

  4. Oh – we have already exchanged our thoughts on stylish sports clothes and I must underline – you look very very chic in those leggings and general gym gear (<– major alliteration).
    I am indeed inspired 🙂

  5. This is nothing like how I look when going to the gym! 🙂 I completely agree with you – Pilates and TAM have given me the best results in the past with trasforming my body. Now if I could just make a concerted effort to do them on a daily basis…

    • I think that is the hardest thing about Tracy Anderson, in fact all exercise, the time commitment required. It is all about balance though, so rest and relaxation is also good 🙂

  6. My goodness, those leggings are hot!! You look amazing!

  7. nerisbuzov says:

    Looking great babe! and couldn’t agree more with you about Pilates! i just wish i had more time to do it more often 😉

  8. Kimberlee says:

    You should have come to the Fitness Mag Meet ‘n Tweet! Those are awesome pants!

  9. Peaches says:

    So that’s how you keep fit!! I used to do Pilates but once I started the Bar course I’ve not been exercising much anymore…once these exams are done I’ll be exercising more! 😀

  10. Cara says:

    I love your leggings in the first two pictures, very fashionably fit! I really love running, I just ran my 4th marathon last month. I’ve started taking boot camp classes in the morning but also love this Pi-yo (pilates/yoga) class at my gym. Definitely going to look into the mat classes!

  11. I keep fit with gym time and walks with my puppy! I do the elliptical at the gym and some free weights and ab work:)

  12. amazing! I love that !

  13. eliseg25 says:

    I’ve never been able to get into the gym/indoor workout routine. I feel better when I get some fresh air when I exercise. I walk just about every day, regardless of temperature and even in the snow (but rainy days are almost always a no go.) I like to bike a lot – especially in the warmer months, when it doesn’t require as much bundling up. I also feed my competitive side with a weekly evening of volleyball. And I find that the socialization of a team sport makes the exercising that much more fun.

    In the past I didn’t think too much about my fitness fashion – as long as it was comfortable, easy to move in, and breathable. But recently most of the sportswear companies have been selling quality exercise clothing in pretty colors and patterns, so I’ve decided I might as well look good while I’m working out.

  14. Cee says:

    I think fitness might be one of my great nemeses. It seems to be feast or famine with me – I go to the gym five days a week and can’t get enough… Or, I can’t get myself off the couch to go even once. My preferred activities are high intensity – running and boxing, if you can imagine – so that might explain why I often lack the motivitation to really get out there and give it my all. I do, however, find that glamourous workout gear helps my motivation tremendously (a fashion girl is always a fashion girl, I suppose.) I am absolutely loving your leggings, particularly the mesh panel – it’s rare to see such unique detailling on something meant for sweating in, and it’s lovely!
    PS: After reading your review of Tracy Anderson, I couldn’t resist looking at the diet – it sounds like it could drive a person crazy, there’s so little food!

  15. RosaLovesDC says:

    Such a great post, love the disclaimers! I stay fit by walking a lot and running. I used to be a long distance runner a few years ago, but I have cut down a lot. Maybe it’s time to pick it up again.

  16. neyugn says:

    I adore those leggings with the mesh. Where can I find them?


  17. Ritournelle says:

    Sooooo, when is our bike ride? (Am planning a trip to Miami so exercise is deeply needed 😉

  18. I’ve been meaning to try pilates for ages.. After reading your post I decided I need to find a nearby class. I like cycling too, started jogging recently, love ice-skating or roller-blading. I try to do different thing not to get stuck in the rut and get bored..
    Adela xx

  19. Those workout pants are THE BEST! Where did you find them?!

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