Reiss Autumn Winter 12 Collection (Women)

Last week I attended the Press preview of the Reiss autumn winter collection 12/13 in NYC.  Regular Blog Readers will know that I have a huge love for London label Reiss, who for a woman my age and profession tick so many style boxes (modern, classic, well made, often a little edgy….)

The new collection is overall a little more relaxed than previous years.  Inspiration comes from the sporty aesthetic of the 90s and the feminine silhouettes of the 40s – you will find dropped shoulders, oversized outerwear, nipped in waists and pencil midi skirts at Reiss this winter.

With an overarching motif of ‘The Weekend’, several themes are visible. A downtown vibe gives us clean lines and minimal silhouettes – one of my favourite looks within this vein is the leather dress at the top of this blog post.  ‘Heritage’ describes the interesting mix of fabrics and textures Reiss has incorporated into this line: comfy knit sweaters and ‘Sunday best’ tweeds all packaged together with some chic, androgynous styling.

The look top right is another favourite.  The jacket has a gorgeous handkerchief detail hem and I adore the styling here with the belt and the leather driving gloves.

I think we see a little of Carrie Bradshaw in the look immediately above, left, no?

Reiss do evening wear so very well and this collection contains some stunning dresses for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.  On the one hand Reiss bring us a series of elegant, fitted, oh so sheer dresses embellished with metallic beadwork, on the other they bring us pared down glamour with a slightly grungy vibe. It’s a nice contrast.

The colour palette for fall 12 is grounded in earthy, woodland tones – green hues and lilacs. There is a romantic infusion of nudes, neutrals and soft blush pinks for the day wear and a fabulous injection of warmer tones (aubergine, paprika) for the evening designs and some outerwear.

I think this is another stunning womenswear collection from Reiss – some of which I am quite sure will form the basis of future outfit posts on my Blog later this year.

Thoughts, Blog Reader? Do you have a favourite style from what you’ve seen here?

All photos: Reiss.
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15 Responses to Reiss Autumn Winter 12 Collection (Women)

  1. I love the green dress in picture number four and the leather dress. I sense a bit of the 70ties in the styles, maybe it’s just me… And I agree, there is defintly some carrie in that one look!

  2. I also love that leather dress, even at my age I think I could wear that!

  3. There’s so much to love here…it’s hard to pick a favorite! I just bought some red high-waisted pleated trousers almost identical to these pictured here…now I will be hunting for a nude blouse to pair them with – such a lovely look! 🙂

  4. Maria Daves says:

    Love the Dusty Pick Coat xxx I might have to purchased that one!!!!

  5. Mopsy says:

    I love the red trousers and every item in the pink trouser photo. Love that dusky pink, I think that jacket will be my new winter coat.

  6. Josie says:

    I always much prefer Reiss’ A/W collections! That leather dress is a winner and that pink coat is so, so beautiful. xxx

  7. Cee says:

    I must say, I think that your love of Reiss is rubbing off on me! It was you who introduced me to the label, which has only limited (if any) availablity in Canada and every time you post about their collections, or wearing them, I find myself wishing just a little more that they would set up shop in my home country. I’m particulaly smitten with the black coat/green dress combination in the top right photo. I would love to walk out of a Reiss boutique in that ensemble!

  8. Dempeaux says:

    Lots of classic silhouettes here. I like!

  9. Miss Kai says:

    I love the whole collection so hard to choose, but if I have to it would be the bags, the coats and that pretty sleeveless dress.

  10. I absolutely love the the very last outfit with the nudes, neutrals and soft pinks. It is very soft and feminine. The leather dress is too harsh. I would never ware a whole outfit in leather, may be just the bottom part, skirt or trousers.

  11. I absolutely love the very last outfit with the nudes, neutrals and soft pinks. It is very soft and feminine. The leather dress is too harsh. I would never ware a whole outfit in leather, may be just the bottom part, skirt or trousers.
    Thanks for a great blog!

  12. Lindsay says:

    I *love* Reiss! Back in 2009, I got my first and only piece from Reiss – a structured, architectural winter coat. I still get compliments on it whenever I wear it out. It was definitely a splurge but one of my best “outerwear” purchases! I am loving the black leather dress too!

  13. do you think i could only wear the eveningwear in the evening? i would love to wear that black and red gown under a leather jacket for daytime!

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