Pillar-Box Red Cambridge Satchel (& London, Baby!)

I’m back in London this week, Blog Reader.  Cue pub, pre-Jubilee celebrations and a walk along the Thames.  I’ve realized by now that I have a love-hate relationship with London largely based around the weather (love it in the sun, hate it in the usual grey grizzle) but this week it seems I’ve picked a great time to holiday!  I have plans to visit some of my favourite UK high street stores to hunt for new styles and I’m picking up an exciting new bodywear design from Bordelle I can’t wait to share with you.

My Cambridge Satchel is a staple on my arm in NYC and its pillar-box red colour always reminds me of Landahn town.  The Cambridge Satchel Co. have some gorgeous designs which I want to talk about here – their new metallics which are perfect for fall / winter and the music bag which I adore for the unique metal bar fastening.  I also discovered recently through my friend Alison and the ladies behind IAmIntoThis that you can have your satchel embossed with initials / words of your choice – check this out here.

IAmIntoThis recently visited the Cambridge Satchel Co. and got the opportunity to emboss a satchel themselves, you can read this here.

My outfit in this post is one that is quite ‘typical’ of me.  I’m wearing two of my favourite accessories, my Lascivious Aiko waistcoat and cuffs from Fleet Ilya. These are two labels I am also hoping to catch up with whilst back home.  Lascivious have a wonderful autumn winter 12 collection forthcoming, lots of amazing twists on their classics.  I remain pretty faithful to Gap for their denim – these super flares have served me well – and this black Zara top with elasticated hem is a closet staple.  I might even get to wear my Guess sunglasses in this UK this week!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, Blog Reader…..

Red satchel ‘batchel‘ from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Photos, Lydia Hudgens.
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31 Responses to Pillar-Box Red Cambridge Satchel (& London, Baby!)

  1. Aggie says:

    Love the whole outfit, especially the top! Must search for it at Zara.

    PS: Sent you and Julie of Cambridge Satchel Company an email!

  2. Winn says:

    So effortless! Have fun in London!

  3. Love all these pictures – I’ve never been to London! I have been eyeing a metallic Cambridge Bag forever…one of these days, I’m going to have to pull the trigger! 🙂

  4. This shade of red really is so British, especially when combined with denim blue. Enjoy your time in London! x

  5. Kimberlee says:

    I’ll have to sneak into your suitcase next time you go to London! I’ve never been 😦

  6. agirlastyle says:

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time back home! And love this look on you (I adore Cambridge Satchels too and have a darling little silver one embossed with a ‘B’ which I love)

    Briony xx

  7. I love the colour of the satchel and your outfit is amazing, I like the top, so different. Have fun whilst you are here, can’t wait to see your top picks from the high street x

  8. LOVING your red satchel. I want one in every single colour!

    Thanks for the mention.

    Teresa x

  9. Cee says:

    Bon voyage, Sarah! It’s a bit silly but I’m always excited when you go on holiday because you discover so many unique and wonderful things to share with us when you come back 🙂 And it looks like you’re going on your way in style. I’ve been lusting after a Cambridge Satchel for what feels like forever but I always get hung up on choosing the perfect colour. After seeing your red one, I think I just may have my answer…!

  10. I am in love with this bag!! the structure is perfect!

  11. What a beautiful bag!! Yup London can get cloudy most of the time, when the sun comes out the city looks so pretty. Have a great time in London! Visit Oxford street 🙂 I love Topshop!!

  12. I’m so jealous you’re in London and rocking a Cambridge Satchel! My hubby is from the UK, and I so miss visiting family and of course, the shopping there! Have a sausage roll for me!

  13. dempeaux says:

    I’m going to dig out some flared jeans right now! You look amazing!! The bag is gorgeous too. Enjoy London 😀

    • Sarah I swear I live in Gap’s 1969 denim range. Their skinnies are favorites but these super-flares I bought in the US when I moved here are still going strong! (How’s the thesis? I laughed at your tweet about your Mum haha)

  14. Sarah Bogott says:

    Beautiful bag! I have exactly the same one which arrived just about half an hour ago. I hope you’re enjoying your time in London. 😉 Sarah xx

  15. ogefashion says:

    Reblogged this on ogefashion and commented:
    Cute leather bag you have there

  16. Peaches says:

    You definitely picked a great time to be back in London! We’re having a sunny spell this week, it’s nearly 8pm now and the sun’s shining so brightly here in Newcastle! Love the satcel, I recently helped purchased one for a friend (15″ batchel) and it’s way roomier! Have a fantastic time being home 😀

  17. Such a chic & classy look! plus love your pics from London, would love to see the city sometime. I’ve been to Heathrow so many times for connecting flights but never actually been to the city.

    xo Lisa

  18. Rachel says:

    How do you always make everyday clothes look so glamorous and chic? I’m in love with the belt on your shirt – creative idea and I think I need a pair of wide-leg jeans now!

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  20. BEYOND adoring that bag….serious envy. It is beautiful..as are you lady:)

  21. You look amazing. I really love the read messenger back! Your top is fun and serious.

  22. I like red classics 13 inch that cambridge satchel, colleagues say that she is very good-looking, (*^__^*)…

  23. Ritournelle says:

    Love this look on you Sarah! Can’t wait for your return and our catching up xx

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