Friday Lingerie Lust: Tatu Couture

This week, Blog Reader, I bring you an exciting new find in directional lingerie.  Luisa Sidoli is the designer behind Tatu Couture, a label integrating tattoos with lingerie design.  The result is an edgy, dramatic collection of graphic, body sculpting pieces – featuring high-waisted knickers, bodysuits and boy shorts.

Now in her second collection, Luisa is providing me with the authenticity of a tattoo minus any potential pain or regret. I’ve always wanted a tattoo (I just need to work out the details, watch this space, Blog Reader) and until then I can happily work with Luisa’s designs.  Images here are largely from Tatu Couture’s second collection: ‘Sweet Surrender’, sitting alongside the previous ‘Illusion‘ range.  I love how Tatu Couture is evolving – for spring summer 2013 we see hints of the 1950s in new shapes and silhouettes such as the Lola Body (image directly above) with its V wiring.

My favourite addition to the collection is the soft cup bra (above).  The introduction of Chantilly lace and ivory as a new colour gives a softness to the otherwise dramatic seductiveness of Luisa’s pieces.

Sweet Surrender oozes an intense sensuality, reflective of a 1950’s Sicily with equal amounts of sex appeal and glamour. It combines a subtle blend of sophistication and rebelliousness with a play on the 50’s silhouettes and the alluring scenes of Baroque Italian culture.” ~ Tatu Couture

Body art meets fashion forward lingerie at Tatu Couture.  I see the bodysuits very much within the underwear as outerwear vein and I have my eye on the ivory Lola body for later in the year….  If you are in NYC you can buy Tatu Couture from Marc and Max on Bleecker Street.  The collection is also available to purchase online (with spring summer 2013 available to buy from November).

So hands up – who has a tattoo? I’d like some inspiration please….

Have a fabulous weekend, Blog Reader! StyleOnTheCouch xo
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16 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Tatu Couture

  1. Rebecca says:

    I have a few small tattoos and really love them. They are seriously addicting, too. My first was a pair of small wings at the base of my neck. Perhaps a bit cliche now, but I still love them. This lingerie is really beautiful.

    • A friend of mine who swore she would just get one tattoo, now has several! There is clearly that something a little bit addictive about them. Thank you for sharing that – I also love these pieces, the bodysuit with the V wiring is a favourite from the photos here.

  2. Josie says:

    Oh wow, these really are unique! So, so pretty xxx

  3. thewondermya says:

    Hi there ! I wanted to thank you for constantly bringing inspiration and I proudly nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award ! Have a look on my blog for details and congratulations !

  4. dempeaux says:

    I love the lingerie, but I’m not the real tattoo sort! I always wonder what it will look like when I’m 80; faded, wrinkly, and stretched out of shape 😉 These lingerie pieces are gorgeous though, and kudos to the design team behind them. Coming up with a unique idea in lingerie desgin would not be easy!

  5. Cee says:

    This is such an intriguing collection! I’ve seen similar false tattoo panels in different contexts before, but never in lingerie and certainly never in such a subtle, pretty way. Although I already have a tattoo of my own, so I might be slightly less inclined to rush out to get a temporary one from Tatu Couture 🙂 My best friend and I got matching tattoos to celebrate our twentieth anniversary as partners in crime. They’re small and simple – just the word love, with a purple heart in place of the O – but they mean a lot.

  6. Nicole says:

    My sister is a tattoo artist, so it’s only a matter of time for me. We’re planning some kind of botanical flower arrangement as a back piece.

    • You mean on your back? That’s so interesting, I know someone with a large back tattoo, I thought they might regret the size of the tattoo but no, they continue to love it to this day. It’s quite interesting to hear about people are expressing themselves with tattoos.

  7. Lindsay says:

    I have one! It’s a little dove on the right side of my very lower hip… I’ve been thinking of getting a new one lately, perhaps a feather. Flowers also almost always look pretty, particularly cherry blossoms. There are so many great tattoo artists in the city — are there just as many in London? Mine didn’t hurt a lot and I got it about five years ago and haven’t regretted it once.

    Let me know where you go if you do decide to get one!

    • Will do. I didn’t really look into it in London, I think I always thought wanting one might be a passing phase that went away.. but it’s still here! Will give it more thought for sure x

  8. CinZilicious says:

    wow, Body art meets fashion in lingerie? That is a very interesting concept and i like it very much. I love the second and third photo.

    And regarding your comment, i agree, iits always the first few followers that started your early blogging days that will be remembered dearly=) And you are definitely one of them!!! Thanks for your sweet comment and support!


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