Friday Lingerie Lust: Naked Princess

This week I discovered a wonderfully romantic collection of lingerie with a fabulous philosophy to accompany the designs.  Naked Princess is more than just lingerie;  it is about a world of sensuality and boudoir luxury aimed at enlivening the senses and enchanting the imagination.

With the boudoir as a state of mind, founders Jordana Woodland and Rebecca Frank have created a clean and comfortable collection of beauty, body and lip treatments and luxury lingerie aimed at inspiring women to “live beautifully, love deeply and reign joyfully“. For this reason, Naked Princess is one of the best examples of the reasons I began my Friday lingerie features in the first place – to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to get in touch with themselves and their (inner and outer) beauty.

Made in the USA, the lingerie from Naked Princess is created using lace, silks and cashmeres from France and Italy. They also utilise natural fibres for their designs, such as MicroModal which has a fabulous feel on the skin.  The MicroModal and lace bodysuit from the spring collection 2012 is my favourite piece (image top); an exceptionally figure flattering body with plunge neckline in cream, blush and charcoal colourings.

The lingerie is sized from xs to xl – designed without underwires yet if more support is your thing, check out this glowing review by The Full Figured Chest about how this lady found the bodysuit worked for her.

The first collection from Naked Princess is named Lovely Ever After, inspired by a love letter.  The lip and body proportion of this collection is quite beautifully packaged and would make a lovely gift as well as a treat for oneself.  Based around a custom made Vanille Blanc scent (Moroccan vanilla, sweet almond & exotic tonquin bean infused with vitamin E plus organic shea, jojoba & soy butters), a boudoir candle can also be used for massage.  The candle sits alongside a body/room spray and several lip glosses, treatments and polishes formulated without parabens, phthalates or GMOS, continuing the natural philosophy of the line.

Below, the Lovely Ever After silk mesh & lace soft bra and thong.

Below: the series of Naked Shine Lip Glosses:

There is a lot to like at Naked Princess. Since their philosophy is one that is close to my own heart, I do hope you take a look at their collection.

Have a lovely weekend, Blog Reader! The sun is shining here in NYC so it is time to play… I have a post on one of my favourite new dresses from the Reiss summer collection 2012 on Saturday, plus next week I’m sharing with you a style inspiration who is one of my all time Twitter and Instagram crushes.  I have a feeling you will fall in love with his style just as I did.  Until then, have a great Friday! StyleOnTheCouch xo
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10 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Naked Princess

  1. Cee says:

    What a lovely collection – as always 🙂 What I love about Naked Princess is how utterly comfortable and luxurious it looks. In my every day life I can’t live without underwires but if there were such thing as loungewear lingerie, I would want mine to be from this collection without a doubt! And the pretty added touches – candles, lipgloss – only endear the designers to me more. Have a wonderful weekend!
    PS: I was so sure you had cut your hair! The illusion was a lovely one, anyway – now you know you could wear a long bob 🙂

  2. dempeaux says:

    Sooooo pretty! The pieces look soft and very easy to wear. I love the emphasis on comfort and femininity 🙂

  3. Walkinrunout says:

    Beautiful stuff – i can see why you fell in love with it 🙂

  4. Lindsay says:

    I love this collection too! I first heard of Naked Princess at Curve last season and have been lusting after one of their flattering lacey pieces ever since. I love the steely color of the first body suit.

  5. This is exactly what every girl needs – something that looks very elegant and chic and yet is super comfy. The first image is grandiose! xx

  6. Josie says:

    Such a pretty collection! So girly and beautiful xxx

  7. I love this collection, lovely picks (:

  8. Ulrika says:

    Oh, I absolutely love the dress you’re wearing ! The colours are amazing on you.’

    Kisses !

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