Monochrome Me: Rodarte X Opening Ceremony & Alice Yim

I can never stray too far from monochrome for long, Blog Reader.  The sun may still be shining here in New York after my holiday but a little black and white goes a long way both in summer and winter.  I often reach for this skirt, part of the collection that resulted from Rodarte‘s second collaboration with Opening Ceremony.  Beautifully designed with a high waist and side slits that flow as you walk, this black long slit skirt is a lovely evening number with a little added drama.

I am wearing a lot of my favourite designers this week which always makes me happy.  This slightly sheer Ivy Top by Alice Yim, available in both black (onyx) and white (seashell), has proved a perfect companion for skirts, shorts and jeans alike.

I was reminded, on wearing this outfit, to show some of the designs from Rodarte’s fall collection 12/13.  Not all reviews of this collection were positive but I personally liked the designs.  Alongside the signature floaty dresses a palette of earthy, forest colours – brown rust, orange, greys and fern greens sat alongside black and white.  Rodarte worked some interesting textures into this line; leather, cable knits and sherpa and silhouettes were wonderfully tailored, perhaps 30s or 40s style.

The Opening Ceremony blog noted that this collection might not look amiss on Lady Mary of Downtown Abbey, and I would have to agree.  Still romantic and pretty to look at (admittedly I realise my favourite pieces shown here are those styles in more of the ‘usual’ Rodarte vein) yet overall remarkably diverse in comparison to previous collections. To view fall 12/13 in its entirety click here.

Until I can afford their mainline collection*, I shall remain very content with this skirt, Blog Reader.

A monochrome related question. What is your favourite way to wear black and white? I have so many of these colours in my wardrobe, give me a little inspiration, Blog Reader.

Wearing: Skirt, Rodarte for Opening Ceremony; Ivy Top, Alice Yim; Shoes, Reiss; Clutch, gift from a friend. Slinkies Bandeau Bra (just seen) Made by Niki – pretty perfect for sheer tops right now.

*Yes, we could both be waiting a long time, *sigh*

Photos by Lydia Hydgens. Catwalk images:
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34 Responses to Monochrome Me: Rodarte X Opening Ceremony & Alice Yim

  1. Love black, love your skirt

  2. I love wearing black and white, though for some reason I like wearing the white on the bottom and the black on top. A recent favorite is a loose black cotton tunic over white cropped skinny jeans.
    Love your outfit! I rarely wear long skirts but I like yours a lot.

    • Hi Heather – you really made me think about how I wear Monochrome then! I am considering buying a pair of skinny white jeans and doing just as your suggest. Keep your eyes peeled, you may have inspired me for a future outfit post!

  3. Love the outfit, your hair is amazing!

  4. Kimberlee says:

    Gorgeous! I like the panel slits 🙂

  5. You look so divine here….love the sexy skirt!


  6. just love the sliced up skirt part.. amazing.. always looking stunning! xo

  7. Cee says:

    Rodarte can do no wrong in my eyes, from their runway collections to the Opening Ceremony collaboration from which your lovely slit skirt came… I love everything, and always will 🙂 The fact that your outfit is both monochrome, my favourite colour combination, and includes Rodarte raises it to a height of near perfection 🙂

    As for wearing black and white, it`s nearly impossible for me to choose just one favourite way to wear them. But lately I`ve been contemplating a combination I`ve never tried before; white denim with a delicate black blouse. I`m thinking it just may be a fool proof way to carry my favourite colours over into the warmer seasons!

    I asked my friend where she got her blouse in Austin- unfortunately she couldn`t remember the exact name of the shop, but did say it was on South Congress. I hope that`s enough direction


    • Cee another of the comments talked about wearing white on the bottom and black as a top – I realise I hardly ever do this! Gap (to which I am fairly faithful in terms of denim) have some white skinnies in store right now, I might just have to go and check this combination out.

      Thanks for the Austin info, might be heading back there for a trip later in the summer. Appreciate you getting back to me!

  8. Dempeaux says:

    I really love the shapes in this collection – very 1930s! Love your top too 🙂

    • I never know whether I prefer the top in black or in white – I feel a bit more confident in the black but the white is a nice summer look. Thanks so much for leaving me a comment Sarah (although yours I always consider love notes lol)

  9. Emma says:

    You look amazing as always. Not many ladies could make a skirt with splits that high look so classy and chic. My favourite way to wear monochrome is to mix textures, as you have, a crisp white cropped shirt with my gorgeous Comme des garçons black lace skirt is a particular favourite.

    Em xxx

  10. elena says:

    Gorgeous skirt! Classy and elegant, yet the slit on the side brings a who;e new attitude to it. Love it!

    Elena – blue velvet

  11. I love the black dress with the design on the bottom! The necklace gives it that pop! You can never go wrong with black and white! I have a black summer dress with flower patterns that I wore to the Bahamas three years ago and I can’t get enough of it. I really love the cute white Ivy Top of the black dress you are wearing 🙂

    • I can’t work out if it is lace at the bottom of that black Rodarte number Adri, I must try and find some more detail on the collection somewhere. There you go with your travels, another place I haven’t been to but would love to visit. Can I steal your life for a while please?

  12. Josie says:

    You look gorgeous! I’m so in love with your skirt xxx

    • Thank you Josie! The skirt is still on sale at OC if you like it – quite a reduction from the full price too (always good news!) Thank you for stopping by StyleOnTheCouch x

  13. camartinsky says:

    I love this and LOVE that skirt. you look so great. the slits are so unexpected and bring a bit of edginess to the outfit.

  14. parfums says:

    Fabulous. beautiful outfit

  15. Kate says:

    You look gorgeous as usual. I love the handbag you chose for it! Right now I love black and white with gold accents. In colder months I like patterned hose. Texture in the clothing is important, as I find that without some texture black and white can quickly look like a waitress uniform. (You don’t look like one here, haha)

    • Phew good to know! There was another comment about texture here – I think that you make a really good point here. The top has a little embroidery but it’s not too obvious from the pictures. Something to think about for my next piece of monochrome styling – thanks very much Kate!

  16. your taste is impeccable! basically my entire wardrobe is monochrome? bad habit i cant seem to break. my personal fave for all things monochome is helmut lang…


  17. bonkasaurus says:

    You are the epitome of class and the modern woman. Love it. My favorite posts are of your outfits. Keep doing what you are doing.


  18. Faith says:

    LOVE that skirt and the way you styled it!

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